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Hello again to all the wrestling fans out there world wide, and welcome to the greatest Q&A on the planet, THIS..is #ask7pound. This week we touch base on one of the premier factions in the wrestling industry, The Bullet Club. Are they a new version of the NWO? All this and more on #ask7pound.


So leading into the TNA Slammiversary PPV that occured on June 12th. TNA aired a vignette of contract between Matt and Jeff Hardy for Full Metal Mayhem…I have some bad news for TNA, We have seen the Hardys fight too many times against each other. The vignette was weird involving a fake baby and a roundtable being broken. Matt Hardy looks like Seth Rollins if his hair were left out in humidity for a month. I’m sorry it’s silly and I’ve seen the Hardyz fight too much to put up with it

Did you know?

Did you know that Chris Hero was originally supposed to be in the Shield. Roman Reigns was chosen over Hero to be the third man of the group.

#askTrevor will not be seen this week because Trevor left to find his cousin. I have not heardfrom him since he left onto Friday.

Here are the questions this week.

Daniel from Spokane Washington wants to know about an elite club

Is the Bullet Club basically the NWO 2.0?

bullet club

Essentially yes they are. So lets take a look at the group. They have factions in Ring of Honor, they have factions in Japan, and you could make a very good argument that they have a faction in the WWE as well with AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson. They use the same hand sign as the NWO, and they even have one of the NWO’s charter members son Cody Hall in the group. The Bullet Club carry around spray paint and vandalize things, including the backs of their opponents. So this sure as hell sounds to me that they are an exact replica of the NWO from the 90’s. They also continue to add members, making it the largest faction currently in professional wrestling, a feat that the NWO also achieved in the 90’s as well. So call it the NWO 2.o if you will, it is exactly the same concept with both factions.

Brian from Champaign chimes in again this week.

Who were the flying Elvis’ and are they doing anything now?

flying elvis

The Flying Elvises were constructed of Jorge Estrada, Sonny Siaki, and Jimmy Yang.

For those of you who do not know who the Flying Elvises were, they were a group of wrestlers who literally dressed up in Elvis costumes in TNA back in 2002. One of the many things that made TNA so successful…(sigh)

Jorge Estrada actually continued to wrestle with the Elvis jumpsuit after the trio disbanded in October of 2002, he even went as far as having a valet named Priscilla. After he left wrestling around 2003, it is reported that he got into some legal trouble, and has been absent from the wrestling scene ever since.

Sonny Siaki had a little bit of success in TNA as he won the X-Division championship at one point defeating Jerry Lynn. After leaving TNA after 3 years in the company, he signed a contract with the WWE and he competed in Deep South Wrestling, a minor league promotion for the WWE, he teamed with Wild Samoans Afa’s son, Afa Jr. until the promotion closed shop in 2007. He then moved on to Florida Championship Wrestling, another developmental territory for the WWE before he was released from his contract citing personal issues at home, and he needed to focus on his family. Currenty Siaki works for UPS

Jimmy Wang Yang was only in TNA for a year before going back to the Independent circuit, he wrestled for the WWE prior to coming to TNA but was quickly released before ever appearing on TV. He returned to the WWE in 2003, where he wrestled in the Crusierweight division. He was again released, and went to Ring of Honor for a year, before once again coming back to the WWE, where he had his most notorious gimmick of Jimmy Wang Yang. A cowboy gimmick where he danced around and looked like a fool. The fans loved it and so did Vince. He continued success in the WWE until he failed a drug test and was released in 2010. Currently, Yang owns and operates a pest control company called Jimmy’s Pest Control in the Cincinnati area.

Walter from Winnemucca NV wants to know about Harlem Heat

When Harlem Heat debuted in WCW, were they not known as Booker T and Stevie Ray?

harlem heat

There was some talk to bring in Booker and Stevie as their gimmick in GWF as the Ebony Express, they scrapped that because they did not own the rights to that name. So they considered calling them Houston Heat as they were from Houston TX. They decided that was not tough enough and someone backstage mentioned Harlem Heat, so that is what they went with. They did not use their real names at first. They were known as Kane and Kole forming Harlem Heat. They were originally brought in and were supposed to be a pair of wrestling prisoners won in a card game by their manager Col. Robert Parker but that was scrapped due to racial sensitivity based on their look, as they were actually going to come down to the ring wearing wrist and feet shackles. They then teamed up with Sherri Martel, where she was called “Sister Sherri.” They had requested to go back to their given names which was granted by WCW. After that took place, they only became of the greatest tag teams that stepped foot in the ring. I only wished that they could have gotten a run in the WWE and maybe a feud with the Acolytes. How bout that for a dream card match Eric? Harlem Heat vs The Acolytes??

Ken wants to know about the Bundy 5 count.

Why didn’t King Kong Bundy do his famous 5 count at Wrestlemania 1 when he won in record time?


Well let’s clear the air before I go any further. They said that was 9 seconds when Bundy defeated SD Jones. It was actually 24 seconds long. So that myth was busted. They must think we are idiots. I must be because as a kid, I always timed it from start to finish and started counted slower and slower. Kane actually holds the record with an 8 second ECW Championship victory at Wrestlemania 24. Anyway, there was no primary reason why Bundy did not do the five count during this match. Maybe it was due to the seriousness of the event, maybe it was to try and fool us fans that he actually set a world record for a 9 second match. I could not find any reason why he did not use the 5 count at Wrestlemania I. It may have even been that Bundy had to take a crap and didnt want to waste any time.

Tyler from Paxton IL (my hometown) takes us home

Other than the Rock, has there ever been a second generation wrestler that was far and beyond better than his father was?

randy orton

Okay so there are quite a few in my opinion who I think the son was better than the father. Feel free to disagree me in the comments.

Randy Orton- He had much more success than his father Bob Orton Jr.

Chavo Guerrero Jr had a better in ring career than his father, though his father was much more well known in Mexico.

Dory Funk Jr and Terry Funk, both won the NWA World Championship while his father Dory Sr did not.

Tully Blanchard, son of Joe Blanchard had success in both the NWA and WWE, and now is a WWE Hall of Famer.

Barry Windham son of Blackjack Mulligan had a better overall career and is now a WWE Hall of Famer

Greg the Hammer Valentine son of Johnny Valentine had a great career and is a Hall of Famer now

Jake the Snake, another Hall of Famer who’s father Grizzly Adams was a former WWE wrestler

Bret Hart and Owen Hart, both easily had a more successful in ring career than Stu Hart

Dean Malenko, son of Boris Malenko had an outstanding career in WCW

You could make an argument with any Von Erich brother sons of Fritz Von Erich. I would say Kerry Von Erich had the better career of all of them though.

Curt Hennig, son of Larry the Ax Hennig won the AWA World Championship, and WWE Intercontinental Championship. Also a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Eddie Guerrero, son of Gory Guerrero had much more success than his father.

Randy Savage, son of Angelo Poffo was a multiple time World Champion in WCW and WWE.

So that is the majority of them. Did I leave anyone out? Leave me a comment and prove me wrong. With that being said, thanks for joining us and we will see you next week.

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