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It comes in many shades and tones and ways and method and even colors…

What passes for justice sometimes may amaze you… sometimes surprise you… even shock you… but it’s all called justice…

WTF looks at some justice stories that are current in America…

Justice story…

joe1Last week as convicted serial killer and sexual predator Michael Madison got the ultimate court judgment rendered against him… death… the court allowed some of the relatives of his three female victims to make statements at his sentencing hearing.

Van Terry… dad of 18-year-old Shirellda one of the murdered women … took advantage of the opportunity. He stood at the podium and looked over to Madison who was smiling… leering tauntingly… at the families of the three murder women.

Terry swallowed hard… said… “How are you doing, your honor, my name is Van Terry, father of Shirellda Terry. Right now, I guess we’re supposed to, in our hearts, forgive this clown.”

He turned toward Madison… still tauntingly smiling at the families…

He continued… “He touched our families, taking my town …”leaps at

He slowly stopped speaking and leaned on an elbow and stared back at Madison… Madison was still smiling and taunting back at the three victims loved ones.

Terry threw away the podium he was behind and jumped at Madison… a courtroom bailiff took action immediately and restrained terry with a bear hug…  Other Bailiffs help to subdue Terry.

The court room was bedlamized as families’ folks cried out in fear and disbelief…

clevland court roomCourtroom officers took the chained murderer to safety as Terry and another court room person were removed from the room.  A recess was called..

According to the newspaper the Plain Dealer (through the NYDN)…“Terry’s daughter was 18 years old when investigators said Madison killed her in 2013. The sex offender was convicted last month on charges that he killed her and two other women, 38-year-old Angela Deskins and 28-year-old Shetisha Sheeley, and dumped their bodies in trash bags near his East Cleveland apartment. A jury had recommended lethal injection for Madison on his rap of multiple counts of aggravated murder, kidnapping and abuse of a corpse. Judge Nancy McDonnell opted for the death penalty rather than life in prison without parole.” 

I really do not like violence… I try to avoid it at almost any cost… but…  I do understand that sometimes in t his sometimes cruel ass hard world it is necessary… to protect a loved one… yourself… a person in danger. Ya’ll know the drill… I hope so any way…

This puke of a human sat in a courtroom after he was sentenced to death for being a serial killer who god knows what he really did  to the victims before and after he murdered them. Sat in a courtroom smirking his ass off… 

Van Terry (c)
Van Terry (c)

Well… sometimes a smirk just needs to have it wiped from some asshole’s face and sometimes it needs to be done with a very hard wipe… like forcing the fucking smirk down the shithead’s maw. 

Unfortunately, a court of law can’t allow that type of justice to  be dispensed in its space… not for all to see and be videoed. And…I definitely don’t countenance law enforcement peeps doing any violence unto a prisoner or allowing any other person doing it either. 

However… I might tend to look the other away… if, somehow… this dickhead puke kinda, sorta stumbled over a mop and pail that was carelessly left in the hallway as he was being transported to back to lockup. 

Accidents do happen… just make sure they don’t happen often is all I gots to say. And….make sure that damn mop and pail are put where they belong. We’ll overlook it this time but next time there’ll be hell to pay… just like hell was given a down payment a tad early if,’ someone was to leave that mop and pail in that pukes way this time around… sooner or later before he meets his timely demise.

Justice denied…

A dude who used to be a former University of Stanford swimmer was convicted of viciously sexual assaulting an unconscious woman back in 2015.  There was little doubt he was a predator who took advantage and raped an incapacitated woman who was helpless in every way possible.

Specifically, back in January 2015, two Stanford students were riding their bikes when they spotted someone humping on an unconscious, half-naked woman behind a dumpster. It was Brock Turner who realized he was in deep shit and tried to run…. as he struggled to escape… the bicyclists gave chase and held him for cops as they called 911.

Cops took him into custody and he was charged with five different felonies … rape of an unconscious person…  rape of an intoxicated person… two counts of rape with a foreign object … one count of assault while trying to commit rape.6 months

In March of this year, a jury found 20-year-old Brock Allen Turner, guilty of three counts of sexual assault. Turner faced up to 14 years in prison when he was sentenced for his crimes.

Last Thursday a judge gave him 6 months and probation… the judge… was worried that a longer sentence would have a “severe impact” on Turner… after all he was once  a champion swimmer. Three time high school All-American, who wanted to compete internationally… the Olympics even. Something, which for some odd reason was always being brought up during the trial of Turner… as if that would/should make any difference of whether he was a depraved shithead who raped a drunk and helpless woman.

