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What’s up wrestling fans, welcome again to the Wrestling Roundtable. Wow! What an Extreme Rules last Sunday night. Seth Rollins has returned, and it appears he is on a quest to get back his WWE Championship. We give our thoughts and opinions this week.

Power rankings

1.Roman Reigns- The WWE Champion overcame AJ Styles, but now has to deal with his former partner and ally in Seth Rollins.

2.AJ Styles- Despite losing at Extreme Rules, AJ Styles came ever so close to winning the championship, is the Money in the Bank next on tap for the Phenominal One?

3.Seth Rollins- Huge return at Extreme Rules, can Rollins reclaim something he has not lost in the WWE Championship?

4.New Day- New Day still rocks as they defeated the Vaudevillians, and then the Social Outcasts on Raw.

5.The Miz- Despite how it was done, The Miz came away with the Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules.


this week

1994- Jeff Hardy makes his in ring WWE debut as he faces Razor Ramon.

1999- In one of the biggest tragediesin the history of wrestling.  Owen Hart passed away after falling nearly 80 feet from the ceiling at Kemper Arena in Kansas City MO

1999- The Raw after Owen Hart’s death was a tribute to the life and career of Owen Hart.

And here we go with this weeks questions!


With Seth Rollins returning to the WWE last Sunday at Extreme Rules. Is he bound to be the next WWE Champion?

Steve: Well after Monday night he is going to get his chance at being the WWE Champion once again. I am certain that he will get another run with the championship, but I don’t think it will happen at Money in the Bank. Vince has his mind set on having Roman Reigns being the top guy, and the top face in the company. So I don’t see him dropping the championship any time soon, despite what the fans are craving for. Let me say this though, I am a fan of Roman Reigns, he has come a long way with his wresting style and is able to put on great matches against anyone. He proved himself during the two great matches against AJ Styles. I think the fans will ultimately start booing whoever the champion is. That is just the part of life for a wrestler who is on top of the business. Let’s go back to the past couple champions. Roman Reigns, half the time he is cheered, half the time he is booed. Triple H, same thing, half the time its a different crowd reaction. Sheamus, no one gave two fucks about Sheamus so he got booed. Seth Rollins, most of the time he got booed, but I think if he had been booked better, he would have been a better champion. I just hope that if they do book Seth Rollins to win the championship again, that they do it the right way, and have him win clean. I don’t want to discuss how lame of a champion he is on this forum.

Todd: Yes probably. Although I disagree with him just waltzing back in and automatically getting a title shot. I don’t think he will win it back at Money in the Bank. I also think WWE missed a golden opportunity to turn Roman Reigns heel. The WWE Universe is already booing him out of every building he goes to. This makes no sense. The only way this does makes sense is that this is a one and done kind of deal and WWE has given up on Roman Reigns. With the pop that Seth Rollins got at Extreme Rules , WWE should have ran with that and Rollins should have came back a babyface. Look for Rollins to win the title back at Summerslam.

Chad: Eventually I see Rollins being the champion again. Beating Reigns for a title he never lost would be a nice turnaround story for Rollins to come back from the injury. I don’t see him getting the belt in his first match so I will say at either Summerslam or Survivor Series Reigns will drop the belt. Reigns needs to lose the belt because when it Reigns I snore

Jim: Good god I hope not.  He was perhaps in the running for worst champion of all time.  I mean seriously, they had him cheating every week to retain his title?  What is this?  The Women’s division?  Oh wait, it’s almost the exact same story line as Charlotte.  It’s almost as if the writers at the WWE don’t actually have a creative bone in their body.  Well, since we know that’s the truth, we can see the problem here.  Rehash, retell, reuse, and the fans will REJECT.  We’re tired of it WWE.

Christa:Seth Rollins’ return was a much-needed breath of fresh air into Extreme Rules. It’s obvious that he would travel down the “I never lost my title” road and I think it will ultimately prove to be unsuccessful. Vince still believes that Reigns is “THE Man” so I believe that fans will be disappointed for most of 2016. Hey, he’s pretty to look at and wrestling is in his veins but I would rather sit through the “Anonymous RAW General Manager” than listen to him stumble through his lines.


extreme rules

What was your takeaway from Extreme Rules?

