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What’s up everyone, thanks for joining us once again for another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. Over the past couple weeks, the WWE has released some of their talent. Today we give your our opinions on who, if anyone are we surprised that got released, and who do we think is on the chopping block moving forward? All this and much more!

Also we welcome the newest member of the Roundtable. Christa has joined us and she will give her take and try and keep us in line. Welcome to the club Christa.


Power rankings

1.Roman Reigns- Barely keeps his top spot, will he be here after Sunday?

2.AJ Styles- After a brutal beat down of Roman Reigns, will AJ Styles come out as the WWE Champion at Extreme Rules?

3.Dean Ambrose- The lunatic may get his revenge on Jericho in a new type of match.

4.New Day- The tag champs got a lesson this week by the Vaude Villians, will they retain their titles this Sunday?

5.Natalya- She has the champs number, will she force Charlotte to submit and take home the womens title?


this week

2002- WWE is formed as The World Wrestling Federation officially changes their name to World Wrestling Entertainment.

2002 – Davey Boy Smith passed away due to a heart attack while on vacation in British Columbia,  Smith, a former WWF Tag Team, European and Hardcore champion, was only 39 and at one point, was one of the biggest singles babyfaces in the world for WWF during the time period in the early 1990s when the company began touring the UK regularly.

2010- Bret Hart defeated The Miz to become the WWE United States Champion. This would be Bret’s last championship in the WWE.  He surrendered the title a week later.


Just when you think you have the answer…FROSH changes the question


The WWE has recently released some of their talent, some surprising and some not so surprising. Superstars such as Wade Barrett, Santino Marella, Hornswoggle, El Torito, The Brooklyn Brawler, and Cameron just to name a few. Which released superstar are you surprised got the boot?

Steve: At this point, can we really be surprised when anyone gets released? I mean other than Barrett, what have these other superstars done recently? Not a whole lot. Even Wade Barrett’s release was not that much of a surprise as it had been rumored for weeks that he was on his way out of the WWE. I think I was a little surprised for Damien Sandow, because I feel that the WWE missed a great opportunity with Sandow. He had charisma, and excellent mic skills, and was very much over with the fans. So I think it was a wasted opportunity with Sandow, and we will never know how good he could have been.

Josh: My biggest surprise was that the Brooklyn Brawler got released…mostly because I didn’t realize he was still working for the WWE….If only JTG had found his hiding place….Although on a more serious note, Sandow is going to be known as WWE’s biggest missed opportunity.  You CANNOT get more over with the fans than Sandow was.  But poor booking doomed him.

Todd: I am a little surprised about Damian Sandow’s release. I didn’t understand why WWE chose not to use him more. As far as the other releases, I was not surprised at all. Wade Barrett was expect to leave any ways. Hornswoggle and El torito have not been seen on T.V. for months. Cameron was not on the original list to be released until she went on that rant in support of Ryback then WWE showed her the door. She was a waste of time any ways.

Jim:Well, we all saw that Wade Barrett resigned, and wasn’t released.  The rest were never talent, so their release simply got rid of dead weight.  They’re promoting a lot of new wrestlers from NXT, which is fantastic.  I like them cleaning house.  Losing Barrett was losing the only one anyone ever saw…but it isn’t like anyone cares.

Chad: Obviously, Sandow is the biggest surprise with the talent he has I think WWE blew it big time having cash in his MITB and lose to John Cena . I am a little surprised about Brooklyn Brawler just in the fact he seemed to be a lifer that would always have a spot with the company.

Christa:Damien Sandow wasn’t necessarily a surprise but his departure was very disappointing. Sandow’s versatility was highlighted in very short, unsatisfying characters and WWE writers failed to capitalize on just how talented he truly was.




Bouncing off the releases, history shows that there is likely more to come. Who do you think is on the chopping block?

Steve: After his recent arrest for domestic violence, and now it is known that he has had a past for the same crime. Adam Rose is probably on his way out. I could see any of the Social Outcast members possibly getting the call, but I think Slater and Dallas are probably safe. I could see Curtis Axel being on the chopping block, but honestly it could be anyone. Tamina could be on her way out, as the murder trial of her father is about to kick off, and the WWE does not want any bad publicity, even if she has nothing to do with it.

