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Welcome to the Q&A of Season Six, Episode Eight “No One” of GAME of THRONES. As always Earl and David have not read the books, but David has seen all the Blu-Ray extras, and since we have out-paced most of the book story-lines, we have added a third person to the roster, so please welcome Shauna to the Questionnaire! or should we call this our Game of Thrones Roundtable? Shauna has read the books, but promises to keep her fancy book-learnin to a minimum.

1. What do you make of how Arya dispatched the Waif? How do you read Jaquen’s response to Arya reaffirming her Starkness?Waif

Earl: I’m a little disappointed that the dispatching of the Waif happened off screen, but if it was a fight in the dark, that would not have made for good television anyway. While I am happy that Arya appears to be on her way back to Westeros, I’m disappointed by the whole Arya storyline. For weeks now, we knew that she was not going to be No One. As much as she tried, she was still and always going to be Arya Stark. The fact that we had to wait until Week 8 to see her dispatch a horrible Faceless Man candidate in The Waif, and get nothing but a half smirk from Jaqen was a bit of a waste to be honest. However, at least Jaqen is going to allow her to fulfill her destiny, because I feel even he knew all along that Arya was Arya. She was never going to be a Faceless Man, but she had to see that for herself.

David: Useless end to what should have been a better storyline. I know, Earl, you are crossing over to the Dark Side of the Book Reader, but this makes this whole arc useless. I’ll come back to this in a second, but the House of Black and White are now useless. They can’t get an assasination done, and a girl gets stabbred 3 times and doesn’t die. The Arya is able to outparkour the TerminWaif and still beat her in a blind swordfight.  I’m so glad the water is antiseptic over there in Venice. This ending of the storyline makes this whole are a time-waster to keep Arya safe until the endgame begins. I almost thought that Jaquen was going to be the actress and poison Arya with the Milk of the Poppy.
Here is the only way this storyline can be saved.
It’s a setup. The Water Dancer is Jaquen. The Waif is not dead. This whole thing was a means to get Arya to stop being a tomboy and start being a Brienne-level badass that Westeros needs. This is the only way to save the storyline.

Shauna: I have to say that I was really disappointed by this anticlimactic end to the Waif. We’ve invested so much time in watching Arya train in Braavos and that was an awful payoff. There was that wonderful setup of Arya retrieving Needle and waiting in the dark for the Waif and then… we don’t see the fight! It almost makes her entire time training moot since we couldn’t see the fruits of her labor.
I’m usually not confused that often by the events on GoT but I was thoroughly confused by Jaqen’s response to Arya affirming her Starkness; a simple nod and then she leaves. The entire point of her training was to become “No One” and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t shed her identity and Jaqen seems to be fine with that. I am left wondering what was the point of all of it.

2. Now that trial by combat has been outlawed, is Cersei going to make it out of her trial?Cersei Lannister

Earl: Now that Tommen eliminated her ace in the hole, in the Mountain, Cersei is going to have to find another way of this mess that she has created. Cersei will never pass a trial by faith. Never. The seven septons that are allied with the High Sparrow are not going to find her innocent of the crimes, that she is guilty of. So, what’s Plan B? Plan B is going to be that secret that Qyburn has revealed to be correct. The Mad King did booby trap King’s Landing with Wildfire and the Sept is going to burn. It may not happen in Week 9, but it might be time to prepare for fire in King’s Landing.

David: I think the secret that Qyburn talks of is either Wildfire or the High Sparrow has a secret. My money is on Wildfire, however, and Cersei is going to rid the city of the Faith before the Trail. I’d rather it be the latter option, simply because that’s the nuclear option, and who knows what the shelflife is of Wildfire? If the High Sparrow has a secret than that allows Cersei to win without bringing down Tommen. If Cersei burns Kings Landing, then it’s civil war, and with Jamie in Riverrun, and the Tyrel army taking Olenna home, unless the ZombieMountain puts Cersei and Tommen on his back, thats not going to be fun. The High Sparrow is outwitting Cersei, so she needs a win.

Lets also not forget Kevan was the one who blew off Cersei.

Shauna: Removing the trial by combat option severely limits Cersei’s ability to make it out of this trial alive and I think that look on Tommen’s face said it all. He didn’t even make eye contact with her as he left the Throne room. Cersei, however, is not without her backup plan and it seems that Qyburn has already been dispatched to put that into action. I have thoughts on what this plan is, but I will hold off.

