MMA Q&A: What should Cyborg do now?

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable, where Roni and David get to talking MMA and other goings on. This week we talk UFC 198 fallout, title shots and should Cyborg go back to Invicta or try for 135?

1. Was King Mo robbed?King Mo Lawal

Roni: I think so. I can see 29-28 (for Mo), but wouldn’t be mad at 29-28 for Phil. But 30-27 (by two judges) was just too much IMO.

David: Absolutely. 30-27 is a joke. Phil won one round, and not exactly by a wide margin. I don’t know what is wrong with King Mo, he’s been robbed a few time coughRampagecough

2. Who should get the first shot at Stone Cold Stiepe?Steipe Miocic

Roni: It will probably be the Cain (if he wins his fight) Or Alistair…

David: Give him the Reem! He’s on a new contract, he’s a standup fighter, and has the potential to put on a good fight. Of course, I’m a JDS guy, but he’s not close enough to warrant what would be a great fight. I do think that it wont be long before Cain is back in there, but he get hurt too often to build a division around. congratulations Cleveland!

3. Does Jacare deserve the next title shot?

Roni: Heh. I think he deserved to fight Weidman ahead of Luke. Then somehow the judges saw him losing against Yoel (a fighter who’s every single fight has some controversy, and never gets punished for it). He’s like the Frankie Edgar of the MW’s.

David: Absolutely. He won’t get it due to Weidman’s injury (Roni sent his answers in before that news broke) but I feel that if the original title bout took place as planned, then Jacare would be the next man up. I have no doubt that Bisping will lose, even though I have been a Bisping fan for a long time, but if Rockhold is ready at UFC 205, that is the obvious main event, if not, then Jacare will get the next spot and Weidman can fight someone else in New York (Belfort?)

4. How close is Maia to getting a top contender spot?Maia

Roni: He should be next IMO. Winner fo the last 5, with guys better ranked than the waterboy (with the exception of Johnny).
He does not have much time left IMHO, so I would love to see him getting his shot sooner rather than later.

David: He’s won what? 4 times since Woodley jumped in the cage? Problem is, he’s a bit dull on the feet and if he can’t get the fight to the mat, it’s not a good outing. Matt Brown barely touched him, but Brown isn’t Robbie.

5. Cyborg made 139, should she go back to Invicta to defend at 145 or work on getting 135?

cyborg santosRoni: I think it is a big mistake.
She just made 139! 4LBS more, and she would be able to fight under UFC banner more than than just CW fights.
Instead, she will go back up to fight at 145 in Invicta which, while I understand her being loyal to Invicta, we all know UFC is where you want to be. So why not maintain the focus on getting to 135, and eventually capturing the gold? Heck, this would put her into WGOAT and kill any doubters claim that she is not fighting top girls.

David: Let’s keep in mind that the big Cyborg/Gina fight was at 145. It’s not like 145 in the women’s equates to 300+ in the men. I think Cyborg does need a test cut or two before dealing with a 135 title tilt.
Think about this, what if Cyborg makes 135, wipes the floor with Tate or whomever is the champion that week, wipes the floor with Rhonda Rousey, then misses weight the next two fights? What if her third fight she passes out? Then just cannot make the cut again? I’m not sure she wants to move in with Mike Dolce for the next 3-5 years. I’d rather she fought and dominated actual good competition (no offense) than bounce around.

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