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What’s up all you fans of wrestling. Welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. Did anyone watch the Ring of Honor Global Wars Pay Per View this past Sunday? WOW! That is all I have to say about that. Awesome night of action, and entertainment.  This week we will discuss that event, the Bullet Club and the newest addition to the faction. Does it make sense for both WWE and Ring of Honor to carry the Bullet Club name? Also we discuss comments made by Tommy Dreamer on how to book Roman Reigns. This and much more.


Power rankings

1.Roman Reigns– The WWE Champ is on a hot streak right now entering into Extreme Rules.

2.AJ Styles– AJ had a chance to take the champ out, will that cost him the championship at Extreme Rules.

3.Paige– A diva rarely gets on to the Power Rankings, but a pinfall victory over the Womens Champion gets Paige her first appearance.

4.Dean Ambrose– Has pissed off Y2J after destroying his 15k jacket.

5.Sami Zayn– A victory over the Intercontinental Champion gives Sami Zayn a spot on the PW.


this week


Here are the questions this week.

Adam Cole

Adam Cole was recently put into the Bullet Club during the Ring of Honor event Global Wars in Chicago. With Cole being a main event player in Ring of Honor, does this make the Bullet Club stronger?

Steve: It certainly does not make them weaker. I think this is a huge move for Ring of Honor to take arguably one of their best superstars, and align him with one of the most notorious factions in all of wrestling. I like this move, not only for Adam Cole, but I like this move for the Bullet Club as well. I look for big things out of this, and after the big turn against Lethal and Colt Cabana, I think this propels Adam Cole to the top of Ring of Honor. After that? The sky is the limit for Adam Cole. I will admit, I am a big fan of this kid, and I for one would love to see what he could do in the WWE, or NXT. I said before that Adam Cole can be the the next Daniel Bryan.

Josh: Who is Adam Cole?  Why would adding Michael Cole’s son to any club be the right move?

Todd: Yes! He is a great wrestler and to be aligned with the Bullet Club will just boost his career. Maybe one day he will find his way to the WWE because skies the limit for this dude.

Jim: Honestly, I don’t pay attention to ROH, because it is the worst wrestling I’ve ever seen.  There’s nothing that could make it worth watching.

Chad: Great addition for the Bullet Club cannot wait to see what Adam will become once he make the eventual jump to WWE/NXT


bullet club

Speaking of the Bullet Club, both the WWE and Ring of Honor have used the name the Bullet Club. What is your opinion on both organizations using the Bullet Club gimmick, and do you ever see any sort of alliance between the two companies?

Steve: Let me start off by saying that in no way shape or form will Vince McMahon align the WWE with Ring of Honor, or vice versa, I don’t see Jim Cornette having any part of the WWE. He has gone on record many times by saying how he hates the WWE, but I will say this, he knows his place, and he knows that he cannot compete with them. Score one for Jim Cornette. At least he is not like Dixie Carter in TNA. As far as using the Bullet Club name in both organizations, until it becomes a patented name, it really doesnt matter. I have a feeling that some time in the not so distant future, the Bullet Club members will all find there way to the WWE.

Josh: To date, I have never heard the term “Bullet Club” on WWE programming, just “The Club”…which interestingly enough they did the klique solute….According to your logic in these questiosn Steve, maybe they will align with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall….

Todd: Well to my knowledge the WWE has never actually used the Bullet Club Gimmick. It has been brought up several times by Finn Balor but they have never used it. This past Monday was the first time they acknowledge any type of alliance and they just called themselves the club. As far as an alliaance between WWE and ROH to quote Vince McMahon “not a chance in hell”. First of all that would be stupid on WWE part cause they don’t need help from anyone. ROH is doing pretty descent by itself too but still fall from any competition to WWE. After Jim Cornette’s comments after WWE released 8 of their superstars last Friday, gives me the idea that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with WWE. He said and I quote”Why is everyone so shocked @WWE fired @TheDamienSandow They need more room to hire hoes for total divas, can’t let wrestlers get in that way”.

Jim: They both use “Heavyweight Champion” too.  It’s just a name.  And I hope there’s no alliance.  Again, ROH is terrible.

Chad: I don’t see an official alliance between the two companies. As far as the use of the Bullet CLub. I don’t recall it being used in WWE at this point because of the ROH/NJPW relationship and co-promotion they can use it


Roman Reigns

Recently, Tommy Dreamer stated that if the WWE were smart, they would wait to turn Roman Reigns heel when Seth Rollins comes back, and then reform the Shield? Your thoughts?

