Another Broken Arrow… WTF 5/18

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How many more broken arrows will be in our future? How many times will the United States government keep screwing the American Indian peoples?

The lead story in this week’s WTF is about something that somehow seemed to be kept on the QT for a while now but is somehow coming to light… and it ain’t pretty…

Broken arrow…

joe1Descendants of the San Carlos Apache have been waging a new federal battle for more than five months, defending their land and, in recent days, allowing themselves to hope that this time they might even keep it.

What is this about and how did it come about…

Good questions and I got answers… or… at the least some interesting damn information…

Late in 2015 elephant senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake of Arizona, snuck what is known as a rider into  a thousand-page bill to fund the Pentagon. The bill… National Defense Authorization Act of 2015… gave what is termed by so-called in the know peeps as “essential money” to the U.S. military. The bill was considered as a no-brainer to get passed because after all we gotta make sure the military has all the money they need so we can keep the world safe for democracy as well as preserving the American way… plus…  keep our image up  as a bad ass super power. But, because that bill was a slam dunk to get passed, the elephant sponsored rider also got passed and it gave the world’s largest mining company a huge chunk of land that includes what is being termed as a sacred stretch of Apache land.bastard elephants

The land is known as Oak Flat and it has been protected under federal law since 1955, when elephant prez Eisenhower closed the area to mining. That ban was revisited and renewed by Tricky Dicky’s peeps in 1971. But… it just so happens, that Oak Flat, besides being sacred Apache ground… (a fact being disputed depending which side of the land grab you’re on)… sits on a massive copper reserve. And, that has garnered the attention of many deep pocketed 1% type mining peeps.

What we have here is a failure to communicate…

The San Carlos Apache says the land being bandied about is the equivalent of where the Holy Spirit came to earth. It is to the Apaches as a church would be to a Christian… a synagogue would be to a Jew… a Mosque to a Muslim…

The Society of American Archaeology says the Apache have been there “since well before recorded history.”

The mining peeps…  Resolution Copper, a subsidiary of the Australian-British mining giant Rio Tinto… and the Arizona elephant politicians that inserted the rider into the Defense bill says that the land in question in Arizona is not tribal land that belonged to the Apache prior to the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act and that the rider bill doesn’t say just give the land to the mining company but instead it is trading the land for other parcels of land that are almost double the size of the Oak Flat land.

McCain and Flake also said in a joint statement that, “To maintain the strength of the most technologically-advanced military in the world, America’s armed forces need stable suppliers of copper for their equipment.” McCain has also said that the mine would save the local economy because it would create 3,700 jobs and $60 billion in economic activity in the decades ahead… and… “Native Americans can continue to access the campground [Oak Flat] for many years until the company needs to mine underneath it.”

All a lot of this is kinda, sorta true… but… it misses out on a few salient and key points… when Resolution Copper does eventually mine the area it will use a modified version of “block-cave” extraction and hollow out a 1.8 mile area beneath Oak Flat… and leave a fucking hole so large that even Resolution Copper has compared the end result being as if the area would have been hit by a meteor.

Not to mention… McCain had tried often to sell off this land to the mining peeps but it was always blocked… usually by the Apache who maintained and cared for the land and were pissed that certain fools… oops, I mean folks… were trying to sell it off. And, let’s grok it… no one wants to piss off Indians after our genocidal relationship with them throughout our checkered and racist history… at least not publicly.  It’s just bad pub… And… no pol wants bad pub when they are trying to get elected or re-elected… especially McCain. He’s literally the kind of dude who will change his mind on an issue for the simple fact it may or may not get his ass reelected. He has told interviewers as much in the past.   Specifically, he said exactly that in a long ago article in New York Magazine.

That’s why the elephant Arizona senators piggybacked their land grab bill by using the “must-pass” National Defense Authorization Act… during a lame duck session of congress. They essentially snuck it through when no one was looking; on a bill with a no way in heaven or hell that it won’t get passed reality.resolution-mines-oak-flat-land-swap

Why would McCain do this when in the past he actually supported legislation that was favorable to Native Americans?  Remember what I just said? The dude changes his mind him depending on what it would mean to his election chances… plus… McCain and Flake have both gotten “campaign contributions” from Rio Tinto… plus… and… Flake is a former Rio Tinto lobbyist.

Now, ain’t that all a kick in the head?

