NFL Roundtable: Best Buffalo Bills Player

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable! Still waiting on the Season, so lets talk most improved, and who is the best Buffalo Bills player of all time, as Bruce Smith is getting his number retired.

1. Raiders seems to be deadset on Vegas. What should Oakland do now?Raiders

Earl: Oakland has no chance of keeping the Raiders, because the City of Oakland is making no effort in giving them a deal to stay. Oakland is not making any move to build a new stadium or even acknowledge that the Raiders (and the Oakland A’s) play in a dump. With that said, the Raiders need to move. Since Los Angeles appears off the table, why not Las Vegas? Easily accessible to the Raiders fan bases in Northern and Southern California, and the City of Las Vegas appears to give the Raiders all that they need in order to get a stadium built.

Jim: They should understand that the team keeps leaving because they are Oakland.   There’s just not enough city to support an NFL team.  The As should move to Vegas too.

Joe: To paraphrase a Sinatra song… Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today.
I want to be a part of it, Las Vegas, Las Vegas…
In other words… begin lobbying among the owners for the necessary 24 votes he needs to get authorization to move the team. Then have the onus put right on the commissioner.
If, it all goes OK then the team should be allowed to move. The gambling aspect? They play in the London don’t they? Gambling is legal there… And?

Dan: They should move to Oakland. It’s apparent that they want to move there. The NFL will likely approve it as long as a stadium can get built and all of those details can get done. But they should move, they really want to, Las Vegas wants a team, Oakland doesn’t care about keeping their franchise apparently, go ahead and move on Raiders.

2. Bruce Smith is having his number retired by the Bills, where does he rank in All-Time Bills players?Bruce Smith

Earl: Number four on my list. I’d put Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and OJ Simpson ahead of Bruce to be honest. Bruce had an impact on the Bills franchise but I can’t put him ahead of those three.

Jim: Second behind Jim Kelly.   OJ used to be second, but murder eliminates you from the list.  Smith is clearly #2, and probably even #1 on many lists.

Joe: I would place him over QB Jim Kelly, RB OJ Simpson and RB Thurman Thomas… that leaves him as the team’s #1 all time player.

Dan: I’m not up to par on all the history of teams, especially the Bills, but I do know for a fact that he’s number 1 and I don’t believe it’s close. He is the all-time leader in sacks with 200. He won defensive player of the year multiple times, including in 1996 as a 33-year-old which isn’t very common for a defensive lineman. He was an absolutely amazing player & not Jim Kelly nor Andre Reed nor Thurmond Thomas are beating him.

3. After QB, what is the most important position in footballJosh Norman

Earl: Cornerback. If you need a good quarterback to get the offensive moving, you need a good cornerback in order to defend the opposing wide receiver. A top notch cornerback, an elite cornerback, is worth his weight in gold.

Jim: Head Coach.   Or if you’re a Broncos fan,  the executive vice president of football operations and general manager.  And if you’re the Bucs, the kicker. Trading up in the second round to draft one?  Most be critical.

Joe: It used to be RB… in fact, back in the day RB might have been considered more important than a QB. But, things have changed it the NFL.
I guess, if, QB is your most important position today, then WR is probably your second most important. Someone has to catch the throws that the QB is tossing… don’t they?

Dan: I have to say there are 2 and they’re both leader positions. The first is on defense and the leader of the defense. The position that calls the plays & usually runs everything including formations, blitzes, audibles, etc and that’s middle (inside) linebacker. The position tied with that is back on the offensive side of the ball. He’s the guy right in front of the quarterback who always touches the ball every play. He calls the protection audibles/plays. Re-directs other offensive linemen to where they need to go to move the ball. That is the Center. without a solid center, you have a shaky o-line and with a shaky o-line, the offense isn’t going anywhere & your quarterback is getting slammed.

4. Most improved team in the AFC?jax-jaguars-Helmet

Earl: I’m going to go with the Houston Texans. Yes, the Texans made the playoffs last season but I like the addition of Brock Osweiler. If Brock can be a game manager for Coach O’Brien, then he can keep that offense stabile enough for a very good Texans defense to win games.

Jim: The Miami Dolphins.  I’m going keep saying it  til it comes true. But honestly, it has to be the Jaguars if you look at the draft.  But… My real opinion is the Houston Texans.   They were already good, but I think the draft and free agency just might have moved them up to contender.

Joe: Without going into a lot of detail… Jacksonville.

Dan: In the AFC, I think it’s the Jacksonville Jaguars. Were they not only able to snag Jalen Ramsey (DB) in the first round, but they were able to get a top-10 overall player in the draft in Myles Jack in the second round. They had a fantastic draft with Mel Kiper rating them A+ overall. Another position to them was their free agency signings. They needed defense & they went out and got it with Tashuan Gipson at FS from Cleveland, Malik Jackson at DT from Oakland, Prince Amukamara at CB & Kelvin Beachum at LT to solidify the o-line while getting a RB in Chris Ivory. This team won their most games since 2010 when they won 8 games. Watch them make a push towards 8 this season.

5. Most improved team in the NFC?Chicago Bears

Earl: The New York Giants are a better team than their record was last season but their spending spree has fortified weak spots in their defense and the drafting of wide receiver Sterling Shepard will make their offense all the better. Look for him to be a breakout star (I’m calling it) this season.

Jim: Ladies and gentlemen, your CHICAGO BEARS.  John Fox is ready to rumble.  The team improved all over.   And it would be no surprise to see them lose the Super Bowl next year.  Sorry, it’s still John Fox.  But they could easily get there.

Joe: Same as #4… without going into a lot of detail… Chicago Bears.

Dan: This is a tough selection in the NFC. To me, it came down to the Bears & Buccaneers. While I don’t want to admit that Chicago had a great off-season, but they did. The only reason I didn’t pick them as the most improved squad is due to the loss of Matt Forte & Marcellus Bennett. Their draft was very good, but I think Tampa Bay did just what they needed to. They didn’t lose anybody of significance besides the retirement of Logan Mankins, but they can’t do anything about that. They signed DE Robert Ayers, replaced Mankins with G JR Sneezy, signed 2 corners in Brent Grimes & Josh Robinson and signed LB Daryl Smith. Their draft was very good in the top 3 rounds with Hargreaves in the first round, grabbing another Spence in the 2nd round for the D-Line & moved up in the 3rd round to grab the most accurate kicker in all of college football history in Aguayo to drill field goals. I’m really excited to watch him in the NFL & I think Tampa did a great job this off-season in try to take over the NFC South now that Josh Norman is gone in Carolina.

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