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Welcome NBA fans to another edition of NBA RoundTable. This week we will discuss OKC and their collapse in the Western Conference Finals, should Andre Iguodala be considered for defensive player of the year, and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Here are the questions:


Charles Barkley has stated time after time that Oklahoma City is the most talented team in the NBA. If this is true, would you consider the Western Conference Finals one of the biggest collapse by a team in NBA history?

Todd: I can see why Charles Barkley would say that OKC is the most talented team in the NBA. In my mind there should not have been a game 5,6, and 7 because OKC should have swept the Warriors. It probably is one of the biggest collapses in NBA history but its not just because they have Durant and Westbrook on their team 2 of the top ten players in the world. It is because Durant and Westbrook are too selfish most of the time. They will never win a championship being on the same team. That just proved it this year.

Steve: The Oklahoma City Thunder are absolutely one of the most talented teams in the NBA. So with that retrospect, Barkley is exactly right. He picked the Thunder to win the NBA Championship before the season even started, prediction that I thought was crazy at the time considering OKC didnt even make the playoffs a year ago, but they damn near pulled it out. As for this being the biggest collapse in playoff history? I would have to say it is, and here is why. The Thunder pull out a squeaker in Game 1 in Golden State to go up 1-0, many Warriors fans start biting their nails in concern. Game 2, The Warriors blow out the Thunder, and people think the series is over and the Warriors will still win easily. Then comes Games 3 and 4. The Warriors get destroyed in both games by the Thunder, and the Thunder take a commanding 3 games to 1 lead in the series. They are on their way to the NBA Finals for just the second time since moving to Oklahoma City. Most people felt that Golden State would win Game 5 back in Oakland, which they did, but OKC had a great chance to close it out in Oakland, as Golden State needed a late rally to win this game. On to Game 6, OKC has a 13 point lead over the Warriors, and a double digit lead going into the fourth quarter. They have comfortable lead with 2 minutes to go, that is until the Warriors go ass crazy and drain everything in sight, while the Thunder went cold. The Warriors upset the Thunder on the road. So Game 7, most think that the Warriors have all the momentum, but come out cold as hell, the Thunder have a 14 point lead at one time during the game, only to fall apart in the third quarter. They start to make a comeback in the fourth quarter, but the hot shooting by Klay Thompson kept them too far behind, and the Warriors advance to the Finals for the second straight year. So the Thunder wasted two huge chances to close out the Warriors, and with the talent on this team, it has to be the biggest playoff collapse I have ever seen.

Dan: I think it’s one of the biggest collapses in NBA history altogether just because of how the series was. OKC dominated GS in their wins, everything looked set for OKC to win the series & go to the Finals. Game 5 ended in a loss which wasn’t a big deal to OKC because game 6 & 7 was still left. When game 6 had resulted in yet another loss, it got panicky for OKC & they ended up losing it all. I’ve heard from multiple people and saw it myself, had GS v Cleveland in Game 1 of the Finals preview up on their website before game 7 even happened. Now that’s just a conspiracy theory that they NBA already had it planned who was going to make it to the Finals, but it is pretty weird. Either way it goes, OKC had 1 of the biggest collapses ever.

Chad: Yes they are one of the most talented teams in the NBA right now as we speak on the subject. WHich is the fact they could not put GS away in games 5 6 or 7 one of the biggest collapses in playoff history. Games 6 and 7 they had double digit leads and could hold Golden State down long enough to escape with the victories.  Don’t get me wrong Golden State is good but when you have the champ staggered you have to finish them off and OKC couldn’t and that’s why I don’t think they can win it all with the current roster.


Andre vs LeBron

Andre Iguodala has played some outstanding defense in last years NBA Finals and this years Western conference Finals. How come he is never mentioned in the defensive player of the year conversation?

Todd: In my opinion Iguodala is a better defensive player than Draymond Green. The only reason Green gets the attention of defensive player of the year is because he is capable of guarding 1-5. Iguodala always comes up big when it counts as he did in the finals last year and the Western Conference Finals this year. He deserves to be in the conversation.

Steve: Because he is on the same team as Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. No one underestimates the depth of the Golden State Warriors, they probably have the deepest bench of all time. They proved that in Game 1 against the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. I agree that Andre has played stellar basketball, but people look for offense, and since Steph and Klay are providing that for the team and the fans. It overshadows what Iguodala does on the floor.

Dan: I think because he doesn’t really get recognized as a defensive player or is known as a defensive player. People don’t always pay attention to the defense, they want to see scoring & scoring & scoring. They don’t really notice the defensive stats unless it’s an already well known defensive player. Andre Iguodala isn’t already well known defensive player in the league, but he certainly should be brought up in the conversation.

Chad: Because he is role player and a seasoned vet on a team with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. Iguodala is okay being the supporting guy on this team which is another reason they won 73 games this year.

There have been some flagrant fouls called this year that have been kind of silly in my opinion. Should the NBA get together a give some clarity on exactly what a flagrant foul is or what is your opinion on the subject?

Todd: Well again this has been the worst officiated NBA playoffs in history. I don’t think anyone understands what a flagrant foul is, not even the commentators. This is ridiculous. The NBA needs to do something to fix this crap. They need to get together and all get on the same page this summer. This is just not fun to watch.