Steve: Not a bad idea at all. At least then, the fans may actually get behind Roman Reigns as the WWE Champion if he was in the Shield. He was one of the most over wrestlers when he was with Ambrose and Rollins with the Shield, so turning him and having them reform the Shield would be a great move for the WWE, and Roman Reigns. I think it would be awesome to see this group get back together, as a heel faction, or shit, a face faction. They work well together, and would be best for business.

Josh: Incorrect, they should have turned Reigns heel at Roadblock.  Dean wins the title from HHH, then Roman comes down to celebrate with him, spears him in the middle of the ring, holding up the title….would have been a great moment, set up a great main event for mania, instead we got trash.  And now, we have Reigns trying to run this tweener gimmick, which he is no where near talented enough to pull off.

Todd: Let me start off by saying, I don’t think the WWE knows what they want to do with Roman Reigns. They want him to be a top babyface but then they have him face a more more popular babyface for the WWE World Championship. How does that make sense. Then you get a sense they might turn him heel but oh wait you team him up with his cousins the Usos who are one of the most popular babyface tag teams in WWE. I said shortly after Rollins was injured that after Rollins returned the Shield would reunite. I didn’t know if it would be babyface or heel. I have also heard that when Rollins comes back their could be a fued with the shield and the club.

Jim: I put as much thought into Tommy Dreamer’s ideas as I do what toilet paper I buy.  Isn’t Reigns already a heal?  The people hate him, right?  Don’t the people hate heals?  But if they reform the Shield, they’ll be proving what I say every week…they have no original ideals.  The Shield wasn’t a good idea, still isn’t, and hopefully is gone for good.

Chad: THey might as well use him as a heel he’s not working where he’s at now which seems to changing from to week to week. He’s the guy nobody to wants to watch . Eventually I see the shield coming back to fight the Club or Bulletproof or whatever they are going to call themselves.



The WWE has thrown out there that they are tentitavely planning on having a “War Games” style match at the Survivor Series featuring The Shield, and The Bullet Club. Would you be open to seeing a War Games match in the WWE?

Steve: Please WWE… Make this happen! I loved WarGames growing up as a kid, and have always wanted to see it in the WWE. Having the Shield against the Bullet Club in this kind of match would draw huge money for the WWE, and would boost the Survivor Series buy rates, as they would go through the roof. Do this, Im begging you.

Josh: If it is booked correctly, sure, but the matchup you are talking about means keeping Reigns face, or turning Ambrose heel, none of which I support.

Todd: Absolutely! This would be an awesome match and something we haven’t seen forever. This match would tear the house down.

Jim: Let’s see….The Shield…dumb.  The Bullet Club…dumb.  War Games between them?  WHY??????  Can we just have wrestling matches????  With good wrestlers??????

Chad: Yes, Please I’ve been reliving the WarGames Collection on WWE Network  and this match would be perfect for theses two great factions to square off in.


darren young

Will Darren Young’s “Make Darren Young great again” campaign along with Bob Backlund, make Darren Young relevant? Or is this just another comic stunt that the WWE is pulling?

Steve: I think they will try, but this will fail miserably. This is just a spin off of Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great again.” Im not sold on the fact that the Donald can make America great again, and I sure as hell am not sold of the fact that anyone, including Bob Backlund, can make Darren Young even relevant, none the less great. Now they state make DY great again? This confuses me, because to my knowledge Darren Young was never “great” in the first place. Seriously, what has he done? Tag Team Champion with the Prime time Players, but really that is all, he has been regulated to the lower mid-card level performer, and I don’t see him ever getting out of that category.

Josh: How can you make anyone relevant by associating them with Bob Backlund?  …It nearly destroyed Owen Hart….But seriously, and I might venture into controversial here but there is a CLEAR way to make Darren Young Relevant.  He is most known for being the first openly gay wrestler in the WWE.  Use that….discrimination, fear, who does and does not accept it – if written correctly, you could have some really captivating television.  But WWE won’t touch that stuff with a 10 foot pole for fear of upsetting someone, or offending someone.  They would rather give you Billy & Chuck.  Hell, if written correctly, that story angle could have WWE in the mainstream media the entire time it is running, and if Darren wins a major title, that is guaranteed to be front page news.  THAT is how you make Darren Young relevant.

Todd: Why would WWE do such a ridiculous segment like this. Darren never was relevant and never will be relevant. This is just the kind of crap that wastes time on Raw and Smackdown.

Jim: When was Darren Young relevant to begin with?  Anything with Backlund is comedy.  Anything with Young is comedy.  So this is certainly comic.  And hopefully quickly forgotten.

Chad: I just don’t see I always found him to be just another wrestler.

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