The judge also “took into consideration” a probation report that recommended that Turner serve just six months in a county jail instead of  hard time for six years at a California prison… which in itself… that six years?…was also too little… the punishment did not fit the severity of his crimes… in fact, is there even a punishment that could fit the severity of what Turner did to this victim?

The judge… white dude by the name of Aaron Perksy, who is a Stanford grad… also “took into consideration” the convicted rapist’s age and his lack of being a punkass hood… he said, “A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him … I think he will not be a danger to others.”

Oh really? The honorable judge knows that for a fact… based on what?

A letter from the father, maybe?

Can this get more disgusting??? 

Yes, it can…

A Stanford law Professor, Michele Dauber… who helped to get Stanford U’s very tough and needed sexual assault policies together was able to get access to a letter Turners father… Dan… wrote to the judge on the rape case and posted it to Tweeter for all to see…

Rapist's Dad Says Jail Not Warranted For '20 Minutes Of Action'
Rapist’s Dad Says Jail Not Warranted For ’20 Minutes Of Action’

In the letter to Judge Aaron Persky, before his son was to be sentenced, he wrote, “(My son’s) life will never be the one that he dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve. That is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life.”

Twenty minutes of action out of his 20-plus years of life???

That’s what he thinks of what his son did to this woman… Twenty minutes of action.

Not a heinous crime… not a despicable action that of course his son should pay for somehow, but could you, please, cut him some slack… because…  after all he is white and still has his whole life… his future… ahead of him… he coulda been somebody… could a been a contender, but, now he’s a nobody….so… please… let him off easy…. especially since it was only 20 minutes of action…

Not rape… not assault… not a felony crime…

The apple obviously doesn’t fall far from the tree… rich, affluent, privileged… and… white privilege…

On Thursday his victim was given the opportunity to face her convicted rapist assailant and in heartfelt and very emotional words detailed exactly what impact his actions had on her…

From the moment that she woke up in a hospital covered in pine needles… felt pain in her vagina… and little by little put all the pieces together of what had happened… that she was assaulted and raped by a foreign objects that Turner had used on her, and, then, by Turners trying to personally rape her with his own foreign member.

She detailed what all went down including how she had to deal with facing everything… the cops… the hospital… all the questions…  the reality of what happened… all the shit through the trial and how she relived every moment over and over and over again in her mind…feeling all the pain and humiliation… many more times than anyone would ever want to ever deal with. Including the lie that Turner’s attorneys tried to drive into the jury’s heads… that it was all okay because she had consented to be raped by Brock Turner… although I am sure they never used that word… rape. Or, that it was only twenty minutes of action…

Among her statements in her speech were… 

“We cannot forgive everyone’s first sexual assault … The seriousness of rape has to be communicated clearly. We should not create a culture that suggests we learn that rape is wrong through trial and error.”

“You took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my safety, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice, until today.”

 “I am a human being who has been irreversibly hurt.”

She initiated her impassioned speech with  “Your Honor, if it is all right, for the majority of this statement I would like to address the defendant directly…

(To Turner…)must read

“You don’t know me, but you’ve been inside me, and that’s why we’re here today…” 

The rest of her address is a scathing, yet, well thought out and inspired proclamation against sexual abuse and especially the type of severe abuse that she received from this convicted sexual molester/predator… offender is the word most reports usually say… he is not offender he is a goddamn predator…

I won’t go into further detail about what she said to this convicted predator… but the link is here… https://www.buzzfeed.com/katiejmbaker/heres-the-powerful-letter-the-stanford-victim-read-to-her-ra?utm_term=.ddaPAbj3#.cy84ozBr 

I recommend reading it… in full… it’s powerful and very meaningful and the message it delivers should not be missed… hopefully, I’m not speaking  just to the choir and some of you, who have reservations, will click on the link and really read it to its end. It could be life changing… ya never know…


The judge gives this son of a bitch… what? …. half a year.. six months in jail plus probation… 180 fucking days out of his life while she will forever live and relive the hell of his sexual predation… his abuse… his hate… his disgustingly self-serving and selfish need to satisfy his wants at the expense of women’s own personal life… 

The judge was worried the possible full measure of the recommended sentence… that was six but could have (and should have)  been up to 14 years in a real hard time prison might have a severe impact on his life???