Steve: I think the NBA should bring in all of the referees that officiated in this years NBA Playoffs, especially ones in the Warriors vs Thunder, and Thunder vs Spurs series. Take them, line them up, and fire each and every one of them. Then hire some competent referees put them through a rigorous training regime, and get them ready for next season. This was the worst officiated playoffs that I have ever seen in my 30 plus years of watching NBA playoff basketball.

Dan: Yes, they should. Clarification and a set standard for a foul, especially a flagrant foul, should be how everything is conducted. If you have room to pick & choose what’s a foul & what’s not even though they both could be called a flagrant foul, then it’s an issue. If you have a set guideline to foul, then there’s no room for argument when called for a flagrant or not called for a flagrant.

Chad: A flagrent foul in the NBA is like a catch in the NFL no one know what one is and the same play can be called both ways dependent on the ref.


Agree or Disagree. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are the greatest shooters in NBA History.

Todd: I agree to a certain extent. there have been some great shooters throughout the years. Larry Bird, Ray Allen, and Reggie Miller just to name a few. The game has certainly changed and there are more three pointers shot than ever was thought of when those three guys were playing. No one though can shoot with the accuracy from some of the insane distances that Steph and Klay shoot from. The scary part of all this is that they are still young and have a lot of room to grow.

Steve: How can you disagree with this question? Yes, they are the best shooters in NBA history, and they happen to play for the same team. It is no secret why the Warriors gave up 100 points on average in the regular season, and in the playoffs so far this year, and yet the Warriors won a record setting 73 games most of them being by blowouts. It is incredible the way these two shoot the basketball, and they appear to do it with ease.

Dan: I disagree for the simple fact that Klay Thompson is on there. I think Steph is one of the best shooters we have seen, but I don’t think Klay Thompson is there yet. They’re both great, but not the greatest in NBA history. They need some more years under their belt in order to enter into that conversation. There’s some fantastic shooters over the course of the NBA & I don’t think they’re surpassing them quite yet without some more years of consistent shooting like this.

Chad: THey are changing the way the game is played but I have to disagree I don’t believe their volume of shots makes them the greatest I think guys like Ray Allen and Reggie Miller who had quick shots and made you think they could not miss when they shot. These guys shoot so often you know they are going to miss a few.

LeBron Love Irving

The Cleveland Cavaliers cruise through the Eastern Conference. If they end up losing in the NBA Finals is it time to break up the big 3?

Todd: I am so tired of hearing just because Irving and Love were out of the finals last year, that it gave Golden State a free ride. It took them 6 games to win. everyone said it would be different this year because the big 3 were healthy along with the whole team. I said it once and i’m gonna say it again, James and Irving can not co-exist very well against the better teams. Thats why it went 6 games last year. It will be a quick 4 game series and I believe Love and Irving are probably on their way out the door.

Steve: No, just the opposite. If they win the NBA championship this year, I think the Big 3 will go their separate ways. I think it will all depend on what LeBron James does. If he stays in Cleveland, they all stay in Cleveland. If he leaves, they leave. I don’t think LeBron is going anywhere if the Cleveland Cavaliers do not win the NBA Championship this season. He made a promise to the city of Cleveland that he is going to bring a championship to this city. So if he leaves without doing this, he will be forever shunned in the state of Ohio. If he wins the championship and leaves, I think the city of Cleveland will appreciate what he did, and would be able to accept him playing somewhere else. So no way these three break up if they do not win the NBA Championship.

Dan: Honestly, I don’t think that they should be all that concerned with breaking up the big three. Last year they weren’t even together in the Finals and LeBron did a pretty damn good job of keeping Cleveland in the series by his self. This year it should be a good series but I already know Golden State will win to complete their magical season of the best regular season record ever, coming back down 3-1 to OKC & now winning 2 in a row and in a fashion so people can’t discredit Curry but saying Cleveland was hurt. Either way though, breaking up Love/Irving/LeBron shouldn’t be in the conversation…yet. Give them a year or two more. You can see what LeBron did in Miami with the big 3. Cleveland will be back next year if they lose this year and they’ll have another opportunity. Who knows though, they could pull a NYG & shut the big dogs down.

Chad: Golden State is going to be really good for years to come and something with the Cavs just seems off to where they are just further behind GS than last year. In my opinion it maybe time to try something else in Cleveland because of the gap between them and everyone else in the east you have room to try something different.



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  1. With all due respect to the contributors of this Roundtable… I don’t think Oklahoma collapsed at all.. give some credit to Golden State.. they are a damn good team.

    I thought prior to the playoffs there were 3 teams that could win it all this year… Golden State, San Antonio and Oklahoma…. if, any of those teams won the West and then went on to win the Championship, I would not be shocked. I still picked Golden State.

    However… I do agree with what one writer said… which was essentially… when ya got a team by the balls… ya gotta squeeze… and squeeze hard. Oklahoma left a golden (no pun intended) opportunity pass them by…

  2. I can not speak for the others but me personally am not discrediting what Golden State did. I was just saying if Charles Barkley was right about OKC having the most talent in the NBA there was no way that OKC should have choked like they did. Sure Golden State has a great team but it was a bad match up against OKC.

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