NFL Roundtable: Top Ten Quarterbacks

This week we decided to do things a bit different, I asked the panel to give me their top 10 Quarterbacks ranked. I did the old 10 point system and here ya go.

Brady&Hoodie1. Tom Brady

39 points  – Jim gave 10 points, Joe 9 Earl 10 David 10

Jim: Really, not even worthy of further discussion.  There’s simply no doubt that he is the best quarterback in the NFL today.  If there was a disagreement between him and Peyton Manning…Manning retired.  Number 2 isn’t even close.  In fact, if you were honest you would rank Tom Brady number 1, 2 and 3…and then start at 4 with the rest.  He’s that much better and more successful than all the other quarterbacks in the game.

Joe: The old man still has it and usually protects the ball well. He needs more help at receiver, though.

Earl: Hard to go against a man who has four Super Bowl rings, and always has the Patriots in the title conversation.

David: Name me a Pats Wideout. He’s got Gronk and who? The man is simply amazing, and I am comfortable saying he’s the second best Quarterback in my lifetime.


2. Aaron Rodgers 

31 Points  – Jim 9 Joe 4 Earl 9 David 9

Jim: You tell me who else you want with the ball in his hand, down by 2, and 80 yards away.  Heck, he’d just throw a hail mary from there and win the game.  He had 3800 yards and 31 TDs last year, and it was an off year for him. And now it gets tougher.  The pair of Brady and Rodgers are clearly the best, but there is argument in the rest of the list.

Joe: He’s fallen off a bit but still a threat to make the big throw.

Earl: Rodgers and the Packers should probably have more rings if it wasn’t for Brady, but if it wasn’t for Rodgers I don’t think the Packers would be in the thick of things year in and year out.

David: Master of the Hard Count. Rodgers is a Cold Weather QB. WHat could he do in San Deigo or Houston? He’s a monster and uses his weapons well. He does tend to fail in the playoffs, but he’s not the only one that does on a regular basis.

Cam Newton3. Cam Newton  

28 points – Jim 5, Joe 8 Earl 7 David 8

Jim: Honestly, I don’t know where to put him on this list, because I don’t know which Cam will show up in 2016.  But his 2015 season was fantastic.

Joe: Better than average passer who is very dangerous on the run… is not afraid to tuck the ball and take off.

Earl: Coming off a great season, and while I have some reservations about him doing that again, I would have to put him in my top five of current NFL quarterbacks.

David: Homer Alert! 35 Tds and 10 Ints, That’s tied for the second most TDs in the NFL, he threw the third fewest INTs of anyone who threw over 30 TDs. Oh? Did I mention the running? I don’t think I have to. His arm alone gets him to third on my list.

carson palmer4.Carson Palmer

27 Points  – Jim 7 , Joe 10, Earl 6, David 4

Jim: Ask me in 2006< I’d have put him here. Ask me in 2009, I’d have laughed at you.  But in 2016, at 37 years old, he’s found his groove again.

Joe: Accurate passer who is consistent from week to week. Will amaze at times at some of the throws he can make.

Earl: The Cardinals have fallen short the past few seasons because of Carson not being the healthiest come playoff time but it’s hard to ignore his big regular season numbers in Bruce Arians’ system.

David: We come to the passers I just don’t trust. Up 5, 2 minutes left and Carson has the ball on the 20? I’m actually feeling pretty good if I have a decent defense, and I can stop Larry.

Drew Brees5. Drew Brees

22 points – Jim 8 Joe 6 Earl 1 David 7

Jim: Nearly 5000 yards and 32 TS plus a QB rating over 100…you really can’t put him much lower.  Too bad he doesn’t play for a better team.

Joe: Like Big Ben still at the top of his game… he does a lot of it on his own… needs help, and, then, who knows?

Earl: I was tempted to go with a young gun here like Jameis Winston, but I’ll give Drew’s career achievements the nod. Even though he’s getting older, he’ll continue to put up big numbers in the Saints offense.

