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What’s up wrestling fans, and welcome once again to the Wrestling Roundtable. Money in the Bank is right around the corner, and we are ever so close to see the much anticipated match of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. We will discuss this, and much more.

Speaking of Raw, did anyone else notice that Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and the Miz were all absent from Raw last week?

Power rankings

1.Roman Reigns– Where was the champ last week on Raw? Nobody knows, and did anyone really care?

2.AJ Styles– Maybe the hottest wrestler on the roster right now, can Styles get the best of John Cena?

3.Dean Ambrose– Maybe the favorite going in to Money in the Bank after his victory over Kevin Owens.

4.The Club– A victory over the New Day on Raw puts the Club in the Power Rankings

5.John Cena– The Champ is back, but can he overcome Styles and the Club at Money in the Bank?


this week

1994– Diesel makes his WWE debut as the bodyguard of Shawn Michaels

2006– John Cena is drafted to Smackdown also moving the World Championship to that brand as well.

2010- The Nexus headlined by Wade Barrett debuted on Raw when they attacked John Cena.


And here are the questions this week.

brock lesnar

Brock Lesnar has stated that he will be returning to the Octagon and will participate in UFC 200. Is this a good move for Brock Lesnar, or should he stay away from the UFC?

Steve: I think it is a good move for all parties involved. It is good for the WWE because this is going to give them some much needed publicity for ratings, as the ratings have started to dip as of late, and with the massive following the UFC has, having one of their most watched superstars competing at essentially the UFC Wrestlemania, can only mean good things for the WWE. And if for some tragic reason, Brock gets injured, it is not like he is a full time wrestler, so the WWE has nothing to lose.

It is good for the UFC because there will be no Ronda Rousey, there will be no Connor McGregor, two of their biggest draws not competing at the show. They needed a big star to come out and be involved in this, so this gives them the viewers that they are wanting to avoid this being a bust.

It is good for Lesnar himself just because I am sure he is going to make out very well financially after this. So yes this is a great idea to have Lesnar involved in UFC 200.

Jim: The WWE has passed the king of one move by.  I’m very happy to see him go back to the cage, just because I’m sick of suplex city.  So yes, this is a very good thing.   I do miss Paul though.

Todd: I don’t really care if it is good for Brock Lesner or not. Maybe he will get his ass kicked!

Chad: It’s great for the UFC 200 show. It’s great for Lesnar who I think truly wanted to get back in the cage during his contract talks before WM 31. It’s great for the WWE because they get him back for Summerslam and I’m guessing also some UFC talent will have an appearance along the way as part compensation for Brock.



Rusev stated via Twitter that he would fight Brock Lesnar in the Octagon or anywhere else for that matter. Is this Twitter statement the start of a feud between Rusev and Lesnar, and do you think Rusev could compete against Lesnar in UFC?

Steve: Rusev would get his ass handed to him by Lesnar inside the octagon. I wouldnt give Rusev a snowballs chance in hell to even come close to beating Lesnar, not in UFC, not in WWE. I do think this is just the start of a program that he and Lesnar are going to be doing in the WWE once Lesnar comes around. Perhaps we may see these to in a match at Summerslam?

Jim: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh wait, you’re serious? Hahahahahahahaha.

Todd: This is a question? are you serious? hahahahaha! NO CHANCE IN HELL!

Chad: Boy NXT Takeover: The End is going to be a great show.

New Day

With the brand split coming soon, the WWE has stated that they are not going to unify the WWE Championship, or Women’s Championship, but have not made a decision yet on the Tag Team Championship. Should the WWE unify the Tag Titles, or should they have the tag team champions compete on both shows?

Steve: I have said it all along that the brand split should feature all of the champions on both programs. They should not unify anything. The only thing they should be considering unifying is the Intercontinental and United States Championship. The champions need to be on both shows. It is just simple math, that this brand split, like all of the others will not be around forever. This means, that they are going to have to separate the titles again, and once again we are going to have to have a unification match for the championships. Makes zero sense. and to simplify it they just need to keep the champions on both shows.

Jim: They’re either separate or they’re not.   They either have a unified title or they don’t.  There is no in between.

Todd: I agree with what Steve said.

Chad: I don’t think the tag division is quite deep enough to support 2 sets of belts.


Reigns vs Rollins

Who will walk out of Money in the Bank as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

Steve: Much to the chagrin of the fans, Roman Reigns will walk out of Money in the Bank as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Vince is too sold on Roman being the top face of the company, and despite Rollins never losing the championship, from all accounts he was supposed to lose the title to Reigns either at Survivor Series, or the following month. So I don’t think Rollins wins the championship.

Jim: In a perfect world, Reigns loses only to have the Money in the Bank winner immediately cash in and take the belt.  But the world isn’t perfect, so Reigns retains the title and we get another 7 months of the suitcase.

Todd: Reigns will retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Chad: When it Reigns I snore; Roman walks out of MITB as the champ.



Do you have any desire to see Teddy Long as the General Manager of Smackdown?

Steve: I don’t have any desire to see Teddy Long anywhere near the WWE. This guy looks absolutely ridiculous when he comes out, and had become too predictable when he was the GM of Smackdown a while back. His segments on Raw were simply a waste of time, and made me sick. So I am praying to the wrestling God’s (JBL), please do not let Teddy Long run Smackdown if you want the show to succeed.

Jim: No. I mean NO. PLEASE NO.

Chad: It was good to see Teddy but too much Teddy can also be a bad thing especially when you’re trying to have a seperate stable brand. Sorry Teddy maybe he can manage Rodney Mack on the independent circuit…LOL


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