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I have recently picked up the Universal Classic Monsters: The complete Legacy Collection. Yup, every Universal Movie put out with the classic Monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein,The Mummy , and the Wolfman- plus the Invisible Man, Creature from the Black Lagoon and just for fun, the Phantom of the Opera. One of these creatures is not like the other. I’m going to do Phantom of the Opera last, since there is only one.

30 different movies, but this collection is stretched to 37 movies since so many of these creatures cross over (for example House of Dracula is on both the Dracula and the Frankenstein Disks.

Now I have the Frankenstein and Wolfman collections (the review of the 5 Frankenstein movies on that collection have been done, I’ve watched the Wolfman, but not reviewed that one yet) So what should I do next?

Here is a list of the number of movies on the collection. Vote your favorite. I have 2 series to post, so that should give me time to get the next one done here. You can vote your two top favorites

Frankenstein-8 movies The Wolfman -7 Mummy – 6
Dracula – 6 The Invisible Man – 6 Black Lagoon – 3

So post who you want to see me do next to our Facebook page, and as always, I take requests.

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