What about the severe damn impact he had on the life of the woman he abused, molested, raped and almost damn near could have killed. Her life has been impacted beyond any and all possible normality… what impact did his decision to force himself upon her have on her life? 

No impact at all if the judge is any evidence of that fact… tersely and with justified anger I say… the law is an ass… this judge, and this court that is his, is as big an ass as I may have ever heard about. 

Rape is the ultimate in disrespect to a human being… to the victim… it is the ultimate denigration, degradation and usurpation of any respect due to the victim as a human being. It negates the existence of that person as a living breathing caring person.  Yes… she can receive help but will she.. or any victim for that matter… ever fully recover from such a heinous and despicable subhuman assault upon her personal well being… mentally, spiritually and physically?seriously

The impact on him… my god what have we become as a society when a judge thinks this in this misogynist and chauvinistic privileged white world?

Yep… white world… a combination of wealth, influence and the fact that a bunch of white people got together and made some obvious back door deal to get this poor white boy off with the minimum of punishment as possible. If Brock Turner were black… tell me… honestly… does he just get six months and probation or does he get the book thrown at him? Add in poor, and by Jesus, I bet they find some way to increase the sentence to 28 years.

Still… I’m actually surprised Brock’s defense team didn’t try to throw in the old affluenza sleight of hand legal mumbo jumbo mind trick… maybe they will if there is an appeal…

Though he’d be wise not to tempt fate with this court decision he just got.

My last (but maybe not final forever and ever) thoughts on this… this judge needs to be removed from the bench for this bullshit…  if nothing else… at least censured for his asinine sentencing in this case. And… the sentence needs to be thrown out or vacated by a higher court or however they do that shit… then… the rapist needs to be given, at the minimum, the sentence that the prosecutor recommended.

Anything less would be a travesty of justice… but ain’t that Amerika…

 “Everybody’s Crying Mercy”

I don’t believe the things I’m seein’
I’ve been wonderin’ ’bout some things I’ve heard
Everybody’s crying mercy
When they don’t know the meaning of the word

A bad enough situation
Is sure enough getting worse
Everybody’s crying justice
Just as soon as there’s business first

Toe to toe, touch and go
Give a cheer and get your own souvenir

Well you know the people running round in circles
Don’t know what they’re headed for
Everybody’s crying peace on earth
Just as soon as we win this war

Straight ahead, gotta knock em dead
So pack your kit, choose your own hypocrite

You don’t have to go to off-Broadway
To see something plain absurd
Everybody’s crying mercy
When they don’t know the meaning of the word

(Songwriters: Mose Allison; “Everybody’s Cryin Mercy” lyrics © BMG Rights Mgmt US, LLC)

Lost… last seen tied to a pole

According to this story I read recently …Upper East Side resident Randy Slifka’s Wheaton Terrier was taken outside a Gap outlet on Third Ave. near E. 85th St. about 4 p.m. Wednesday.

So, why was he  tied up all alone outside on a city sidewalk so someone could up and walk away with the pupdawg?

Here’s why… Slifka’s nanny was shopping with his 18-month-old son and the star of this story… the pupdawg. The store peeps must not let doggies inside the store so she ties the pupdawg outside to a pole or a meter or something…

When she finishes her shopping she goes outside and freaks… someone says a large Hispanic man walked off with the dog. Nanny calls Slifka…Slifka called 911. Waits for three hours… nope… nada… no one responds… .

Slifka goes to the local cop shop to file a missing dog report. Outside the cop shop he sees five cops; tells the story and asks for some help… a detective among the group says that he should look in a Chinese restaurant, where his pup was “probably already half-eaten.”

Slifka is pissed… goes inside the cop shop… the front desk  sergeant declined to take a report.

Dude is now really pissed off…

Funny though… the next morning, Slifka goes back to the cop shop and now he is able to make a report.

Detectives started looking for the pup dawg. Slifka and some peeps he knows put up 500 flyers with photos of his pupdawg…

Long story short… someone calls and says they saw the pup dawg all tied up and thought it was abandoned. Gee… dog outside a store tied to a pole… all alone… why would anyone think that was the case… go figure…

Randy Slifka (l.) with his missing dog & Angel Rodriguez who "saved dog.
Randy Slifka (l.) with his missing dog & Angel Rodriguez who “saved dog.

She says she checked around for 30 minutes… gave the dog to a man from the Bronx, who said he would take the dog home. She took a picture of him.