Josh: Adam Rose, Axel, Neville, Summer Rae, Rosa Mendes, Tamina….I don’t see Slater, Dallas or Ryder getting the axe, as you need someone for the new guys to squash.

Todd: Well I think Ryback will be one to go after his rumored request of wanting his own bus and equal pay. Adam rose will probably be shown the door after his arrest for domestic violence and tampering with evidence. I can see them releasing Summer Rae as she has really shown no improvement in the ring and with all the new women coming up from NXT  they have no use for her.

Jim:Oh wow, this list could go on and on.  Let’s go in alphabetical order:  Adam Rose, Aiden English, Baron Corbin, Big E, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Darren Young, Epico, Fandango, Goldust, Luke Gallows, Neville, Heath Slater,  Primo, R-Truth, Ryback, Simon Gotch, Stardust, Tyler Breeze, Tyson Kidd, Viktor, Undertaker, Xavier Woods, Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke, Emma, Naomi, Rosa Mendes Summer Rae and Tamina.  Other than that, they’re all good and should be kept.

Chad: Ryback after his comments is an obvious candidate to be on the chopping block and after the incident with Adam Rose it would be amazing if he didn’t get released shortly.

Christa: Eva Marie absolutely should receive her walking papers next but she won’t. WWE hasn’t come to grips with the fact that fans won’t just blindly follow who they decide we should fawn over next (Cough – Roman – Cough). Raw fans, NXT fans, Divas fans and her own peers all think that she’s a joke. Red hair and new boobs are not acceptable substitutions for talent and personality.


extreme rules

Extreme Rules is this Sunday, will we see any New Champions crowned?

Steve: I am going to say we will see a new Intercontinental champion and a new United States Champion. I think Sami Zayn will win the Intercontinental title in the Fatal Four Way match, and I think Rusev will win the United States championship over Kalisto. As much as I would like to see Charlotte lose the championship, I don’t see it happening, the deck is stacked against her, and that usually means that person will find a way to win. I don’t think the Vaudevillians are ready to hold the tag titles, so the New Day will retain, and I think Roman Reigns walks out as the champion, despite hearing rumors that the writers are seriously contemplating putting the strap on AJ. I don’t think they pull the trigger, and Reigns will retain the championship.

Josh: The WWE and women’s titles stay where they are.  I think Sami Zayn wins the IC belt.  Not sure where they are going with the US title, Kalisto hasn’t done much with it, but then again, he hasn’t been given much to work with.  Weirdly enough, I think the Vaudevillains are strangely poised to be the team to take the titles off of New Day…of all of the impressive tag teams out of NXT, Ascension, Lucha Dragons, Enzo & Cass, the ones that win gold first are…The Vaudevillains?

Todd: To be honest with you, I don’t think any of the titles change hands at Extreme rules. One would think that the Miz would lose the title since the deck is stacked against him. I think Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will cancel each other out and WWE is not smart enough to put the title on Cesaro. So as much as I hate the Miz he retains the title. Kalisto will retain with some kind of help from Sin Cara.

Jim: I know I won’t see a new champion.  I’ve got better things to do than watch it.  Like laundry.  Trimming my toenails.  Cleaning out the fridge.

Chad: I see a new IC champion at the show and that’s about it. As much as I don’t like Roman he stays champ (Yawn!) Charlotte retains again (ZZZ…) I could see Rusev winning the US belt but I won’t pick it.

Christa:Should we see titles change hands?? YES! Will we?? More than likely, no. While the “New Era” has brought Shane-O-Mac back (thank you to the powers at be), a ton of amazing talent from NXT and has soften Stephanie’s persona for the time-being, there have not been any changes to the foundation of the company. Vince McMahon is still set in his ways. Roman is “THE Man” and will continue to fill that role. Ric Flair still needs a paycheck so Charlotte stays put. New Day… ROCKS… (like how I did that?) so they should keep their belts. Forever. I hope they are coming down the ramp with the belts, using canes and walkers.



What are your thoughts for the Asylum Cage match between Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho?

