Welcome to another edition of #ask7pound. I am your esteemed host Steve Hall, and I am here to answer your questions relating to the world of professional wrestling. Was Goldust going to get breast implants? What ever happened to Tantanka, more importantly, did you know that Tatanka actually had a fan? All this and more this week so lets not waste any time, let’s get to it.

Starting off with a Little Bit of Bad News


At Payback AJ Styles and Roman Reigns had a match for the WWE title. It first ended in a countout and was restarted and ended in DQ with those wins going to Styles but then Roman got the pinfall victory over AJ Styles…I have same bad news this was the exact same thing at Summerslam 1996 between then champion Shawn Michaels and Vader. So is the WWE telling us Roman Reigns is the 2016 equivalent of HBK god I hope not

Did you know?

Did you know that Perry Saturn rescued a woman from being serially assaulted?  He was shot in the neck and shoulder during in encounter.


Questions, Questions, and more Questions

Eric is back with a bizarre question 

Is it true that Goldust was going to get implants for his character? 


I’ll tell you the answer. It was discussed through the office of Vince and Dustin but was ultimately shot down by Marlena (Terri Runnels) who was his real life wife at the time. From my understanding they were not going to be real implants, like surgical implants, but fake under his outfit. That was when he came out back in 97 I think with the cone shaped boobs when he was with Luna. Some say the whole idea of this was due to the heat that the WWE and Dustin’s father Dusty Rhodes had, and this was a way to punish his kid. I think it was completely the opposite because Dustin and Dusty had a strained relationship around this time, and Dustin had always wanted to have a character that he could have fun with as he is a prankster in the back, and one of the funniest guys in the locker room.


Ron from Portland OR

What was the plan with Mordecai? I know that he had a short run with the WWE but he was also extremely hyped as a top star.


Kevin Thorn who portrayed Mordecai in the WWE, indeed was hyped to be a top tier star in the WWE. He was slated to have a pretty decent feud with the Undertaker and it would have culminated at Wrestlemania. For the most part, the reason for his demise in the WWE was due to a bar fight that he was in which caused him to be sent back down to Ohio Valley Wrestling, or the minor leagues in the WWE to be frank. Ultimately he was taken off TV permanently until his release in July 2005. So realistically it was his own self-destruct that caused this really cool gimmick to be dropped. I think that the Undertaker had a lot to do with it as well as he told Vince he was not going to work with him after the incident.


Harrison from Toronto Canada wants to know when Mania will return north?

Will Wrestlemania ever come back to Canada? I went to Wrestlemania VI, and thought they would return by now for this event? Why havent they?

mania six

Well correct me if I am wrong, and I am not, so there will be no correcting. Wrestlemania X8 was held at Skydome in Toronto Canada. This featured Hulk Hogan vs The Rock, one of the most memorable matches in Wrestlemania history. Not for me though because my feeling for Hulk Hogan are less than superior. The best part of that night was when he lost. Anyway, so they did return back to Toronto twelve years after Wrestlemania VI. Maybe you defected for a couple years or something, or it may have slipped your mind. As for will they ever return to Toronto for Wrestlemania? Im sure they will some day. You have to understand, after setting record after record for attendance. Vince McMahon is going to hold Wrestlemania at one of the largest facilities that he can. He was in Santa Clara which held almost 80,000 people, then last year in Dallas which surpassed 100,000 fans. To my knowledge, Skydome, or the Rodgers Centre, or whatever they call it now, only holds around 70,000 people. So assuming they can fit a few more bodies in the arena, to make it worth his while, I wouldnt see any reason why they would not return to Canada. They draw well there, and it is close enough where the time zone would not be an issue. If you saw Eric’s IMDO a few weeks ago, he made a great point on why the WWE would not ever hold a Wrestlemania in London. That has to do with the time zone being 6 hrs apart from our Eastern Time zone. I had thought that some day London would see a Wrestlemania, now the only way London sees a Wrestlemania is via the WWE Network. That is another reason why Vince needs to have mega sales at the event, because the pay per view rates have drastically declined ever since you can watch all the LIVE events on the Network for 9.99, so in order for Mania to be profitable, they would have to fill a massive arena.


Nicholas takes us back to Earthquake’s debut.

Do you remember when Earthquake debuted in the WWE? I think it was a push up contest between the Ultimate Warrior and Dino Bravo. Was Earthquake a plant in the crowd, or was he discovered that night?

No he was a plant in the crowd, however the crowd really bought into it, as when they were searching for anyone in the crowd to sit on the back of Dino and the Warrior, many of them continued to point to John Tenta who was sitting mid level at ring level. It couldnt have been done any better at the time. The fans really chose him to be the pony during the competition, and the WWE had discovered him weeks prior and this was the plan all along for Earthquake to debut. Seriously? did you really think that they would just have some random dude from the crowd come in and squash the Ultimate Warrior? I mean we all know the Santino Marrella debut was for real, but come on.


Tatankafan316 wants to know about his favorite wrestler.

My favorite wrestler is Tatanka, obviously. Was there any plans to push him? I know he had that long undefeated streak before losing to Ludvig Borga. Also, why did they do that on TV? and not on a PPV?


Well first of all I think you have bigger things to worry about if Tatanka was your favorite wrestler, but that is neither here or there. Let’s star with your first question. There was some talk about giving Tonto…or Tatanka a run with the Intercontinental Championship. As a matter of fact he did hold a victory over then IC champion, Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania IX, but it was by DQ when Scary Sherri and Luna got involved. He was set to feud with Shawn for the duration of the summer, but then during house shows, they just were not drawing like Vince wanted them to, and he was not getting over with the fans before his run. Then the ever so one finger pin by Ludvig Borga on an episode of Superstars. As to why it was never on PPV? Well keep in mind back in 1993, they did not have 12 pay per views a year, and at the time they did not have Monday Night Raw. So, because Tonto was not getting good results and pops from the fans, they did not want to put him in a prime match on a Pay Per View, because back then it was important for every match to be top notch. So they had him drop the undefeated streak on taped TV. Hell, there was no internet back then, so taped or LIVE it made no difference. Then they brought him into the Million Dollar Corporation, which honestly was career suicide, as he just got lost in the mix. He had the chance to be a tag team champion with Bam Bam Bigelow, until they were embarassed by the 123 Kid and Marty freaking Jannetty. Then he just sort of fell off the face of the earth. However, he was in the Andre Battle Royal this year, did you wet yourself when you saw him out there?







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