Got that now?  A small pupdawg in fucking NYC left out on the street tied to a pole… got taken away.

I’m sorry.  I love the City, but, I would never do that to my dog or anyone else’s dog that I was supposed to be taking care of… it’s not safe in the City to do that…it’s not safe anywhere to do that. Well… maybe in Podunk it might be.

Plus let’s not forget about the being tied up part. The dog could have gotten tangled up and choked its ass to death, or, any other crazy ass scenario possible when you tie a poor animal up all alone. Pupdawgs tend to wander around not worrying about what they leashes or ropes get all discombobulated with. Shit can happen. Like maybe someone coming along and seeing the dog all alone; looking around for someone who might be the owner and telling someone else about the situation, who says they will take it somewhere safe for its protection… a good home.

Any way… after the cops show the pic around, someone says I know that dude… they find the dude and he says the dog was staying safely in his aunt’s apartment in the Bronx.

The dude gets his pup dawg back… he says, “The moral of the story is that New Yorkers bond together when there are problems. It’s really a wonderful story about the fabric of the city.”

He also spoke with the cop who had made the Chinese restaurant remark and they worked out their differences.

Slifka said, “He articulated an apology and I accepted that apology. My goal is not to roast an NYPD officer who is serving our community, and putting his life at risk. People make mistakes.”

A NYPD spokesperson said it was under review… but…“It was a misunderstanding.”

Got some stuff to say here…

Great story. Glad the dude got his pupdawg back… and safely.

There are some damn good folks in NYC… there are some good folks everywhere.  In fact, I bet dollars to doughnuts there’s lots more good folks than bad folks but we rarely hear about all the damn good folks because of the damn bad folks who get the notoriety and the most press… buts that’s another rant for another time…

Some peeps may not like what I got to say next… but… it’s gonna be said regardless.

Guy who owns the dog… has a nanny for his child… guess he gots bucks… ya think?

So, ya think he might know a person or two he could have bitched to, who could’ve tweaked some noses to respond to his pleas for some help? Especially, after his initial pleas were soundly and brusquely brushed off?

Ya think, a poor person would have had the same success convincing the cops to assist him in finding his/her lost pupdawg?  The same way the cops helped this guy was is obviously much better heeled than your average Joe on the street?

Let’s dial it up a notch… what if they were poor and a person of color, as the media pukes like to say so much in their news reports…

Ya think, they would have gotten anywhere with the cops?

Don’t know if this dude is white… I am assuming he is. But, ya’ll know what happens when ya’ll assume…

Still, even if he ain’t and it ain’t white privilege at work here, it is still a case of wealth privilege.

And, that last thing… the misunderstanding.

Bullshit… the cop who made the Chinese reference was being disrespectful to so many folks on so many levels, it’s absurd and racist… and… it was done purposefully. It was no accident or slip of the tongue. That cop needs more than just a chastisement and let off the hook by telling rich got bucks dude… I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make light of your situation…

Sorry, but this entire feel good story is only a feel good story because of maybe some damn white privilege and/or fucking money and influence that shook the blue forest so that shit could get done… and done damn fast.

Us regular folks would’ve been told to take a walk we got other more serious shit to take care of. Your dog don’t mean shit to us. Tell your story to someone who gives a shit.

This ain’t some anti-cop rant it’s just that cops really don’t have time to deal with lost pets and sometimes they ain’t exactly diplomatic enough on how they get that across to John and Joan Q. Public…

That’s just reality in the big city… in anywhere USA for that matter.  Welllll… maybe not Podunk.

To vote or not to vote…  

Still don’t like choosing from one bad choice or the other? One vile choice or another? Think a vote for a third party is a wasted vote?hills & trumpty1

Au contraire… read on, dear readers, and maybe ya’ll will see that a vote for Jill Stein (Green Party) or someone else running on a third party ticket ain’t the worst thing ya’ll could do… and… might not be that wasted of a vote after all…

Saw this in the Daily news… “It’s not a done deal … not by a long shot… that we’ll wake up on Jan. 21, 2017, to a President Trump or a President Clinton.”

And… why is that, you ask?

Well first… both candidates have really piss poor likability ratings… and… yeah… a lot of folks is walking around all glum and depressed over the fact that one or the other… Trumpty Dumpy or Hillary Billary… is gonna be the prez of the country when all the votes are in and counted. A lot of elephants don’t like Trumpty but are really torn over voting for Hills… and… a lot of donkeys don’t like Hills but can’t ever see themselves voting for Trumpty….