Now, since this bill was passed the Apache involved obviously ain’t going quietly in the night… not this time…

And… they are slowly gathering assistance along the way…

Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), the ranking member of the Democratic National Resources Committee, however agrees that  Oak Flat is a sacred religious space for the Apache and Oak Flat will be severely damaged by a meteor-like mining effort.

This is not only bad for the Apache but it’s also not exactly a good thing for Mama Earth as well as the environment that folks live within…

Grijalva says, “Congress shouldn’t be in the business of helping big corporations at others’ expense and it certainly shouldn’t break faith with Native American communities.”

He has introduced H. R. 2811 t o the House which is also being called the Save Oak Flat Act.

And… in November 2015, Vermont senator (and Democratic presidential candidate) Bernie Sanders introduced to the Senate bill S. 2422… aka Save Oak Flat Act… which seeks to  “repeal the authorization and requirement for a land exchange between the Department of Agriculture and Resolution Copper Mining, LLC.”

No action has been taken on either bill… yet.

Also, many conservation groups are jumping into the fray… they say the way the bill authorizing the agreement with resolution was heavy-handed and unwarranted… nothing exactly new under the sun for how the country been treating Indian nations from the get go…

Athan Manuel, director of the lands protection program for the Sierra Club in Washington, says, “We don’t think we should be privatizing public land, especially land that’s part of a national forest.”

Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior says that … “The Oak Flat area, or Chi’Chil’Ba’Goteel, has significant religious, cultural, historical, and archaeological value to the San Carlos Apache Tribe and other tribes in the region.  I am profoundly disappointed with the Resolution Copper provision, which has no regard for lands considered sacred by nearby Indian tribes. The provision short circuits the long-standing and fundamental practice of pursuing meaningful government-to-government consultation with the 566 federally recognized tribes with whom we have a unique legal and trust responsibility.
Although there are consultation requirements in the legislation, the appropriate time for honoring our government-to-government relationship with tribes is before legislating issues of this magnitude. The tribe’s sacred land has now been placed in great jeopardy.
I look forward to working with Rio Tinto to better understand their plans for development and to see what additional measures they can take to work with the tribes, including forgoing development in these sacred areas.”

In March 2016, of this year, opponents of a proposed copper mine at the Oak Flat campground scored a point when it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s a step in the right direction but is far from achievement of the objective.

In fact… a National Register official said (3/14) that the listing is a “label that, yes, it [Oak Flat] is in fact a historic resource…” but it don’t mean diddly when it comes to stopping mining at that site. It does add more layers of review because there are now historic resources that must be taken into account.

Grok this… as mentioned our history… by “our” I mean the government of the United States… has not been exactly kind to what we now tend refer to as the Native American peoples. In fact, the government, either by design or happenstance caused by greed, has authorized the pillaging of Indian tribal lands that resulting in various tribes being forcibly moved to other lands that were veritable wastelands that no white man really wanted. Not to mention the countless number of Indian people who were murdered, rape and other wise abused…


Where Oak Flat is located is now called the Tonto National Forest and was established in 1905 from Apache and various other tribes ancestral homelands… so much for the claim it’s not sacred land by the Resolution Copper peeps and their cronies… and… that land was stolen from the Apache by virtue of The Apache Wars which were were a series of armed conflicts, fought from 1849 to about 1886, between US Army troops and various Apache tribes… (although various skirmishes between some Apache and The army continued well into the 1900’s.)apache wars

A crucial part of the war occurred at San Carlos in 1873 when some Apache revolted against the dehumanizing conditions that were forced upon them by one General George Crook and was followed by one of the bloodiest campaigns of the war…. The Severed Heads Campaign. To force the Apaches onto their assigned reservations, Crook set his troops out from various camps… Crook also sent out a list of specific Apache leaders who were to be captured and then murdered with their heads to be severed off for proof of their deaths and rewards. Crook’s theory was when the news of what the fate would of these leaders was, and that the same fate could happen to others, that the Apaches would turn on the various leaders in exchange for the rewards or simply as a way to end the hostilities.  Crook said, “The more prompt these heads are brought in the less liable other Indians, in the future, will be to jeopardize their heads.” As the heads began rolling in, in ever larger and larger numbers, the Apache warriors were eventually so harassed and demoralized and without any food that they returned to the reservations. Crook’s murderous and bloody strategy was successful and brought about a brief and uneasy peace in Arizona Territory.