Steve: So it is really two Extreme matches in one. You have the steel cage match, along with a Hardcore match. I like the idea though, as it really fits for Dean Ambrose’ character. You see all those weapons that have to do with an actual Asylum. They have the 2×4 wrapped in barbed wire. This could be an interesting match.

Josh: A couple of thoughts.  I like that we are getting a true cage match where no stables are involved.  There shouldn’t be outside interference, which means that Jericho and Ambrose have free reign to give us a great show, and being a hardcore match, the winner will have won…”clean”  That being said….Ambrose MUST win this match.  He needs a solid feud ending victory over Jericho.  WWE is stupidly obsessed with keeping feuds at 50/50.  STOP IT!  Ambrose wins, moves on to the main event.

Todd: I like the idea of having this match. It kind of reminds me of a match that TNA used to have except that cage had a top on it. this should be a very interesting match. I would probably rather see another opponent than Jericho. Maybe Bray Wyatt would have been a better opponent.

Jim: I love Ambrose in the cage.  And I love Jericho.  I just don’t like Jericho being portrayed as some hardcore wrestler.  Bad matchup.

Chad: Cage-Yes! Weapons in the Cage-Yes! Ambrose vs Jericho-Yes! I’m in favor of the match gives us something unique to look forward to.

Christa:I absolutely love that WWE has appeared to embrace Ambrose and how he’s the closest thing we have to an “Attitude Era” performer. I also love Jericho. Is he the best fit for any cage match? Not so much. Something may happen to his scarf or expensive shoes. He plays a heel so well that it may be enjoyable to watch Ambrose throw him around a little bit.



new day

There seems to be more and more tag teams appearing in the WWE, so it leads to this question. Is the tag team division on the rise, or do you think it is still pathetic?

Steve: I have gone on record in the past to say that the tag team division is on the rise, with more and more tag teams making their way into the WWE. Then the WWE goes and screws it all up and it goes back to the end of the line into obscurity. So I am not going down this road again. Despite the fact that the tag team division looks “promising,” I think the WWE will again fail at this, and the tag team division will be a big joke again. Im not buying it until I actually see it.

Josh: Its….going somewhere….that’s for sure.  I like the talent in the tag team division.  The New Day still gives us some of the most entertaining moments on television.  The Vaudevillains are…interesting heels to say the least.  Enzo & Cass had a lot of potential.  But the success of the division won’t rest on the talent, it will rest on the booking.  WWE has shown an incredible ability to fail even the most talented of wrestlers with their booking.  So the tag team division won’t really overcome their problems, until they are booked better.

Todd: Well if you are talking about the Shining Stars who debuted on Raw. What a joke! WWE must not think too highly of them. Look who the faced on Raw. Two local guys. They are set up to go no where fast. The Golden Truth gimmick has been in the works for months now. It was entertaining at first but come on now its getting old fast. Tyler Breeze and Fandango were just thrown together. All three of these tags teams are going no where.

Note to Steve: NEW Day still SUCKS!

Jim: I want to love the tag teams.  Tag team wrestling is the backbone of the industry, in my opinion.  The 4 Horsemen. Rock and Roll Express.  The NWO.  The Nasty Boys.  Barry Windham and Lex Luger.  Demolition.  The Hart Foundation.  The Riockers.  MidnightExpress.  Freebirds.  And my god, The Road Warriors.  But today, we have Booty Ohs.  I’m so sick of this team being shoved down our throat.  Vaudvillians are just stupid.  There was hope with Enzo and Big Cass, but let’s be honest…Cass is terrible on the microphone and really has no muscle.  He’s just tall.  But I still like him.  So right now, it’s still pathetic.  It will be as long as the New Day are the champs.  The problem is, there’s nobody to take the title.  It should be the Dudley Boyz, but they’re actually better without the title.

Chad: I want to say the tag teams are coming back on the rise but I don’t think we’re going to get back to the tag team of even the area around 1999/2000 in the WWE. There is potential but I don’t see WWE pushing through on it and making it something special.

Christa:Fresh blood always seems to inject life into a division. Enzo and Big Cass – pure genius. Ok, Enzo is and Big Cass is exactly that.. BIG. Enzo brought sass, excitement and catchphrases that even the casual WWE fan knows. Hopefully Enzo will be back very soon!

And the New Day… ROCKS

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