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Hello again NBA fans as we inch closer to the NBA Finals. Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Now we know who will be in the NBA Finals which begins Thusday on ABC. My Bold prediction Warriors will sweep the Cavaliers. This week on we will discuss Draymond Green and his kick to the groin, Kobe Bryant and his harsh comments toward some of the younger stars, and so much more on this edition of the NBA RoundTable.

Lets get started with the questions:


What are your overall thoughts on Draymond Green’s kick to the growing on Steven Adams in Game 3? Dante Jones of the Cleveland Cavaliers punched one of the Raptors in the groin in game 2 and was suspended for a game. Should Draymond Green been suspended for game 4?

Todd: Well to start off with it was totally uncalled for. It definitely looked like it was intentional to me. The game officials got it wrong and the NBA got it wrong. There is no doubt in my mind if Dante Jones was suspended for punching another player in the groin, then Draymond Green should have been suspended as well. It should not matter if you are a star player or not. Sure everyone likes to see the best players on the floor every night especially during the playoffs but not at the expense of making the NBA look bad. The NBA clearly looked bad in this situation by playing favorites. Just to go off subject a little bit this has been one of the worst officiated NBA playoffs I have seen in a long time.

Steve: Let me first start off my saying that I was rooting for Golden State to win this series, so what happened made me a bit concerned. To answer the question, absolutely he should have been suspended at least for a game. I have two reasons behind it. First of all, it was intentional, and there is no way on God’s green earth you are going to convince me otherwise. The NBA comes out and upgrades the foul to a flagrant 2, which means he should have been ejected from the game, well a little late for that as the game was already over, so that made no difference in the outcome of the decision. Second, the league suspended Dahntay Jones just a day before this incident for the exact same thing. I would even argue that his shot was not intentional as it appeared he was just going for the loose ball. So are we holding the players to a different standard? Experts make the argument that Jones was not as valuable as Green was to the Warriors. I say big freaking deal. Green made the choice to kick Adams in the nuts, and he should have had to pay for it. If you watch Game 4 over again, Green actually was more harm than good for the Warriors and turned the ball over more times than I can count. Doesnt make sense to me on why he was not suspended, but the officiating has been less than sub-par this playoff season.

Dan: Yes, it looked intentional to me & shouldn’t be allowed. That you would suspend a player for punching another player in the groin but not for kicking another player in the groin is showing favoritism & is extremely disappointing to see. The standards are off. Is it because of the name Draymond Green & how big it is? Is it because they want the Warriors to win? What is it? I’m confused. He should’ve been suspended, the NBA messed up on that move.

Chad: Draymond should have been suspended although in the long run it didn’t matter as the Warriors lost game 4 but won the series. Adam Silver needs to send that message that I can’t believe needs to be stated but you cannot it another player below the belt. It’s just gotten crazy at this point.


Kobe Bryant recently made a comment that most young players in the game today were frauds. Referring to different supplements they may put in their bodies to gain an advantage. What are your thoughts about these comments? (he called out Russell Westbrook and Blake Griffin)

Todd: Who really cares what Kobe Bryant has to say.

Steve: Are we seriously going to talk about Kobe Bryant? Seriously, cant this guy just stay out of the media? He is retired, and needs to let these other kids play the game like he did. Kind of makes me wonder about Kobe, himself! How does he know what people put in their bodies? My thoughts are Kobe just needs to go away and stay away. Some ambassador of the game he is, trying to call out these young star players, and calling them out by name? Really? Really? That probably violates an unwritten rule among players in the NBA….oh that’s right he is RETIRED!!!!

Dan: I think it’s just talk. Kobe Bryant wants to be heard & he comes out and says this garbage. Please. I don’t think any of these players are frauds. If they were, Kobe would’ve been able to school them real easily. Not sure what he was doing all year which makes me think he’s just mad and ends up talking. I believe that people have always used supplements in sports and they used them when Kobe was playing as a younger athlete but wasn’t playing ahead.

Chad: Kobe just misses seeing his name in the news during playoff time and trying to stir the pot.

Stephen Curry

Has Stephen Curry Surpassed LeBron James as the best player in the world?

Todd: As much as I dislike LeBron James I have to say no. Steph Curry is almost one dimensional. His defense is not as good. He is a better offensive player than LeBron but as far as an all around player James plays way better defense.