Steve: This is only my opinion, but I thought Extreme Rules was the best event so far in 2016. The Asylum match was absolutely awesome, the championship match was great, pretty much all of the matches were very well put together especially the Intercontinental title match. So you had great matches, great storylines, and a great finish with Seth Rollins coming out at the end. I loved the fact that they waited until after the match was over, and not during the match to have him come in to screw either Reigns or Styles. They had enough of that with the Usos and the Club. So I thought it was a great night of action. The womens division took yet another step back as once again Charlotte could not win on her own. Im interested to see how it plays out with Flair, Im glad that she finally kicked him to the curb, but I didnt like how she did it on Raw. Seeing Flair cry just gets me all choked up…hahaha. I think that division is going nowhere. Natalya should have won the match and held that championship at least for awhile.

Todd: Well it started off once again really bad. Ziggler vs Corbin no DQ match. First it was too short. Second it was like a regular match until Corbin hit Ziggler with a low blow at the end. Then Anderson and Gallows vs the Usos. Nothing exciting happen here. As it was no surprise about the outcome. Kalisto vs Rusev. This kind of surprised me. I didn’t think Ruseve would win the title his first chance. It was like a David vs Goliath. Kalisto really never had a chance in this match though. The fatal four way was predictable to me. I believe last week I said Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn would cancel each other out and WWE would not be smart enough to put the title on Cesaro and that’s exactly what happened. The woman’s title match was a joke. WWE please get the title off Charlotte before she tarnishes it. The Main event was actually for once the best match of the night. Outside of all the interference AJ Styles and Roman Reigns put on a great match.

Chad: It was a good show the asylum match I thought was awesome. I love how the three guys who lost in the IC title match are now in the MITB match. This Charlotte reign as got to end already we get it the goal of the Divas/Women’s Champion is to break the reign of the previous holder. Surprised Rusev got the belt in his first now who defend against and with the AJ and the Club parting ways and losing the MITB qualifier to Owens where does that leave AJ. Interesting this road to Money in the Bank that we are on.

Jim: That what I said above is still the truth.  There is simply zero creativity in the WWE.  It’s like raisin bran.  It’s decent.  Somewhat satisfying.  Sales have been the same for 50 years.  Why tinker with the formula.  Well, perhaps Kelloggs people, we are tired of the same old raisin bran!!!  Wouldn’t you at least want to try and increase sales and profit?  At least Lucky Charms was intelligent enough to change the marshmallow designs and throw more in there.  That simply tweak resulted in a 10% increase in Lucky Charms sales.  But good old WWE, the Raisin Bran of professional wrestling.  Don’t change what they think is working.  Don’t try and get more popular.  Just keep putting out the same bland taste, year after year. Damn, I’m hungry this morning.

Christa:Same ol’ Vince running things. Kalisto had to lose the title because it was just ridiculous that the tiny little thing like him was continuing to beat giants. But the rest of the title matches… YAWN!! Charlotte is a waste and her heavy sidekick is annoying. The Miz and his wife just need to leave to have babies. By the way, who signed off on her being given a microphone? Cue the “Anonymous RAW General Manager” joke again. Finally, I don’t get the appeal of AJ Styles but, at least, he’s someone the fans get behind. Reigns is just boring!




Thumbtacks were re-introduced during the Ambrose Asylum. It was the first time since Mick Foley left that we have seen thumbtacks used. Do you think it was a good move to bring them back?

Steve: I give a lot of credit to Chris Jericho for going through the thumbtacks. Honestly I never envisioned him doing something that hard core. The match itself was awesome. Alot of action, and it had me on the edge of my seat watching. Then they brought out that little black bag, and we all knew what was coming next. THOUSANDS OF THUMBTACKS. I loved it, and it was a great finish to an already very good match. I have been on the other side of those thumbtacks during my indy days, and by God I will tell you this, they hurt like a bitch, especially when you have to get them taken out after the match. That hurts worse than actually going through them. I like the idea of the thumbtacks, and I have a whole new respect for Jericho for taking the bump.

Todd: absolutely it was a good idea. The crowd was not even into the match until the thumbtacks came into play. That’s the only thing people will remember about this match because the match was pretty dull up until that point.

Chad: Great Idea and the fans were absolutely into it; people are still talking about it. WWE has the guy in Ambrose to bring this element to the matches and storylines to really turn a corner and re-invent himself.

Jim:Look, anything that tries to get people interested is a good thing.  I can’t even imagine being willing to get slammed into them, but at least we all got to cringe and close our eyes for a minute.  So yes, I love that they’re back.

Christa: Anything that kicks the PG-era in the ass is ‘good for business’. The ‘Attitude Era’ was single-handedly the best time period for creativity, growth and excitement for the wrestlers and their fans. I know that there will never be another Stone Cold or the Rock but we can steal a few staples (or thumbtacks) of that era to make this time period more interesting.


cody dust

Cody Rhodes asked for his release earlier this week. It has been stated that he wanted out of his Stardust character and return to Cody Rhodes. The writers for the WWE turned him down, thus Cody wanted out. Should the WWE have granted Cody Rhodes’ request to scrap the Stardust gimmick?

