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What’s going on fans of the wrestling world.  Welcome one and all to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week the panel discusses the brand split and Smackdown going LIVE. Also, Titus O’Neil vs Rusev? We give our thoughts on this and much more.

Power rankings

1.Roman Reigns– The Champ is more confident than ever, can he keep his cool and his title at MITB?

2.AJ Styles– Have to take my hat off to Styles, he pulled a fast one over on me and the rest of the world. Has AJ bitten off more than he can chew with John Cena?

3.Seth Rollins– Trying to play head games with Roman Reigns, will he be able to reclaim what he never lost?

4.Titus O’Niel– First time for Titus as he cracks the power rankings. Is United States gold in his future?

5.New Day– Despite the attack on Raw, the New Day are still on a record setting pace for longest reigning tag team champions.

this week

2001- Lance Storm became the first wrestler from WCW after the buyout to appear on Monday Night Raw.

2010-Wade Barrett becomes the very first winner of NXT.

2012- Eric Asafailo marks the fuck out as TNA, his favorite promotion announced they will start a TNA Hall of Fame

And here are the questions this week

raw vs smackdown

What is your opinion on the upcoming brand split in July, and Smackdown going LIVE on Tuesday nights?

Steve: It really depends on how it is booked. I have lost a lot of faith in the writers of the WWE. The brand split is going to do wonders for Smackdown as it will be on the USA Network, and will be LIVE. I like this idea, because it puts this show on to a new level. They absolutely cannot, and I cannot stress this enough CANNOT!! have two separate World Champions. They just unified the championship a couple of years ago, and made the current championship the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. If they go back to two separate champions, that title will be irrelevant. I would not mind at all to see the World Champion, Womens Champion, and Tag Team Champions compete on both Raw and Smackdown, then have the Intercontinental title and United States title on one or the other. That would make some sense. I am excited to see how this plays out, but honestly I don’t have much faith in what the writers are going to do.

Josh: This could be the best thing for WWE, as it has the opportunity to give some of the other guys a chance to shine, or it could really suck.  It all, just like everything, depends on how they book it.  I can tell you this, they had better not extend smackdown to 3 hours….that is just too much.  But even if booked great, everyone knows that RAW is the flagship show.  Just like the last brand split, as soon as someone gets popular on Smackdown, they will be moved over to RAW.  Smackdown will be like NXT level 2.

Todd: I love the idea of Smackdown going live. That is huge for the WWE. The brand split on the other hand I was never a big fan of. I guess cause I heard that they are creating a second World title. Why have a second World title and one of every other title? Just have all the champions wrestle on both shows. If you have two World titles that means two money in the bank matches. Speaking of money in the bank matches, why not have a money in the bank match for the women? Since WWE is changing things up, it would also be nice to see women’s tag team titles as well.

Jim: My opinion is the same as it was when I asked them to do it awhile ago.  PLEASE DEAR GOD DO THIS!  Smackdown was always a useless show.  Basically a cheaper version of RAW with many of the exact same matches.  I don’t mean similar, I mean EXACTLY THE SAME.  If Smackdown is to be to Tuesday’s on USA what RAW is to Monday….then it has to be it’s own show, and it has to be live.  If you’ve never been to a Smackdown taping, they NORMALLY just brought the crew from RAW to a nearby smaller city and did Smackdown taping on Tuesday anyway.  For example, Denver is the RAW city on Monday.  Colorado Springs World Arena is the Smackdown venue on Tuesday.  But one time recently we went to a 5 hour WWE event because they did RAW and Smackdown on the same night.  Basically they filmed Smackdown, then quickly changed the ring wrap and corner pads to RAW, and went live with the RAW show.  That’s truly terrible for the audience.  Always has been.  The new brand split will be MASSIVELY successful.

Chad: I love the idea finally we can get Smackdown to mean something in the grand scheme of the WWE and live meaning everyone can’t say they don’t watch because of spoilers. I think it is a great think for the business and something that can help the industry we love as a whole.


Do you like the idea of Titus O’Neil facing Rusev for the United States championship?

Steve: Sure, he has the look, the mic skills, and some in ring talent. Why not give him a shot for the United States championship. I don’t think he is going to win it, but I like that they are seeing what Titus Oneil can do in an upper mid card level.

Josh: I like it a lot.  He should win the belt.  Rusev is a long way from the unstoppable Russian monster he started as.  He can be beat, he can be pinned, and Titus has a lot going for him.  We are talking about a guy, if allowed to grow naturally, could be on the main event level.  Or he could lose this match and fall back into obscurity….But I don’t see anyone better to take it off of Rusev.

Todd: I like the idea. I like that WWE is giving him a second chance after his suspension. I don’t if he will win it but he will be a good competitor for Rusev.

Jim: No, because there’s no way they will let Titus win the belt.  This is the biggest problem I have with the WWE.  They don’t build up anything.  They just suddenly shove Titus O’Neil in our face and expect us to jump all over the band wagon.  It’s no different that pasty white boy attacking Apollo Crews backstage last week for absolutely no reason what so ever.  Trained monkey’s could write a better show than the current creative team in the WWE.

Chad: No, but hey WWE has had weirder rivalries so it may be interesting how this one turns out. I really hope WWE isnt doing this as way for Darren Young to debut and cost him the title.

new day

On Raw, it was hinted (or was it) that the New Day may indeed split up. Do you think the WWE should split up the New Day?

