Hello once again to all the wrestling fans out there and welcome to another edition of #ask7pound. This week we go back to Bash at the Beach 2000. Was the shoot between Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo a work? When was it decided that Booker T was walking out the World Heavyweight Champion?  This and much more.

Lets start off with a little bit of BAD NEWS


Here we are in May 2016…Fifteen years ago a momentous occasion was to have occurred as Eric Bischoff would have re-booted a brand new WCW in an event dubbed the Big Bang. The Plan was for WCW to shut down and come back with a vengeance as it had spiraled out of control by that point. I have some bad news to some legal manuevering and loopholes Eric Bischoff wasn’t allowed to acquire WCW with his group of investors and Vince McMahon was able to purchase it for next to nothing and the Big Bang never occured which gave us the Invasion angle. It would have been interesting to see a new WCW would have looked like back then.

 Did you know?

Did you know that in the long history of the WWE Hall of Fame, only one living person failed to show up for his Hall of Fame induction. That one person was Pedro Morales.


Here are the questions this week

Our good friend Eric gets us started.

Was the shoot interview between Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo a work, or was that a straight shoot moment?

hogan vs russo

It depends on who you ask. Vince Russo has gone on record and said that Hogan would not job to Jarrett so he took matters into his own hands and decided to screw over Hogan and embarrass him in front of a LIVE Pay Per View crowd. If you ask Hogan and Bischoff they will tell you that the story was a work, and they knew all along that Russo was going to do that, and they were laughing about it driving back to the hotel. What they did not plan on, was Russo going on his rant about Hogan, and basically ridiculing him in front of everyone. So I would think that it is a little bit of both. I reached out to my sources in wrestling, one of which was actually back stage when it happened at Bash at the Beach. He told me that the entire locker room was shocked, and could not believe what they were seeing. So it is known that if this was in fact a work, the wrestlers did not know about it outside of Hogan and Jarrett. This is a possibility. More likely what took place is that Hogan wanted to take some time off, and he agreed to do the spot where Jarrett lays down, Hogan gets pinned. He bashes Russo, and he takes some time away from the WCW. Then Russo, basically conning Hogan into doing this spot because he did not want him as his champion, then went on to bash Hogan in a legit shoot interview. So to answer your question, it was a work and a shoot all built up into one spot. Russo just expanded and spoke from the hip.

Bronson keeps us at the Bash at the Beach.

At Bash at the Beach 2000, when was it decided to put the title on Booker T? I remember that being a holy shit moment.


Okay jumping off the question we just discussed. I guess Booker T was told at the beginning of the show that he was going to walk out of Bash at the Beach as the World Heavyweight Champion. I completely buy this because WCW always changed things at a moments notice, and sometimes would not even have a show written until the day of the event, sometimes guys had no idea what they were doing until they actually went out to perform. This was one of the many reasons why WCW failed. Now this particular spot, where Booker T won the title, actually paid off for the WCW for the time being because it was unpredictable, and the following night on Nitro, it drew big ratings to see what this was all about. A lot of people even ordered the replay of Bash at the Beach 2000 because they wanted to see the title change take place. While the original buy rates for the event were sub-par, the replay did a lot better than anticipated.

Brian wants to talk transitional champions

You talk alot about transitional champions, so can you tell me how many times there has been a transitional champion in the WWE?


Okay so first I think it is important to determine what would qualify as a transitional champion. So my thinking is that a transitional champion is someone who wins the title, only to lose it to one particular person. This happened a lot back in the 70’s and 80’s, and even in the modern day. So Ill do my best to obliged.

I would say that Buddy Rogers was a transitional champion as he won the title on April 25th 1963, only to lose it on May 17th 1963 to Bruno Sammartino, he went on to hold the title for like 8 years.

Ivan Koloff defeated Bruno on January 18th 1971 ending his long reign before losing it to Pedro Morales on February 8th 1971

I guess they were not done with Bruno as champion, and they still were not going to have Pedro vs Bruno for a title change, so insert Stan Stasiak who defeated Pedro Morales on December 1st 1973, only to lose it to Bruno Sammartino on December 10th, 1973.

