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Time for some Bad News


The WWE has been promoting some great NXT talent to the main roster lately such as Apollo Crews, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Enzo and Cass. These talents are the future of the company for many years to come. I do have some bad news however, by doing this they are sacrificing made talents such as Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett who are asking for their releases the company that made them has nothing for them. This a main reason why there needs to be a Brand Extension to allow some the mid-carders that are being overlooked to be in positions where they can succed to make the company as a whole better.

Did you Know?

Did you know that Randy Savage was actually booked to win the match between he and Hogan at Wrestlemania V? Hogan used his influence to change their minds.


Questions Questions Read all about them!

Ian from Sacramento CA. talks Undertaker

If you could see one match that the Undertaker never had at Wrestlemania, who would you have loved to see him face during his career?


Hmmm…Interesting question. I cant say that I have not thought about this for quite some time. Many would probably say Sting, some would say a host of other top wrestlers, Trevor would probably say Kane for a fourth time. No, I am going out on a limb here and I would have loved to see The Undertaker square off just one time against John Cena at Wrestlemania. This would be an epic matchup between the top two superstars in the WWE probably in the past fifteen years. Both have excellent records going into Wrestlemania, and I would love to see this next year as a final hurrah for the Undertaker to go out in style against a top tier wrestler. No disrespect to Shane McMahon, that is not a person that the Undertaker should end his career under. I understand that he does not want a farewell match or anyone to make a big deal about his retirement especially at Wrestlemania, but he needs to have one more prime match against a guy like Cena to go out in style.


Greg wants to know where Damien Sandow will end up

Now that Damien Sandow is gone from the WWE, do you think he will wind up in TNA or Ring of Honor? Also, with released wrestlers, do they have a no compete after their release?


Well let me start off by saying that being in TNA is a step back from being released by the WWE.  Thanks Frosh. I am not completely sold out on the fact that we wont ever see him compete in a WWE ring again. I don’t think TNA would be the right destination for Sandow, as I think he would be under utilized in a shit promotion like TNA. I would like to see Sandow go to Japan for a year maybe a year and a half and compete over there. Keep his skills polished, come up with a new move set, and then come back to the WWE, with even more fan fare than he has had in the past. The problem with Sandow, is the way he was booked. He was the intellectual savior, which wasnt a bad gimmick, people hated him, he was over as a top heel, he won Money in the Bank, and all signs pointed that he could have been one of the next top stars. Then they turned him into Mizdow and he was probably the most over superstar in the WWE during this time. The fans bought into this comic gimmick, and he could have had a serious run with the IC or United States Championship, so what do they do? They book him back into the intellectual savior gimmick again, and by that time, the fans just sort of lost the appeal for Damien Sandow. So I would like him to go to Japan, polish up, stay in shape, come back and be a top guy in the business. This can happen.


Josh wants to know about…ughh the WWE Hall of Fame

Does the WWE have a beef with Lex Luger? I don’t understand why he is not in the Hall of Fame, he had a great career.


Hell yes they have a beef with Luger. Luger, back in 1995 had a handshake agreement with Vince McMahon to re-sign with the WWE after Summerslam 95, an event in which he appeared during the main event between Diesel and Mabel. All signs pointed to Luger staying with the WWE, and they had plans to give him a run against Shawn Michaels and would win the Intercontinental Championship, and even be considered to get a run with the WWE Championship, which he was in fact booked to win at Wrestlemania X before Luger spilled the beans of his impending title win, and Vince changed things up to give Bret Hart the title. Anyway, fast foward back to August of 95. Luger agrees to re-sign with the WWE and Vince McMahon, then a week later appears on TNT for the first episode of Monday Nitro. He never gave the WWE or Vince McMahon any notice. They had a meeting set up to finalize a deal with Luger to remain a WWE Superstar and he shafted him. Vince is in the business of giving people second chances, sometimes third chances, but Luger completely shut him down, and made him look like a fool in front of his employees, so to save face, he has basically shunned Luger. I think that is partly the reason that Miss Elizabeth has not yet been inducted into the Hall of Fame, based on her relationship with Luger, and her untimely death, some would say caused by Luger. No, Im not saying that Luger killed Liz, but they were obviously doing drugs at Luger’s house, and she overdosed, so he could have been held liable for her death. That could bring bad press to the WWE if they inducted Liz, so it is only my opinion and guess that is why she is not in the Hall of Fame either.

However, the main reason Luger is not in the Hall of Fame? Yep you guessed it, the Hall of Fame is a fucking joke.


Eric makes it three in a row

Is Jimmy Hart related to the Hart family?

jimmy hart

No, Jimmy Hart is no relation to the Hart family. He is not even Canadian. It simply just worked out and made a good fit for Jimmy Hart having the Hart Foundation with Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart. There really isnt much more to answer for this question, so I will just start singing the Honky Tonk Man’s music

I got long sideburns and my hair’s slicked back

coming to your town in my pink Cadillac

Im just a Honky Tonk Man (he’s a Honky Tonk Man)

Im just a Honky Tonk Man Im cool, Im cocky, Im bad.


Mason from Indianapolis Indiana finishes us off

If Eddie Guerrero would have not passed away, would Rey Mysterio have ever gotten a shot at the WWE championship?


Not a chance. Sadly even how good Rey Mysterio was, there was never a plan to make him the top guy in the WWE. When Eddie tragically passed away a couple of months before the Royal Rumble, they wanted to do something to pay tribute to him. So I did a little research and was able to find out some pretty interesting things.

It was rumored that Eddie Guerrero was going to win the WWE Championship from Batista the very same week that he passed away. This was not the case. Eddie Guerrero was slated to win the Royal Rumble that January and would go on to win the WWE Championship once again at Wrestlemania, kind of giving him his Wrestlemania moment like Chris Benoit had two years earlier. To honor the legacy of Eddie Guerrero, they decided what better way than to honor his memory than to simply put Rey Mysterio in that same slot. They really did not have any major plans, and it benefited the storyline and would not have to change up anything else to make this happen. They could have gone another route, but they had plans for the other top stars in the company, and Rey was a perfect fit being Eddie’s best friend. It made for a great story for the WWE, and a feel good moment, as it put the underdog into the top spot and he was able to get his Wrestlemania moment at Wrestlemania 22. So pretty much everything that Rey did in 2006 was exactly how they were going to book Eddie Guererro that year.

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