Hottest Women on Game of Thrones

Welcome to our Game of Thrones Hotness countdown. Earl and David love the show, and yes, even though Ian McShane calls it just tits and dragons, we still enjoy the beauties of Westeros. So here are our top 7 countdown of the hottest women of Game of Thrones.


Next week, we put out the top 7 hottest dead (so far) women of Westeros



7. Missandei

Earl’s favorite since she came on the screen, even though she’s tied up with Grey Worm.

6. Melisandre

If nothing else she ages well. She’s also a pretty good singer, if you look for it.


GOT Tylene
5. Tyene Sand

There isn’t an episode that goes by that Earl isn’t looking to see her name in the credits. The guy is even considering buying the books just to get more from her.

4. Cersei Lannister

David loves him some redheads, and Cersei is just an evil bitch, but oh lawd is she hot fire.

Sansa Stark
3. Sansa Stark

Poor Tyrion. To wait all that time and lose out to Ramsey? We’ve watched her grow in this series and how she has grown.

2. Margaery Tyrell

Our third straight redhead, and the hottest of the series. Margaery has the complete set; beauty, brains and an attitude that wont stop. How come we don’t have an heir to the Iron Throne already?

Daenerys at-the-Sack-of-Astapor
1. Daenerys Targaryen

There can be only one.

There was a lot of talk about how to rank these ladies, but there was no discussion about who claimed the top spot.

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