David: The wife is a Saints fan, so I have seen Brees more than anyone else on this list, living in LA. Brees is amazing at spraying the ball to anyone and everyone on the feild. It’s unreal how we get a 4th string running back who all of a sudden catches the ball on a critical third down, and we never see him again, next up a third string tight end going over sixty yards receiving and a half dozen catches, and never heard from again. He’s declining quickly, his fastball isn’t hitting the high 90s anymore, but he’s smart enough to know that.

Russell Wilson6. Russell Wilson

22 Points  – Jim 3 Joe 5 Earl 8 David 6

Jim: Efficiency at it’s finest.  He’s a good man, with talent for miles.  And with 4000 yards and 34 TDs, you can’t find much fault in the guy.

Joe: Always a threat to go deep and can scramble.

Earl: Undersized, yes, but the guy is a winner. The Seahawks would probably be a good team with a lesser quarterback, but Wilson puts them over the top.

David: Doesn’t get the respect he deserves. He throws a lot of TDs, protects the ball, and sometimes can take off.

Ben Roethlisberger7. Ben Roethlisberger

20 points  -Jim 6 Joe 7 Earl 4, David 3

Jim: All he does is throw touchdowns and win.  He’s a beast in every sense of the word.  I’d take him with a broken ankle over 20 other healthy starting quarterbacks in the NFL right now.

Joe: Accurate passer with good receivers and while he probably doesn’t run as often as he did, he is still dangerous… still at the top of his game.

Earl: He’s led the Steelers to Super Bowl wins and as long as he is healthy it’s hard to bet against Big Ben winning another one.

David: Always scary, but he can worry you the whole game and not do anything, or be amazing the first half then not do anything. But he can make all the throws and is big as a house. Dude just wins.

Eli Manning8. Eli Manning

12 Points  – Jim 4 Earl 3 David 5

Jim: It gets tough at this point to figure out who is who.  But with 2 rings and 4400 yards with 35 TDs last year, I have to put him somewhere.  The guy wins. I hope he gets one more ring so he’ll always have more than Peyton.

Earl: Two time Super Bowl winner and that alone makes him a top 10 quarterback in today’s NFL.

David: Overrated at times, and I might have him overrated as well, but he can be dangerous at the wrong time, especially if you are a Pats fan.


Andrew Luck9. Andrew Luck

7 points Earl 5 David 2

Earl: Coming off an injury, but if he’s healthy and the Colts can finally get that offensive line straightened out then he is absolutely a top 10 quarterback.

David: Are we sure he’s a superstar QB? I don’t know if it’s coaching or his line or what. I’m hedging by putting Luck here.

andy dalton10. (tie) Andy Dalton

3 points –  Joe 2 David 1

Joe: Knows how to spread the ball around and keep a defense on their toes. Needs to stay healthy.

David: I had a hard time here. I’m taking Dalton as he is a solid QB, but he’s won as many playoff games as I have, and he’s always had talent. Put him in New England and he might win 3 games, give Brady his wideouts and we are looking at possible 17-0 runs.


Matt Ryan10.(tie) Matt Ryan

3 points   – Jim 2  Joe 1

Jim: I still like the guy.  I just wish he had a better team to play for.

Joe: Good playmaker, who knows how to move the chains. Needs to cut down on the interceptions. 1


Derek Carr10. (tie) Derek Carr

3 points –  Joe 3

Joe: See what happens when a QB gets some decent receivers?  His arm is decent on the long throw. Maybe not as good as some but not bad.


Tony Romo13. Tony Romo

2 points-  Earl 2

Earl: Romo is coming off an injury, and he may never be the quarterback that leads Dallas to glory but he’s stabile and deserving of a top 10 spot.

Winston 314. Jameis Winston

1 point  – Jim 1

Jim: Everyone would probably put Rivers here, but I’m putting Jameis Winston in this slot.  I think he has nothing but a bright future with a huge upside.  His rookie year was simply incredible, and only looks to get even better in 2016.

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