Steve: When Cody went to the WWE he stated that he wanted to be a star. Little did he know that the WWE writers had other plans for him. He was a Star alright, but lets be real, Stardust was awful, it was simply a rip off of Goldust. Cody Rhodes is a fantastic in ring performer. I said it before when he was the Intercontinental Champion that Cody Rhodes was the best wrestler on TV at that time. I think he had a ton of potential to one day be the World Heavyweight Champion. He had it all going for him, he had the name, he had the family legacy, and he had the skill set to be one of the best, but once again the writers dropped the ball on Cody Rhodes and they simply put him on the back burner with some lame ass gimmick. I said it the first time he came out as Stardust, there went Cody Rhodes’ career. It ruined him. So I am with Cody on this, the WWE should have allowed him to go back to the Cody Rhodes wrestler, and ditched the Stardust gimmick. He could have been a “star” no pun intended.

Todd: Well he said he wanted to return to the Cody Rhodes to honor his dad. He said that Stardust does not honor his dad Cody Rhodes does. He supposedly has been pleading with them for the last 6 months about this. I think WWE should have let him go back to Cody Rhodes. I mean what was he really doing as Stardust? They would rather lose a talent like Cody Rhodes than let him change who he is on screen. It is really their loss.

Chad: Steve is going to hate me for quoting Hulk Hogan but, “That’s why the the company is in the damn shape its’ in…because of bullshit like this.” By no means I am saying the company is like WCW was in July 2000 when Hulk uttered those words but when you have talent that is over like Barrett, Sandow and Rhodes either being released or wanting out there is problem with the creative side of things and something that needs to be addressed moving forward within the company.

Jim: Do you mean Cody Rhodeths?  Stardust was terrible, but he was 100 times more interesting than Cody Rhodes in his tights and a stupid pencil mustache.  Honestly, the only thing interesting about Cody Rhodes is is wife.  But sadly, she’s leaving too.  My hope is that they end up with the Smackdown show, but after what he said about the writers and creative directors hitting on the new diva’s, I think not.  But is it possible that I believe the story about the writers?  Well, they’re certainly not writing or being creative.  They must be doing something to fill their time.

Christa:The wrestlers should have the ability to give their input and feedback about their gimmicks. If they don’t believe it, how are they going to get anyone else to? I know that Cody Rhodes hated Stardust but I LOVED him. I thought, with the right story line and bookings, the character could do backstage pieces, interact with his brother, invoke memories of his father and truly be an entertaining force within the WWE.



Will at “New Era” superstar win Money in the Bank?

Steve: Yes, with the direction of the WWE as it is going right now. They are leaning towards pushing some of the new era guys. I think either Sami Zayn or Kevin Owens will walk out as the Money in the Bank winner. I guess it would depend on if you call Owens part of the new era group. He came from NXT so I would consider him part of this group. I could see big things out of Apollo Crews as well, before his loss to Jericho, I thought he could be a surprise pick to win it. Now, I am praying to the heavens above that he doesnt get stuck in a program with Sheamus for too long. This kid needs to be pushed into at least the upper mid card, maybe a US title run, IC title run. Something! Not Sheamus.

Todd: No, I think since they have Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns feuding for the title that Dean Ambrose will win the Money in the Bank Ladder match. Even though all fingers point toward Chris Jericho winning on the account he invented the match but he has never won it..

Chad: To me it comes down to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn fighting over the belt with Chris Jericho pushing over the ladder and climbing to climb the victory in the match he created and have one more run before he finally retires and goes on tour with Fozzy.

Jim: GOD I HOPE SO!!!!!  I can’t handle another year of Sheamus, that’s for damn sure.  I was so happy when he lost his opening match.  But then he attacks perhaps the brightest star in the new breed, Apollo Crews.  They they go out and have Apollo lose to frigging Jericho?  Are you KIDDING ME?  Why in the world does Jericho need Money in the Bank at this point in his career?  And why bring Crews up and then not use him?  He was doing quite well at the lower level.  Now he’s not doing anything in either.  USE THE GUY!

Christa:It appears that with the qualifications matches on RAW that a ‘New Era’ superstar will win Money in the Bank. I would put my money on Sami Zayn if I was a gamblin’ woman. Anyone want to throw some cash on it?

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