Movie Review: Captain America Civil War

Ok, let’s talk about the Comic Book storyline first, in Stamford Connecticut, a group of Teenage Superheros are doing a reality show, and one of the Villains has an ability to make himself explode and reconstitute himself. Over 600 people are killed, including a school. Since this is all about the children, Congress flies into action and passes the Superhuman Registration Act. Designed to basically make a list of everyone with powers, including secret identities.

Civil War Vol_1_1_VariantI have a small question, why is that a problem? We have had 13 Marvel Comicbook movies, and how many people have we seen that could take out a tank with no problem? How many could drop a fighter jet? How many could take a 50 cal round to the face? Exactly. In Avengers 2 we had two heros basically go through a skyscraper from the roof the basement, and KEEP FIGHTING. There are thousands of persons like that in the Comic books. I have not read the comics since the early 1990s and I would be willing to bet that I could name over 20 that could literally break the Earth, if not for our heroes.

So yeah, I’m pro-registration. I have read the Civil War, and the obvious bias of the writers did get more and more blatant to make sure their audience got the message they were presenting. Found it a bit insulting that a nice even storyline, where both sides could be correct, took a MONSTER left turn to use the Sledgehammer of plot that the Registration is bad, ok?

So I had a bit of a problem on how they could do that in a movie. I don’t think the message the writers push could be done a few hours and came off so heavy-handed that certain governments *coughChinacough* might boot it altogether.

So yeah, the movie gets around this in a really smart way. This time it’s the Scarlet Witch that ends up taking a villian who wants to blow himself up and ends up taking out part of a building. The world hates the Avengers, and with the results of Avengers 2, create the Sokovia Accords, passed by 117 countries to have the UN oversee the Avengers. (Fun Fact, the UN did this in the comics already.) Anyway, Captain America doesn’t think the Avengers should give up any self-control, but Iron Man is willing to give up some of the control to get along with the world, after someone shows up who lost a son in Avengers 2.

captain america civil war spidermanSo the Avengers pick sides . . .kinda. Captain America of course needs to protect his buddy, framed for the killing of Black Panthers father at a UN speech on passing the Sokovia Accords. That means he picks up the Falcon because that’s what sidekicks do. They bring in Ant-Man because we saw that in the end credits of Ant-Man, for no reason Hawkeye joins, and is back to a tier 3 guy. The final part of TeamCap is the Scarlett Witch herself, who has been basically kept at the Avengers Compound because the world hates and fears her- why they have the Sokovia Accords in the first place. Opposing them are Iron Man and his sidekicks  War Machine, and Black Widow goes to Team Iron Man for not really a good reason, as does Vision- who is a bit neutered here. Also added is the Black Panther- in one of the best Origin stories done in movie history. Thankfully he gets to skip that in his own movie. Added to that is the shoehorned introduction of Spiderman. I’m not getting into Spiderman, but I kind of hate the reason he is introduced, but once you get over that, I do enjoy this Spiderman.

So this is pretty dense, and better done than the comic version of Civil War.

Are there flaws? Sure. We have 10 Superheros, and so many are just tossed in. I’m perfectly fine with that, but if you are expecting Hawkeye to build on what he did in Avengers 2, not happening. If you want to see more about Vision, yeah- we get that, and something that people MY AGE are going to be all happy about with Vision. Ant-Man does little until the end, so Paul Rudd is kind of wasted. This is like a Survivor Series WWE Main Event, we are all just waiting on Winter Soldier and Captain America vs Iron Man and Black Panther- everyone else is midcard fodder just here to show up, do a finisher and move on. This movie introduces two of my favorite villains and then basically shits on them. I mean shits on them so badly I’m thinking we have a pre-Nolan Batman movie here. Especially one of them. captain america civil war ver40_xlg

Oh but what a match.

Civil War is an excellent movie. I do have a few gripes, but I’ll wait on that until after spoilers. I will say that this is a perfect 10-level movie, and even though it is a long movie, you don’t feel it. You don’t really get tired of it, and even though this is Captain America 3, Tony Stark does get his shots in, and we do get a good bit of his side of the story. You don’t exactly leave the movie thinking Stark is still 100% wrong. Some of the effort is a little forced, and even though the fights are a bit forced, especially at the beginning, but the personalities come out.
All in All, enjoy the movie, and make sure you watch it.

Spoilers Shead

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