The Blog About Nothing 5/27 Edition: Rosen and More

Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. We have come to the end of May and in the sports world that means the NBA Finals will soon come into focus, as well as the Stanley Cup finals in hockey. The baseball season is also full steam ahead and contenders are starting to slip away from the pretenders. That’s where we are now as the calendar starts to fold into June.

Its Memorial Day weekend. It’s a party weekend for most, but for me it’s going to be one of rest. Your guy is tired. He’s mentally exhausted so a few days off have definitely come at the right time for me. Thank goodness. Without further ado: let’s do this.
I am not a fan of the singing competition shows on television. Well, I used to watch American Idol until I tuned out around Season Seven and I did watch the first season of X-Factor with interest, but I have never gotten into The Voice. The whole spinning chair show just didn’t appeal to me. However, reading that Alisan Porter has won Season Ten has caught my interest.

Why? As most 1980’s kids, I saw and remember the movie Curly Sue. I actually saw Curly Sue in theaters when it was released in 1991, and Porter as Sue, the hard luck child from the streets who along with Jim Belushi came up on the good life, stuck with me. It’s not the greatest movie in hindsight, and other for nostalgia reasons I would not watch it now but I’m happy for the 34 year old Porter’s resurgence.The Voice

Her backstory includes failed attempts at making it in the music industry, but it also reveals a battle with alcoholism and drug addiction. She has been clean and sober for the past nine years, and even though winners of The Voice (like most of these singing show winners) do not go on to musical stardom, her name recognition and history has her poised to capitalize on the momentum. I for one hope she makes it. Her musical tastes, might not match mine (and it doesn’t) but I’ll keep a look out. Hopefully her first single is good.

Since this blog does focus on sports sometimes, I have to say something about the Golden State Warriors. This blog goes up on Friday, but I’m typing these words a few days earlier and at the moment of me typing this the Warriors are down 3-1 to the Oklahoma City Thunder. I have said this a few times but I have not been convinced or on board with Golden State as some dominant team.

curryYes, the Warriors went 73-9 and set the all-time win mark, and yes Steph Curry has won back to back Most Valuable Player awards but this Warriors team is vulnerable in a way that the Chicago Bulls 72-10 winning team was not. That Bulls team was a juggernaut while this Warriors team just never appealed to me. When the shots fall they are on fire, but when they go cold, or Steph Curry isn’t at 100% they are just too easy to knock off.

Oklahoma City might finally be 100% healthy which they were not at times in the regular season but if the Warriors were really that unbeatable, they shouldn’t be struggling with them. I can’t lie: if the Warriors lose I’ll celebrate. I just don’t like their team. I like Steph as a person, but that really is the extent of my liking the Warriors.

By the way, call me a hater, but how in the World was Steph Curry the first unanimous selection for the Most Valuable Player? The fact Steph was the first unanimous decision over some players like Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Oscar Robertson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, or even Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain is laughable to me. He had a great season, no doubt, but a unanimous one? I think the NBA writers really messed that vote up this season. They let the hype get to them. They absolutely did.

0524-josh-rosen-instagram-4Sticking with sports, I would like to tip my cap to University of California Los Angeles quarterback Josh Rosen. Rosen has a way of saying what’s on his mind and I like that. While his head coach, Jim Mora, would prefer that he remains silent, Rosen keeps saying things that I find to be relevant and refreshing. He doesn’t appear to be a troublemaker, or someone who isn’t unafraid to express himself and that’s the kind of athlete I find appealing.

I’m not giving the hat tip for the Fuck Trump cap he wore on a Donald Trump owned course recently. While I liked that move, this nod is not for that. No, my nod comes for an Instagram post Rosen posted and subsequently deleted on social media this week. The post was in response to UCLA signing a $280 million dollar deal with the outfitter Under Armor. Rosen’s tweet showed a screen shot of a newspaper headline along with the words, “We’re still amateurs though . . . Gotta love non-profits #NCAA”.

I have long championed paying student athletes. In recent years they have received more funds in able to better support themselves, but it’s about time we drop the amateur charade. These players make big money for their academic institutions and only receive a miniscule fraction of compensation for their efforts. Many of them do receive a free degree, and that’s all well and good, but these schools, and companies, make millions off of them and the athlete receives very little in return. So for Rosen and college athletes like him who see it for what it is: cheers. Keep speaking up. Keep exposing the hypocrisy.

hillary 7It appears that it’s not The Blog About Nothing if I didn’t address some thoughts that I have about this President Election. I promise to keep this politico point brief but isn’t it funny that the party that is coming unglued at the seams is the Democratic Party and not the Republican Party? Not too long ago there was talks of a contested convention and possible ways to take the nomination away from Trump or Cruz, but all of a sudden the Republicans are in unity and the Democrats are the ones fighting. Crazy. As someone who Feels The Bern, I reluctantly have to join the chorus of those who want him to quit.

He’s been an excellent protest candidate and hopefully what he has fought for and the ideals he has imparted does rub off on the Clinton campaign, but it is time that Hillary gets freed up to focus fully on Trump. While I hate this Super Delegate nonsense, that is the system in play right now. Nothing wrong with fighting that, but instead of dragging this fight all the way to the convention, and risk dividing things further it might be time for the Sanders campaign et al, to just unite under the banner.

Yeah, that sucks for those of us who don’t necessarily like Hillary. Personally, I can’t stand her. I find her hawkish, and quite honestly I think she tries too hard to appeal to my community, thereby making her come off as disingenuous in my opinion but it is what it is. She’s what we got. Might as well fall in line and stop with the bullshit. The good fight has been fought, but it’s over. It’s over.

That’s it. I’m done. Enjoy the holiday and thanks for reading.


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