Eventually, it all culminated when in the 1880’s US Army troops essentially told the Apache to get the fuck out and stay the fuck out of Oak Flat. To impose that threat the army force marched the various involved tribes to other areas that is now the San Carlos Apache reservation… 15 miles from Oak Flat… the Indians were then treated as POWs of a war they neither wanted or really desired to fight… being a POW is a fact that McCain should relate to, but, obviously it fails to mean anything to him… or… he just don’t give a fuck when it’s Indians and his pocketbook is involved…

The truth is we been fucking over the Indian folks for many lifetimes, so ain’t it about time we stopped doing that? And, instead of making laws that are passed underhandedly and by bypassing the proper channels maybe we ought to start just keeping our word for once… it was their land, we stole it, the least we could do is give some of it back.

Fuck raping Mama Earth for more metal ore resources so we can build more war machines that wind up creating grist out of more people… including our own… and wasting away more land and displacing more citizens who have no desire to be in a war that they could less about…they just want to live their lives and raise their families… fuck all that shit.

But… most of all… we need to stop fucking over the Indian Nations.

It’s the Jungle all over again…

Workers … most very non-white and many immigrants or refugees… … working on a lines processing chicken in near freezing temperatures are told they need to keep up production… regardless of their personal safety or needs… needs such as just a plain rest from the tedium of the jo or even a bathroom break. People, at times, have no choice but to piss their pants or worse, shit  on themselves… some have taken to the wearing of adult diapers. These people  fear speaking out because they fear they might lose their jobs… needed jobs… so they can take care of their families… provide the bare necessities of life… meager as their lives are on the pay they get, it is nonetheless all they got.

Some third world country?

Hardly… it’s America… the beautiful … land of the free… unless you are a poor non-white, essentially uneducated immigrant or refugee trying to get over and get a foot up on the lowest of the lowest rung on the ladder to the American Dream… or… is it welcome to the nightmare?oxfam

A report released last Wednesday by Oxfam America says poultry workers are “routinely denied breaks to use the bathroom” to speed up production… which is not just illegal, but also dangerous and disgusting and unhealthy.

Unhealthy from every aspect that you can imagine… for the workers…  as well as the potential of contamination of the product they are processing… food that will be sold to us.

The study is reportedly based on interviews that were conducted with hundreds of workers at some of America’s biggest poultry processors … Tyson Foods, Pilgrim’s, Perdue and Sanderson Farms. Also, the report says that workers in Texas, North Carolina and Arkansas have said that they have seen coworkers crapping or pissing their clothes while working the poultry line.

The plants that seem to be different and more respectful of the workers?  The ones that are unionized.

Of course,  the named poultry plants, who are accused of illegal tactics against their workers, say they can’t verify anything because the people interviewed by Oxfam refuse to be named… despite the report saying the workers wouldn’t speak up or have their names revealed due to fear of retribution by management for doing so.

And, there are peeps out there who say unions are fucking bad?

Ya think, if, these folks had a union this shit… literally in some cases… would be going on? Not by a long shot…

Besides… this is America?

This bullshit is like something from the 1800’s… not the 1900’s but the 1800’s. It is literally something out of an Upton Sinclair novel… The Jungle.

For everyone who wants to abolish unions this is what your great grandchildren’s work life may be all about… returning to an era where  management doesn’t give a shit whether you live or die,,, just produce the hell out of whatever  you need to do to get mo profits… mo profits… mo profits. It’s all about the money… for the owners of the means of production… and… we the people will be nothing more than just another tool to be used… oftentimes abused… until it is no longer functional and then thrown away and replaced by another tool… only this time it’s real flesh and blood that they use and abuse for the chicken

In America? This is still happening? Pleaseeee…

They need to unite and fight for their right to be treated humanely for their wages. This is exploitation to the max…

Hate unions?

Then think about these folks… because, if we let the 1% get their way this is our future…


jungleUpton Sinclair’s book “The Jungle” was written to expose the unsafe working conditions that workers… especially the immigrant workers… of that time were being made to work in, so they could earn a barely subsistence wage. Instead, it “inspired” government to take notice of the piss poor sanitary conditions that the meat industry processed and packaged meat for sale to Americans to serve on their breakfast and dinner tables. Sinclair, himself said, “I aimed for the public’s heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach.”

