Movie Review: Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit starts off with a little girl in a carseat in the the back of a police car, and we go from wipe to wipe showing her grow up, with a few jokes thrown in. Time goes on and the girl becomes Reese Witherspoon. She’s stuck in the evidence room due to (we eventually find out) tasing the Mayor’s son when he yelled “I got Shotgun” while she was giving chase to a suspect. The fact he spilled a drink on himself as she fired the taser caught the kid on fire, making her very name an urban legend.

Hot Pursuit 1When the US Marshals show up to escort a couple to Dallas to testify against a Drug Lord, Reese is assigned to guard the wife, because we have to have a female to guard a female. As they arrive, two pairs of gunmen arrive and kill the husband, cause Reese Witherspoon and Sofía Vergara to take off ahead of them to try and get to Dallas alive, in a kind of Thelma and Louise buddy comedy.

Well, no. Think The Heat crossed with Tammy. Yes, this movie feels like the rejected jokes of two Melissa McCarthy comedies. It’s not a horrible movie, just a forgetable movie. I don’t know if thats a sin, but Hot Pursuit really doesn’t try to be clever, and is far too happy to take the easy road. For example, we get an early on joke about a tattoo one of the men have, and Sofia has to point out that it’s a Longhorn tattoo. Now I want you to find any person over the age of 5 in the entire State of Texas who wouldn’t recognize a Longhorn no matter of it was upside down, backwards, inside out or drawn by a five year old. That is the kind of lazy jokes we get, and the twists Hot Pursuit tries to throw out there, one is pushed to early to not be obvious and the other is far too late to even make us care about.

Hot Pursuit 2Is this an offensive movie? Not really, it’s a bit of a misfire. Reese Witherspoon can be a capable actress, but the writers don’t seem to know if they want her to be a know it all by the book tightass, or a goofy idiot or a fish out of water- even though she is the one who is trained to do a job since she was in diapers. Sofía Vergara has the much easier written role, and it shows. She seems to be the only one having fun.

So bottom line on Hot Pursuit. If you are a big fan of Sofía Vergara or Reese Witherspoon, then go right ahead and watch it, if you are utterly bored, then throw it on. Under no circumstances should you go out of your way to seek this movie out. Solid 3. But this movie had some potential, but it could have tried harder and figured out what it wanted to do with our two main leads.

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