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Welcome again NBA fans to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Congratulations to Stephen curry on being the first unanimous NBA MVP winner in NBA history. This week we will discuss Stephen Curry being criticized once again, will the Cavaliers go undefeated all the way to the NBA Finals, and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Here are the questions:


Once again Stephen Curry is being criticized by another former NBA player after he won his second consecutive MVP Award. This time Tracy McGrady claims Stephen Curry won the unanimous NBA MVP because today’s NBA is watered down. Do you agree with this statement?

Todd: Let me start off by the NBA MVP saying that T-Mac has no room to talk because he never even won award. Is all this jealousy or what? I understand it is a different game today then it was 20 or 30 years ago. The NBA has gone soft but you can’t take away from what Stephen Curry and some of theses other great players have done in their careers.

Chad: Tracy McGrady I thought he was off being a pitcher somewhere. I mean with all of the great talent coming together to form these teams it’s hard for one guy to stand out as MVP and what Steph has done is truly unique I don’t necessarily think he should have been the unanimous MVP but I’m okay with that.

Steve: McGrady is just sore that he was never the talent that Steph Curry is today. I would love to see how he would have done against the caliber of a LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, hell any of the San Antonio Spurs starters, and of course Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors as well. If you ask me, McGrady probably would not amount to much in this era. Sure the times have changed, and the rules have changed a little, but McGrady was way off base with these comments.

I would like to note (and this will be a trend today) that Todd made some comments about Steph Curry and his play, stating that he could defeat him in a three point contest.

Dan: I agree with “NBA is watered down.” That’s it, the rest is a bunch of garbage. There’s no way or any reasoning that you can make, in my opinion, that would prove to me the NBA is watered down to being the reason Curry won the MVP this season. The Warriors posting the best NBA record ever while being led by Curry who was making headline after headline. He was the best player in the league on the best team. You couldn’t hand somebody else the MVP.

LeBron Love Irving

As Well as the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing, will they lose a game before reaching the NBA Finals?

Todd: They will not even make it to the NBA finals. The Cavaliers will get upset by the Toronto Raptors. So yes they will lose 4 games.

Chad: I think somebody will get one on them in the Conf. Finals.

Steve: No, I think the Cavs will sweep their way into the Finals no matter who they are playing. The Raptors have already gone to seven game series’ against the Heat and Pacers, while the Cavs have won 8 straight over the Hawks and Pistons. Now, with that being said. Things will likely take a turn for the worse once they get into the Finals, and I think they could even get swept by either Golden State or OKC.

Also, as I am reading these posts while I write. I have to mention that Todd is a HUGE Cleveland Cavaliers fan, and he makes his pick with a heavy heart.

Dan: I think they’ll lose one game. While Toronto or Miami are both very good teams, I do think Cleveland is much better than both. But either way it goes, they’ll give Cleveland a good series & won’t make it easy for them. Cleveland is bound to lose at least 1 game in my opinion. I can easily see the Cavs sweeping both the Raptors & Heat but I just don’t think it’ll happen. They’ll lose 1. If they lose more than 1, I’ll be shocked.


Once again there were two key calls missed in the last 55 seconds that went against the San Antonio Spurs. Is there a conspiracy against the Spurs this year? (considering what happened in game 2 also)

Todd: I don’t know if it was a conspiracy but there were some awful missed calls at the end of both of them games. I think the referees put blind folds on in the last few seconds because they should have seen all them calls. I don’t care what Popovich said after game 5 when he said its frustrating that they were not called but its not like the refs did it on purpose. He said that so he wouldn’t get fined. I don’t mind if OKC won the series but I would have liked for it to have been fair. I just feel that series was fixed. Is San Antonio that big of a Threat? Some people may think that San Antonio should have never put themselves in that position to begin with but at the same time the referees should not have been the ones to decide the outcome of the game. I give it to OKC they out played San Antonio in Game 4 and game 6 but the might not have been a game 6 if the calls have been made in game 2 and game 5. Let’s see what happens in the OKC-Warriors series. Just for the record I am not a San Antonio Fan. I am a die hard Los Angeles Laker fan, have been for over 30 years now.

