Game of Thrones Q&A “The Door” and Hodor

Welcome to the Q&A of Season Six, Episode Five “The Room” of GAME of THRONES, lets pour a forty for Hodor.
As always Earl and David have not read the books, but David has seen all the Blu-Ray extras, and since we have out-paced most of the book story-lines, we have added a third person to the roster, so please welcome Shauna to the Questionnaire! or should we call this our Game of Thrones Roundtable? Shauna has read the books, but promises to keep her fancy book-learnin to a minimum. Please join us Tuesdays after the show to get our thoughts on the show. Shauna is out this week, stuck in customs at Vaes Dothrak

1. Do you think Littlefinger is going to be able to recover this setback at the hands of Sansa and what do you think he will do from here?Lord Baelish

Earl: Littlefinger will be fine. He’s too much of a schemer to let Sansa and her new ability to steel herself, back him away from the fight. He can still bring the armies of the Vale to her side, because I don’t think he will turn tail and betray her to the Lannisters now that she has sent him away. Sansa might hate Littlefinger for what he has done, and for good reason, but she still does need him in some sort of fashion. He might not be the savior to her that he would like to cast himself as, but he does still serve a purpose. She’ll see that eventually.

David: Going to be interesting. As the only person on the planet who thinks Littlefinger is going to make the final episode. Sansa is still Littlefinger’s Achilles heel, and this episode shows it. Sansa threatens him, and 15 Knights of the Vale didn’t pop out. I think Bealish is going to do his best to make it right, and maybe being the one to give Sansa her husband’s head would do it.

2. Thoughts on the play, and should Arya question what she is wanting to be?danceofdragonsaryajaqin

Earl: My takeaway from the play is that Arya is not going to become “no one”. Why? She is still holding on to Arya Stark and as long as she still holds on to herself she cannot commit to becoming a Faceless Man. In a way, I think that’s a good thing. The Arya storyline is not going anywhere with her in Braavos. It’s a bit of a bore to be honest, and the only way to break her out of that storyline is to get her out of Braavos and insert her back into the main storyline. So, if this is a step in doing that then I am all for it.

David: Keep in mind this isn’t in Westeros. No real reason to sugarcoat the fall of King Robert, first of his name. I do think it hurt Arya to see that, and how her family has been treated. I think it’s a smart thing to do, to see if Arya is going to really want to be a faceless person. I still think Arya leaves, she just needs to pick her spot or find out if the only way to leave training is feet first. Again, I’m getting tired of the Arya storylines. I wonder if Jorah is going to come across Arya and that’s how she gets pulled back in the story.

3. Where are the Greyjoys going?Yara Greyjoy

Earl: My assumption is that Yara and Theon are going to get a head start on Euron and try to court Daenerys themselves. There is no Northern house that will help them, despite Theon’s reconciliation with Sansa, and Yara knows full well that the Ironborn cannot hold on to the castles’ they raid. They do need an army, and Daenerys has that. Euron might have been overly pompous at the Kingsmoot but he had a good point. They need an army in order to fulfill their ambitions, and now the Greyjoys can fight amongst each other in the pursuit of getting one.

David: The Greyjoys are not exactly welcome anywhere in raiding territory, and I can’t see them going anywhere and being a mercenary army. The question is, how to the Iron Island shit a thousand ships, and where do they get the population to support them? I guess they can go swear fealty to the Starks and be their navy.

4. Did it get dusty at your house when Ser Friendzone left, and will we see him again?Ser Jorah Mormont

Earl: No. Despite another good piece of acting by Emilia Clarke, the scene was not an emotional one for me. I’d imagine that this is the end of Ser Jorah Mormont. There is no known cure for Greyscale. Well it can be stopped, but it can’t be removed in it’s entirety. Will he find out how to stop it? I don’t know but if he does I hope it happens off camera. I don’t care for screen time to be taken away by Jorah’s travels to save himself and return to his beloved Khaleesi.

David: Dusty? No. Kind of pissed me off we didn’t get a fist bump or something on the way out. I do like that she said she wants him to come back, so at least Jorah has hope now. Wonder if Dragons can cure or stop Greyscale? I mean hell, it stops everything else. Jorah should head out to talk to Tyrion, as he knows things, and then swing over and talk to someone in Oldtown. Under NO circumstances should he talk to Qyburn. EVER.

5. Tyrion earlier said the Lord of Light was going to be trouble, but now he is courting their support. Is he making the same mistake his sister did?Red Woman 2.0

Earl: He absolutely is. I fear Tyrion in Meereen is making the same mistake that Cersei has made in King’s Landing. He has allowed religion to fill the void and that usually leads to zealots who break the order. While the actress playing Kinvara is extremely easy on the eyes, and I hope to see more of her (if you catch my drift), I don’t know if appointing her as the unofficial mouth piece of the regime was the smartest move. As I’ve stated before you cannot control religious zealots. It cannot be done. Once they are given a bit of power they will go overboard and like the Children of the Forest learned with the White Walkers, the weapon you’ve created for your control will get away from you.

David: There is a bit of a difference. Cersei wanted to use religion to tear down her enemies, Tyrion wants to use the Lord of Light to build up Dany. Little bit of a change in direction. I do think this could cause trouble, but I do think that Tyrion is smarter than his sister, no big shock, I know, but what I am most impressed by that scene is how unnerved Varys was. We have never seen him that rattled. It’s fun and I can’t wait to delve into that a little more. Lets also keep in mind the Lord of Light allegedly loves him some Dragons. I wonder if Dany would have any problems being a god-queen. I think that’s going to be the bigger problem, as she isn’t exactly hurting for self-confidence already.

6. Hod-uh what the F!Hodor

Earl: Apparently Hold The Door was conjoined to Hodor in a psychotic break for poor young Wylis. I admittedly got a little misty eyed at the end of Hold The Door. I liked Hodor. First of all a tip of the hat to Kristian Nairn for playing a character that only says one word but in doing so he was able to convey so many different emotions for such a limited vocabulary. For a man that is not even an actor by trade, he did an exceptional job. He will be missed.

David: Love me some Hodor. It does fit how he got the name. I kind of hate the thinking that Bran gave a poor kid a stoke and made him what he was for the next 20-30 years. I do think that the explination was great and Hodor got a noble death. Might be all you can ask for. I do think Reed is going to go home, and maybe that is where we will get Jon and Bran to unite. 3 Stark(ish) kids. Poor Ramsey has no chance.

7. Did we get enough of the Three-Eyed Raven to make the storyline worthwhile?Three eyed raven and Bran

Earl: Absolutely. Bran still has the power of greensight so even without the Three-Eyed Raven, he can still warg and still see the past. He had to learn how to use the power, and he had to do so quickly due to his error with the Night’s King, but assuming he survives the attack by the Night’s King, he will still be able to do his thing. So, for us fans who like the flashback, and in particular those of us who are waiting to see the conclusion of the Tower of Joy, we will get our wish. For that reason alone the whole thing was worth it.

David: Not at all. We got a Tower of Joy spot that hasn’t paid off yet. We find out that Bran caused Hodor to have a rotten adult life. Yes, I’ll say being a giant human who can only say Hodor is a rotten life in the Middle Ages. We find out the tree-huggers created the Night’s King by stabbing a terrified man in the chest, and no wonder he is still pissed, and the Night’s King has got his ultimate revenge (what took him so long?) I do tend to think that, again, we could have spent more time here, and I still think we go back to the Tower of Joy eventually, but I am going to miss Ming the Merciless as our guide.

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