Steve: I want to say yes he has to this, but while I will defer that Steph is the best shooter on the planet, I don’t think he is the best player on the planet. He lacks some defensive skills, and LeBron can play offense, defense, he can pass the ball (he is pretty solid at that), and he is a natural leader on his team. Steph has Klay Thompson, Dramond Green, and Andrew “Big Fucker” Bogut playing with him to carry the load on defense. While LeBron has a nice core around him now also, he still leads his team when it counts. Steph may be the best one day, but I don’t think he is there yet, due in part to his lack of defensive play.

Dan: No, absolutely not. Curry is not only getting rebounds & scoring players & playing defense, Curry is also making passes, getting assists but he’s not doing anything like LeBron is doing. James is amost everaging a triple d double, did so much for Cleveland in the Finals last season, it’ll be a long way before Curry jumps ahead of LeBron.

Chad: No, If I am putting together a team today I still choose with my #1 Pick a guy who was been the league for a decade plus and is on his way to his 6th straight NBA Finals Series and that is Lebron James.


DeMar DeRozan is rumored to leave Toronto and sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Do you think he will leave a good team to go to a rebuilding situation?

Todd: I don’t know why he would leave Toronto to go to the Lakers. They were so close this year. The Raptors surprised everyone by taking the Cavaliers to 6 games, when most people thought they would get swept. Besides Kyle Lowery and DeMar DeRozan are a good young back court and the Raptors could be at the top of the East for a long time if they stay together. I don’t think he will leave Toronto. That would not make sense to me.

Steve: That would depend on how much the Lakers are going to pay him. Most in the NBA have been notorious to take the money and run. LA is a big market, and they have been known to pay for high priced talent. Toronto, while in a semi-large market, simply will not pay what he will demand. Also, Im not 100 percent convinced that the Lakers are in that bad of shape. They have a solid core of young players, and to add a star like DeRozan to their team, they actually could compete for a playoff spot. I would not call them championship contenders quite yet, but I think he would be a great addition to this team. So yeah, he would leave Toronto for Los Angeles, and I don’t think he will think twice about it.

Dan: I think that the Lakers have a lot of upside & DeRozan will leave & go to them. He gets to play with an extremely talented roster of young player, they’re getting the number two pick  in the draft & they’re bringing in a new coach. Things are looking up for the Lakers & DeRozan wants to lead the team. This is a good move for DeRozan, an even better move for DeRozan.

Chad: In sports in general I will never understand why a star on a conference finalist would be willing to go to a team who is struggling mightly. From Derozan’s point of view your stock is high right now; strike while the Iron is hot and get your money. The Lakers really are in a good spot young talent new coach coming in.


Joakim Noah tells teammates he will be leaving Chicago. Where is a good landing spot for him next year?

Todd: I am going to be bias on this one and say he could go to the Los Angeles Lakers. I am not sure if he would be a good fit with Randle. It all depends on how Randle has worked on his jump shot in the off season but the Lakers sure could use his energy. He would would give them a rim protector and another rebounder. A definite upgrade from Roy Hibbert.

Steve: According to his agent, this is not true, but Im sure it is. Where will Noah land? He needs to go somewhere where he is the leader of the team, somewhere that needs a solid defensive talent, somewhere where he will be respected, he needs to have a coach who can stand up to his temperment. My guess? He would be a great fit for the Minnesota Timberwolves. They are a young, up and coming team, they should get a pretty good pick in the draft, and Thibs is over in Minnesota now, so he knows what Noah is all about. Noah played his best basketball under Thibs, and if he lands in Minnesota, they could be on the rise to a potential playoff team.

Dan: The Bucks are rumored to be talking to Dwight Howard & there is a lot of local talk that they’re going to clean it up, it’ll imrprove my load counts, right? Well, no, it won’t and he just has sat here all break not said anything. Then I take the first break & you have something long to say & second break you had a little bit to say but not much? I think another big spot could be Houston since Howard is gone down low they probably need a big man so I would just go with an already guaranteed down low player in Joakim Noah instead of a player that needs training/coaching/teaching. .

 Chad: His best years in Chicago were when Tom Thibodeau was the head coach. That man just got hired in Minnesota; go to Minnesota. He is that veteran guy they need to lead the young guys and make that turn as a Franchise.

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