3. Jaime and Brienne reunited in this week’s episode, what did you make of their conversation?Brienne

Earl: Jamie and Brienne have a unique chemistry. Jamie changed due to Brienne’s influence and we saw that last season in his voyage to Dorne and his relationship, albeit brief, with Myrcella. However, the Jamie that Brienne encountered has reverted back to Season One Jamie Lannister. He’s gone back to the same fiend that pushed Bran off of a tower because he discovered his secret relationship with Cersei. Although his relationship with Cersei is not much of a secret now, we do know that Jamie will do anything for love. The things we do for love, which is what Jamie said before he pushed Bran off the tower way back when, is what he repeated to Lord Edmure before he released Edmure to betray the Blackfish in order to get Riverrun back under Lannister/Frey control.

David: I’m with Bronn. I feel for Jamie. He loves Cersei, but they can never be happy. He loves Brienne, but Cersei and the World conspire against him. The biggiest problem he has is his sense of duty, something Brienne also shares. In a perfect world, Jamie and Brienne would go back to the Rock and raise Westerosi Ninja Warriors. Sadly, that can’t happen for sometime, even if everything works out. Bottom line, Cersei needs to die for Jamie to be happy.
However, I think Brienne still wanted the Jamie that she fell in love with. Their goodbye as she rowed away from Riverrun was bittersweet. If they do see each other again, one of them is not going to walk away from it unscathed. They will have to fight each other next time.

Shauna: Jaime and Brienne is the ultimate unrequited love story.  They love each other and are both conflicted by that love. Brienne wants to prove herself worthy to Jaime and there’s a sense of pride when she tells him that she has fulfilled that oath to find and protect Sansa. It was a touching moment when Jaime tells her that Oath Keeper is hers and will always be hers.  Jaime is also reminded in that conversation that Brienne sees something in him that others don’t see and she really recognizes him as Jaime Lannister, not Cersei’s twin brother, not the Kingslayer, but Jaime as his own man. She also reminds him that they are on opposing sides and her duty as a knight to defend Sansa’s kin is paramount to their relationship and he understands that.

As he watches her leave Riverrun with Pod, I think he feels a bit of sadness, I think he kind of likes the kind of man he becomes when he is with Brienne. I don’t think they’ll see each other again.

4. The consequences of Tyrion’s agreement with the Slavers reach Meereen in the form of an attack. How do you think this affect Tyrion’s role as advisor to Danaerys?Tyrion and Dany

Earl: Oh I can’t imagine Daenerys will be too pleased once she learns of Tyrion’s agreement. He may explain it to her in a way that makes sense, but as the “breaker of chains” she will not accept his arrangement. Daenerys may not banish him for that, for he is the only advisor currently in her circle, but that will have some impact going forward. However, now that Daenerys has returned, I would expect the slavers attack to be quelled in some form. Maybe she’ll get a helping hand from the fleet of Ironborn heading that way? Who knows.

David: Tyrion was wrong, it happens. I think it depends on if the populace rise up to defend themselves. That should save Tyrion. If the populace are hiding and the Unsullied have to do all the work, then Tyrion is toast. The Lord of Light vs allowing slavery might be a net zero overall. Maybe if Tyrion has any luck with the other two dragons tips the scale.

Shauna: I think Tyrion is treating Meereenese politics like King’s Landing politics but what he fails to realize is that Dany and her crew aren’t a bunch of corrupted folk who understand that deals must be made with the devil in order to achieve “peace”.  I think Dany will be angry with Tyrion but since Meereen is under attack, the reprimanding will have to wait.  I am also hoping that Yara and Theon reach Meereen in time to attack the Slave Masters from behind.

5. Favorite moment of the episode? Bronn and Podrick

Earl: I have to go with the Hound on this one. His killing the rogue Brotherhood With Banners members were pretty enjoyable. Especially when he took the boots of the leader of the crew, after reluctantly agreeing with Beric and Thoros insistence on hanging the rogues.

David: Jamie telling Edmund that he would launch his son over the walls in a catapult. Just badass. No threats, no swearing, no oaths, just a simple fact.
And it worked.

Shauna: I  think Jaime and Brienne together and Bronn and Pod together were my favorite moments of the episode. I love that tension that is just bubbling at the surface between Jaime and Brienne; Gwendolyn Christie and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau are such good actors! Bronn and Pod are just two regular guys caught up in the wars of kings and queens, it reminds us that the actions of few really affect everyone at large.

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