Chad: It is questionable on how these two games went down at the end and as a fan it’s a terrible thing to see a series basically decided by the officials. I think the Spurs stood a better chance against the Warriors then OKC does at this point.

Steve: Ill give you Game 2, okay that was a legit foul on the inbounds play, but come on, the Thunder just out played the Spurs down the stretch. The Spurs showed signs of fatigue. Let’s not underestimate the play during this series with Tim Duncan. He was basically non existent throughout, and never was able to contribute to his team. I think had he been on his game, then the Spurs would have won this series.

Also I will point out that I picked the Thunder to win this series, while Todd said they would get swept.

Dan: I don’t think there’s any conspiracy, I just think they got out-played. They shouldn’t have been in the situation they were in to have calls go against them to cost them the game when it really comes down to it. But I do believe the NBA puts the teams they want in each round of the playoffs. OKC-GS will draw a much higher rating than SA-GS regardless of how good of a series it will be just because of the name factor in Curry, Thompson, Westbrook & Durant. But I don’t believe there was anything against the Spurs specifically, just more-so in favor of the Thunder.


Now that the San Antonio Spurs are eliminated from the playoffs, was that the last time we will see the big three on the court at the same time? (Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker)

Todd: I think Tim Duncan and possibly Manu Ginobili are gonna retire. That is why they finished Game 6 in OKC. I am just glad Duncan had a descent game if that was his last. It will be weird next year to see San Antonio without the big three.

Chad: Yes, I believe Ginobili and Duncan retire and the reported interest in Mike Conley and Kevin Durant I believe that we have seen the last of the big three and what a ride it has been and what a sad ending it came to.

Steve: I think so, Tim Duncan is likely going to retire, and if Mano Ginobli doesnt retire, I don’t think he is back with the Spurs next year. This will be a good thing for the Spurs though, as they will have some fresh legs in there, have some cap room to go out and get a key player, perhaps a Kevin Durant?

And to note: Todd said that he would cry if LeBron left Cleveland for San Antonio, as he doesnt want his Cavs to suck next year.

Dan: No, I think they have 1 more year in them. After next season, it’ll be officially the last time you’ll see all three on the same court at the same time. But I do believe Duncan has one more year and will play another year. They’ve had such a good run in his career, he wants to end on a high note & I believe they’ll have a fantastic opportunity next season to win the championship. Plus, who knows, they might be able to land Durant or another top free agent. That’ll definitely seal the deal for San Antonio. They’ll play next season, but it’ll be the last. Enjoy it.


The Philadelphia 76ers are hinting at possibly trading their top draft pick in this years draft. Is this a Smart move on their part?

Todd: If I were the 76ers I would on the account that they have so many draft picks this year and next year. Plus they have so much young talent right now, if they can pick up a proven veteran that could benefit them in the long run.

Chad: If I were the GM of the team I would use the draft picks and other assets to go after a a big trade or two to try to get some top tier talent onto the roster.

Steve: If I were the GM of the Philadelphia 76ers, I would take a long look in the mirror and then realize that he now has a sunken ship, and he might as well just put in the paperwork to dissolve the Philadelphia 76ers. It would be a smarter move for Philly just to get rid of their team as a whole. No matter what they do, they will still be the cellar dwellers in the Eastern Conference.

And finally to note: Todd has been drafted to play for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Dan: It depends. They could have the opportunity at four first round draft picks. If that’s the case, then yes, they should definitely trade their number 1 overall pick & try to get a big return on it. Build up more draft picks & keep going. They’ve built their young talent on a bunch of draft picks & still have a bunch for next year’s draft as well as the year after, might as well add to that a little more. I think within five-six years, the 76ers will be a very good team in the East. I think, overall, they should trade this pick. It’ll give them more of an advantage than it would if they kept the pick.


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