The Iron Sheik defeated Bob Backlund after Backlund’s four year reign on December 26th 1983, and he lost it a month later to Hulk Hogan on January 24th 1984.

They then wanted to get the title off of Hogan, but wanted him to save face, so they had Andre the Giant “pin” Hogan on February 5th, 1988 where he attempted to surrender the title to Ted Dibiase setting up the WWF title tournament at Wrestlemania IV.

While he had a slightly longer run than a typical transitional champion would. I would place Sgt Slaughter in this list as he defeated the Ultimate Warrior on January 19th 1991. He became champion only to have Hulk Hogan defeat him at Wrestlemania VII on March 24th, 1991, to have the Real American defeat the Iraqi turncoat.

Same issue occured with Hogan as they wanted to put the title on Flair in 1992, but did not want Flair to beat Hogan, so The Undertaker defeated Hogan on November 27th 1991, lost it back to Hogan on December 3rd, then Hogan was stripped of the title due to the controversial finish, setting up Flair to win the championship at the Royal Rumble.

Remember Bob Backlund? Yeah he was a transitional champion when he beat Bret Hart on November 23rd 1994, only to lose it 3 days later to Diesel on November 26th at Madison Square Garden in record time.

Bret Hart was a transitional champion when he won the title on February 16th 1997 in a Fatal Four way match, only to lose it the next night on Raw to Sid.

Fast Forward because we didnt see another transitional champ until Rey Mysterio won an 8 man championship tournament to win the WWE Championship defeating the Miz in the Finals, only to lose it to John Cena that very same night on July 25th 2011.

Finally, and this is debatable, but I think Triple H’s most recent run as champion was a transitional championship for Roman Reigns to get his Wrestlemania moment. I think that it was originally supposed to be Seth Rollins as the champion going into Wrestlemania to be defeated by Reigns, but due to his injury, Triple H stepped in.

What do you think readers? Am I missing someone? I know others were only champion for a day or even a week like Kane, and Vince McMahon just to name a few, but I think that was a gimmick or storyline change, not a transitional change as Austin lost the title to Kane then won it back the next night. Triple H lost the belt to Vince only to win it back a month later after Vince surrendered it.

Pete wants to know about casket matches

During casket matches, how do the wrestlers get into the caskets when they just appear out of nowhere, meaning when the casket is opened and no one is there, then they are there the next time.


Okay, so there are two things that happen when a wrestler appears inside the casket when it is rolled down to the ring. First and most obvious, the wrestler is already inside the casket when it is being wheeled down to ringside, and just waits inside until his queue is ready to jump out and attack. Second, and I think this answers your question, There is a compartment on the side of the casket usually that allows the wrestler to climb in from the side. They are usually hiding underneath the ring throughout the duration of the show until the match itself. This could be a long time, especially if it is in the main event. There have been occasions where a wrestler was hiding out under the ring for 3 or 4 hours. There are also times where the ring crew will bring down a box and place it against the ring and it would just appear as if they are making some modifications to the ring after a match, the wrestler may be inside and will sneak out a side door and crawl underneath the ring. It really depends on the show, and what the wrestler feels the most comfortable with. It is pretty cramped underneath a WWE ring, so it can be very uncomfortable under there for a long period of time.

Kevin (not Trevor’s brother) takes us home.

I guess this is a trivia question, but I am curious. Who was the first and the last person to appear on Piper’s Pit?

pipers pit

The first Piper’s pit was in 1984 and his first guest was Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff. He used this time to go on record that he was going to challenge Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship shortly after he won the title fromt he Iron Sheik.

The final Piper’s Pit was in December, 2014 with Rusev and Lana.

And just because this was a really short answer, here are a list of the most memorable Pipers Pits.

The Jimmy Snuka gets hit over the head with a coconut edition.

The Andre the Giant challenges Hogan for the title in a classic heel turn.

Honky Tonk Man hits Jake Roberts over the head with the guitar.

Who can forget the Pipers Pit at Wrestlemania V with Brother Love and Morton Downy Jr?

And then finishing off with the first time Stone Cold appeared on Pipers Pit at Wrestlemania.

Some great classic Pipers Pit moments, too bad we will never have another one again.

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