Because of The Jungle, laws, including the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act, were passed to regulate how the industry processed meat for American consumption.

bernie uptonCoincidentally, Sinclair was the Bernie of his time… In 1934, Sinclair ran as a donkey for the Governor of California and his platform was known  the End Poverty in California movement (EPIC).

Conservatives  thought Sinclair’s plan to end poverty was an attempted communist takeover of their state and quickly marshaled intense pressure against him, using various dishonest “propaganda” tactics to portray Sinclair as an evil communist who would cause serious harm to the American way of life. And, while Bernie was an Independent who identified with Socialist principles, and became a donkey so he could run for the prezness of the country, Sinclair had been a member of the Socialist Party from 1902 to 1934, who became a donkey so he could run for various political offices.  Sinclair, may have been a donkey in name but throughout his political career, as well as his life, he always considered himself to be a Socialist.

It’s not news until they tell us it’s news…

Look up Shaun King in Wiki and this is what you get… writer, entrepreneur, preacher and civil rights activist. He is also a past contributing writer for Daily Kos and presently the senior justice writer for the New York Daily News….

What this all boils down to is that the he tends to write some very left leaning columns… sometimes diatribes… on social and political issues…

Cop death by gun up 59% over last year
Cop death by gun up 59% over last year

In one of his recent columns he wrote this…

“Would it shock you to learn that the number of police who’ve been shot and killed in 2016 is up an astounding 59% from where it was this same date last year? Seventeen police officers have already been shot and killed in 2016, by mid-May. Only 10 had suffered that fate by May 10th, 2015.”

He goes on to write that such an increase “shocked the hell out of me.”

He then points out the fact that while he intently follows and points out the number of folks killed by cops, he also is interested in how many cops get killed.  He adds, “Contrary to popular belief, despising police brutality does not mean I despise police officers.”

He adds that he actually appreciates all public servants and has two relatives… one is a cop and the other is a Secret Service member. He says he thinks they are amazing dudes who work hard and do great work.

He then says he hates gun violence and every fatality that comes from that violence.

I second that emotion…

But… then he returns to the cop deaths by gun violence…king

He points out… that although cop death by gun is up drastically, we aren’t hearing diddly about it… and he thinks he knows why…

71% of cops who have been eliminated by guns “weren’t murdered by black men with cornrows or hoodies… (or were) Latino gang members in low-rider drive-bys…”

He says those 12 cops… the 71%… who had their lives expunged from existence on Mama Earth were killed by “good old-fashioned white men.”

He then goes on to enumerated some of the cop murders that were done by white peeps… and finishes with “You haven’t seen these stories on Fox News or Breitbart because they don’t fit their narrative of blaming police violence on the Black Lives Matter movement or President Obama. Because ‘scary’ black faces can’t be flashed across their screens, (Conservative news) don’t even tell the stories at all… which suggests they don’t care so much about police, but about using police deaths like a political football.”

He adds that “It appears that blue lives only matter to popular conservatives when they are taken by somebody they can easily demonize. In the meantime, police groups continue to protest (Beyoncé) when a black woman hasn’t killed an officer in years.”

All I can say is this…

What The Fuck?

Pup dawg heaven…

Sometimes people get the short end of the stick in life and sometimes… maybe even more so… so do dogs. They get thrown away… sometimes literally… and abandoned when they are just little pup dawgs with almost no chance of making it in this world… the odds are at least very long… when along comes an angel that picks them up and gives them heaven on earth instead of hell that some asshole had callously determined was to be their future.

Like… when someone found a little pup dawg wandering aimlessly in the Savannah Bananas’ parking lot… they took her to a vet who found the dog with no tags or microchip… so… someone did the right thing and gave the pup dawg a life.


The Savannah Bananas (Georgia, of course) is a baseball team in a collegiate amateur league… and… recently a staff member found this pup dawg wandering in  the parking lot where they play their games… after being checked out by a vet and it was determined the dog was indeed abandoned… team prez… Jared Orton took her in and dubbed her Daisy. Daisy is now the official bat dog of the Savannah Bananas and she has a lifetime contract with the Bananas… and all the treats she can handle.

Plus, a great big outfield to run around in.

Pup dawg heaven…

What’s compassion got to do with it?

In a photo posted by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, on the department’s Facebook page, Officer Tim Purdy can be seen sitting on the ground with an autistic high school student.

