Movie Review: Kentucky Fried Movie

I have heard of Kentucky Fried Movie, of course, as the one that got John Landis the opportunity to do Animal House.

Funny thing is, these two movies could not be any different. Animal House is a tight little ship full of timeless smart humor that will still be watched a hundred years from now and broken down by people that love to laugh, the question is, can Kentucky Fried Chicken say the same thing?kentucky fried movie yen

Weeeeeeeel, not really. It’s a sketch movie, and those are always going to be hit or miss, the good ones do hit, some of the painful ones do sit there for a long time for no good reason. What Kentucky Fried Movie really comes down to is if you like the “feature” of A Fistful of Yen. It’s only a third of the movie, but it feels like it’s over half.

Counting the segments, there are 26, and well over half are legitimately funny, this movie could easily pass for an R-rated Saturday Night Live special- outside of the Fistful of Yen feature. Oddly enough, the shorter segments are normally better than the longer ones.

Bottom line, Kentucky Fried Movie is a little dirty, a little dumb, drags a bit, but ends before you get too bored. Donald Sutherland shows up in a bit role, as does James Bond Number 2 George Lazenby, and the best part is, again, the show keeps moving. I’ll go a 3 here, there is no real reason to dig this movie up or go out of your way to get it, but if you see it while flipping channels- and you know it’s not clipped, take a watch. I might have to take a look at Amazon Women on the Moon next to see what is better. I don’t think this movie really ages, though- if you have seen Enter the Dragon, you get the feature, if not, it’s a badly racist King-Fu knock-off.

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