So, the article asks… “… how does America avoid this mess?”

Exactly, I says… what the hell is a poor boy… or girl… to do?

And, the answer, according to Michael Levin (12-time bestselling author and runs BusinessGhost.com), vote for “A barely successful third party candidate.”unfavorability

According to Levin, here is how it works … I think this is ingenious by the way

The third party person isn’t going to win the election… not by a long shot…and…that’s okay.


Because all that is needed is for them to eke out a few states…aka electoral votes… just enough, so, neither Trumpty nor Hills can accumulate the 270 electoral votes that are required for a nominee to be elected prez of the country.

Then… once its confirmed that no one has the needed electoral votes… off to the House it goes…

Levin says… “The rule to follow is found in the little-known 12th Amendment, adopted in 1804 in the wake of the Jefferson-Burr contest four years earlier. Here’s how it works. Nobody gets 270 electoral votes? Then the House of Representatives chooses from the top three vote-getters… presumably Clinton, Trump and Somebody Else. No one else may be considered… so says the 12th Amendment. Furthermore, each state gets one vote. If, nobody gets a majority of states in the House by Inauguration Day, Joe Biden becomes President. I’m not making this up. I couldn’t make this up. The Founding Fathers struggled with the best way to elect a President, and, for better or worse, this is what they came up with.’12th

He then asks the question new are all wondering about right now…

Could some rascally rabbit third party candidate get just enough electoral votes to make this happen?

Levin says… “Definitely. In fact, easily.”

And here is his blueprint… “… assume… that Hillary wins the swing states of Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois, and she keeps California and New York in the Democratic column, and Trump wins Florida. Now let’s say Mitt Romney runs. He doesn’t have to get on 50 state ballots… just Utah and maybe some red states in the South and West. Let’s say he wins just his native Utah. And nothing else.  Mitt Romney carrying Utah? A no-brainer.”

Final electoral vote scorecard in this sneaky ass scenario is… Hills: 268; Trumpty: 264 and Mitt: a measly old 6 electoral votes… BUT… just enough so neither Hills nor Trumpty has the needed electoral votes to be our next prez…

And… in Levin’s words… “Boom! Hello, House of Representatives! What happens now? Your guess is as good as anyone else’s.”

He then runs through a bunch of scenarios other than Mitt running…

Bernie? All he needs to do is get fours small states… or two small ones and one big one… Hello, House…

Elizabeth Warren? John Kerry? Joltin’ Joe Biden? Mike Bloomberg would steal states from both Hills and Trumpty  Or as Levin remarks snarkily… “So could Ellen deGeneres… Tom Brady… Beyoncé… Hell, my cat Roxanne could jump in and get at least a handful of states.”jill stein

Levin sums it up… “There’s no law saying that the Democratic and Republican parties, which have enjoyed a Coke/Pepsi-like hammerlock on electoral politics since Hector was a pup, will go on forever. People don’t like politicians. Or, it turns out, political parties. That’s the message of 2016. So no matter what you do for a living, if you’re thinking about what to do with your summer vacation, my suggestion is simple… Run for President. You never know. You just might win.”

So… vote for Jill Stein… in droves… all you bright eyed and bushy tailed but pissed off millennials… as well as all you left over idealist but bummed out old school hippies or revolutionists…

Like the man says… Ya never know…

Taylor who? 

HER MANY, MANY LOVES: As the nation mourns her latest heartache, a look back at Taylor Swift’s past suitors taylor

That was a headline in Thursday’s (6/2) edition of the NYDN… 

Excuse me?! This is news?! The news rag I read is now the Star… the National Enquirer?  All the damn news in the world that happens on any given day and this news rag is wasting space on this bullshit?

And… sorry… please… a nation is mourning the fact that poor, poor pitiful Taylor has broken her ass up with another boyfriend? Or… should that be boy toy?

Hell. This little twerp ain’t JFK or even his son… JFK Jr. … or…  Ali… or Princess Diana… or… Joe DiMaggio … A nation turns its lonely eyes to you… Jolting Joe has left and gone away…  

Get the fuck outta here with this shit…

Just one last thought…

obama nonexistent apology

Another thousand words…










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  1. I would say Brock will get some well deserved prison justice but he’ll likely be in protective custody because if he was in gen pop he would know exactly the pain he gave to that young woman.

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