Purdy was there due to the fact cops were called by school officials that the teen left he premises and that he may be suicidal.

A statement on the Facebook page said, “Due to the young man’s neuro-developmental disorder, he also had a history of displaying violent behavior. In order to build a connection with the young man, Officer Purdy sat next to him on the ground, talked things through and even got him laughing.”cop helping

They also said, “There’s more to policing than making arrests and enforcing the law.. Sometimes taking those extra little steps makes the biggest difference in someone’s life.”

Yeah… the difference between life and death…

The department stated that because of Purdy’s compassionate approach, the student was able to get proper assistance as opposed to the situation becoming escalated.

Damn skippy… and, this shit needs to be done more often…this is what good policing should be all about… negotiation and compassion before ever resorting to any type of violent actions.

Cops are also supposed to be peace officers… they should be all about keeping the peace They prevent violence when they can and the methods they employ to do can be through peaceful means rather than violent or brutal means.

This cop took in all the info he could… then took the time to care…to help a person who was in need… and then made them smile instead of aggravating their fear and having a bad situation careen out of control so that who knows what could have happened…

Not every situations demands a cop to come on the scene with his/her hand on their gun… not all situations need the badass cop riding into Dodge with hands on weapons yelling to settle your ass down or else…

Sometimes a little compassion does go a long ways… and a achieve stuff that you may have never thought could occur.

Shit does happen and it all don’t have to be bad.

This is what hate is…

Early in the morning on Firefighters were called to a Philly motel fire. Once they located the source and put it out they found a woman’s burnt body laying face down on a bed.

Detectives recovered surveillance video of a man filling a coffee cup with gasoline from a nearby service station and then taking matches from the register. They also recovered surveillance video from the motel that recorded the same man entering the room he had been sharing with the victim. Within an hour after the time of that video the fire was burning intensely.Motel-Arson-Fire

Once they spoke with motel management they were able to positively ID the man who rented the room as the one in the videos.

After locating the dude and fining him with burns on his hands and reeking of gas they busted him for arson and murder.

A cop spokesperson said, “We believe she reached out to him and yelled his name and he left her in there to die.” The spokesperson also told media peeps that the suspect allegedly confessed to the act in a phone call to his mother and saw her face before rushing out the door and told his mother the victim “looked like Freddy Krueger.”

When cops removed the cuffed dude out of court Sunday afternoon he told reporters… “I lost it. I hurt someone I love.”

Ex…fucking…cuse me?! You loved her?

That is one strange mutherfucking kind of love you have there for someone, dude. You left her burning to die an agonizing and macabre damn death…

That is not fucking love, that is called hate… disrespect to infinity… the fury that rages inside of you? I pray I never meet. If there is a hell, then may the devil take a special interest in your ass and all others like you.

Plus, you not only murdered this woman… you endangered countless others because of your setting that fire in that motel. Luckily… yeah, some luck… but… luckily the other folks involved only had minor injuries with some smoke inhalation.

Love? You have no idea what that word is even about…  asshole…

Gators: 2… Escaping dudes: 0

Dude down in Florida was running from cops… he jumped a fence and tried to swim away… only one problem fence had a sign that said alligators were in the waters…

A gator chomped on his arm and took it off to about the shoulder.alligator

The dude was taken to a health center… his arm was still reported among the missing… probably because it was in some gator’s belly.

In November, another dude…a suspected burglar… was hiding from cops and wasn’t so lucky… an eleven foot gator ate his ass while he tried hiding in a swamp.

Note to Floridian dudes running or hiding from cops… escaping criminals… you live in Florida… there are a lot of water sources down there and in many of them water sources there are these big… sometimes ginormous…  reptilian things that are called alligators that have these long fucking snouts with some really damn sharp razor type cutting teeth.

Do yourself a favor… stay the hell out of the water and just give your ass up. Either that or take your chances and ya might become a gator’s version of fast food.

It’s your choice…

The cause of death was…

Recent news item in the NYDN… Dude got shot in the chest while the car he was driving then flipped over.  Someone called 911 and rescuers arrived and tried to do whatever they could… they rushed him to a hospital… he died…BMW

Then the article ended with… “A city medical examiner will determine the cause of the death.”


Off the top of my head… I’m gonna go out on a shaky limb… and say… it was the big hole in chest that was caused by a bullet, or bullets, that caused his death.

Ya think?

Another thousand words…


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