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Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 20th of May, and it’s a gorgeous day here in New York City. The temperature is going up to 80 degrees according to the weather folks. Warmer temps mean more daytime baseball games in my neck of the woods, and selfishly as a single unattached man it means that more women will be walking around the City with less clothes. Nothing like the prospect of eye candy to keep a man motivated. I digress though, for that is not the topic of this weeks’ blog.

Nope. This week, I delve into the abyss of the Presidential election. It’s going to be an unavoidable topic over the next five and half months. So get used to it. I’ll also finish out with what is a disturbing thing that is being talked about on the news today. Without much further ado: let’s do this.Clintonchutzpah

Not too long ago I went on a walk with a friend around Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Probably because I’m not the best of conversationalists our walk devolved into him asking a bunch of questions, looking for my opinion. Since both of us studied politics in school, and we actually met while volunteering for a political campaign, the conversation eventually turned to Donald Trump. My friend is solidly in the Clinton camp, while I voted for Sanders in our recent primary. I like Bernie, and I feel the Bern, but my general election vote will go to Hillary.

Why? I have a strange fear of a Donald Trump Presidency. Now, I don’t really believe the guy on the campaign trail is the man we will see in office, but I wonder if he really is elected how will he govern? He has no experience at all as a politician. He’s ran companies with varying degrees of success and failure but he’s not a politician. The office of the President of the United States should not be a learning on the job experience. You should have some element of experience, and a modicum of respect for the office.

My fear is that Trump has neither. Even though I don’t expect him to call world leaders crazy, or goofy, or even crooked, but I wonder if he can sit across a table from the Putin’s of the World and actually not devolve into some pissing match with them. Leading is not a penis swinging contest, and everything I’ve seen from The Donald so far worries me. It really worries me and for the first time in the five Presidential elections I have been eligible to vote for, I finally think I’ve come across the one candidate that I fear can actually have an impact on my day to day life.

trumperter of discourseAs the general election is now less than six months away, the name calling have only just begun. The accusations have now only just begun. This thing is going to get ugly folks, and while my friend gives Trump a 0 percent chance of winning this thing, I think he’s got a fair chance. Why? There’s a real feel of anger and distrust among the populace and in an environment such as this one anything can happen. Buckle in folks. Be prepared to face whatever will come in the election of 2016.

Moving on, why do people all of a sudden care as to who uses which bathroom? Sitting here listening to System of A Down’s Toxicity album and reading the New York Daily News, I see an article where a Connecticut woman who was mislabeled as transgender, was harassed using the woman’s bathroom in Walmart. First of all, I don’t really care about people’s sexual preferences. That is their business. It’s not mine. Second of all, I really don’t care what is in between a person’s legs who uses the same bathroom that I do.

Once again, it is their business. What you do inside that bathroom’s stall is your business. So all of this business about bathroom bills, and monitors is beyond ridiculous. Besides being an invasion of privacy, it’s just more irrational fears that our invading our society. The whole conversation robs people of their dignity. No one should ever have their dignity taken from them. No one should have their right to be taken from them. I hope common sense prevails here, but not only is common sense not common, but in this environment we find ourselves in, I fear it will only get worse.

I have a lot of fears on what is a gorgeous day. That is why I’m going to end this blog here. No need to ruin my day. Not with topics that show no signs of ending anytime soon. So, I’m done. I thank you for reading.


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