Steve: You cannot break up the New Day, why in the hell would you even consider breaking this team up? They are the hottest team in wrestling, and quite possibly the most over team that the tag team division has seen in quite some time. Breaking them up would be a disaster for the tag team division. Now, if you want to take the tag belts off of them, then I have no problem with that, depending on who it is. I would like to see Enzo and Cass get a crack at the gold. You need to keep these guys together, they are the most entertaining segment right now in wrestling, because NEW DAY ROCKS…NEW DAY ROCKS.

Josh: They could…I mean, last brand split saw the break up of the APA and Dudley Boys….Never say never.  I don’t think they will start split up though, it may come at a later time.

Todd: As much as I hate the New Day, there is no way WWE breaks them up. They are so over especially with the kids. That would be a huge mistake. They can tel Xavier woods to get rid of that damn trombone. They are great together but individually they are just another wrestler.

Jim: Well we all know how I feel about the New Day.  But honestly, spitting them up would be the dumbest thing WWE has done in a couple of years, and that says A LOT.  None of the 3 of them has a shot at a standalone career.  They’re terrible alone.  At least together they make some people laugh.

Chad:  Eventually, I would say yes I want to see what these guys can do on their own but they are just so dang entertaining I really hope they don’t break them with the draft.

dana brooke

According to sources (Todd’s people) actually I verified this: Vince McMahon is looking to develop Dana Brooke into a top tier star in the women’s division. Kind of make her “The Roman Reigns” of the Women’s division. What are your thoughts on this?

Steve: I don’t like her, not trying to be rude here, but she just doesnt strike me as someone who can carry the womens division. She is nothing more than a side kick for Charlotte. Unless they repackage her, and she can show me some talent other than flipping in the entrance way, she should not be atop the division…ever. Then again, the womens division is turning into one big joke, so they will probably push her to be the greatest of all time.

Josh: So he wants to turn her into someone that nobody likes or wants to see at the top of the women’s division?  I guess…but it would be smarter to turn her into something people actually want to see….like a CM Punk of the women’s division…or Daniel Bryan…or The Rock, or Shawn Michaels, anyone but Roman Reigns.

Todd: I don’t really know a lot about Dana Brooke. I just know what I have seen the past few weeks. I mean she has to be better than trying to make Eva Marie Champion. So why not give her a shot.

Jim: If he wants to make her “The Gal”, then why is he starting her out as Charlotte’s little b**ch girl?  First impressions are everything.  Her introduction to WWE was flawed, so I can guarantee her reign as champion, if she gets there, will also be flawed.  But hey, if it means Charlotte disappears from my TV screen, I’m all for it.  You just can’t get much worse than Charlotte.

Chad:  I really don’t see because she hasn’t been a top star in NXT. The best thing she is known for is being on Breaking Ground on the WWE network. I think somebody like Bayley would be a better candidate. But let’s be real we don’t need a female “Roman Reigns”

the club

AJ Styles and The Club pulled one over on the fans of the WWE by attacking John Cena. Do you like this move to have AJ Styles go from Roman Reigns to John Cena so quickly?

Steve: It is risky to say the least. AJ Styles is a big talent in the WWE right now, and he is over with the fans. He had a great couple of matches with Roman Reigns, and really solidified himself as a top tier wrestlers. Now that he has realligned himself with Anderson and Gallows, in a quest to take out John Cena, he goes from one top star to perhaps the biggest star in the WWE in the past 20 years. I like that they are continuing to make AJ Styles relevant and keeping him major storylines, but it may end up hurting him down the road. I would have waited a few months, put AJ in the Money in the Bank match, then around Summerslam have him face off against Cena. Not opposed to it, but is a risky move.

Josh: This ONLY works if Styles goes over on Cena CLEAN.  Styles just lost two high profile matches in a row.  He needs a solid, high profile win to keep him relevant.  However, if they hand Cena his trusty shovel, it will be a terrible move and backfire all over WWE’s face. That being said, Cena consistantly puts on match of the year contenders with top talent, whether its Punk, Bryan, Ambrose, Ziggler, he makes everyone look like a star.  These two will tear it up in there and give a great show.

Todd:  Heck no! In both matches with Reigns there was interference. So AJ Styles never really got a fair one on one match. Then Seth Rollins comes back and he automatically steps in the Spotlight. What is that all about? I know he never lost the title but damn. That don’t make sense. Don’t get me wrong I think AJ and Cena will tear the house down at Money in the Bank if that’s where this is heading. They will have some tremendous matches but Styles got Robbed in the Reigns feud.

Jim: Seriously, can they please stop shoving AJ Styles up my ass every week?  He wasn’t on the roster for 5 minutes and they had him headlining for the World Heavyweight Championship.  Then they didn’t give it to him. Now he’s some bad ass attacking the greatest wrestler of this decade?  Somehow that is supposed to put him over?  His two skinny bald bad boys are bad enough, but AJ Styles is just terrible.  Sometimes I think Vince sits in the back room and asks “How can we prove that the American people will buy any shovel of s**t I put on sale?”

Chad: I like the club going after Cena but it just feels like he will get Orton and somebody else and they will lose at Money in the Bank because they are not a cration of Vince McMahon which is really a shame because the Bullet Club is the best thing going in Wrestling today and the WWE needs to capitalize on this.

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