The Blog About Nothing 5/13 Edition

Welcome to the Blog About Nothing. We have come to the middle of May. That means we are nearing the end of the NBA and NHL seasons, and Major League Baseball is in full swing. I’d like to apologize for not posting last Friday. I did post a blog on Saturday however, and I encourage you to read it.

The Blog About Nothing that posted on May 7th was one of introspection. In that blog I sympathized and related to the rapper Drake. In last week’s blog, I admired how he can open himself up yet keep himself closed up. Drake says a lot without saying much at all, and I like that because despite this blog series, I feel I’m similar. I do not like opening up at all. Can’t stand it. As a friend once said about me, I’m an open book with chapters in invisible ink. I liked that. I appreciated that, to be honest.

Last week’s blog also closed out with my feelings on mothers. My own mother was not in the best of moods and spent Mother’s Day quietly. That was probably not what I was hoping for but as I stated last week, I’m just happy to have her still. I also spent the day reflecting on mother figures in my life that are and are not with me still. I’m a big believer in the African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child, because despite the great job my parents did in raising me, I know that they didn’t do it alone.Mother1

So, I thank my community that has gotten me to this point and I try to do my best every day for them. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. That’s life. No one is perfect, least of all myself. Even though an uncle of mine recently told me that I live life Christ like. High praise, for sure, but I’m not that. I don’t want to be. All I do is try. That’s all anyone can do every day: is try to be the best person they can be on that day.

Enough about me and promoting a blog from a week before. Time to move on to this week. I feel a little sad this morning. Why? I feel like we may have seen an end of an era when Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs were dismissed from the NBA playoffs by the Oklahoma City Thunder. Ironically enough, Tim was my Mom’s favorite player. She’s not much of a sports fan but she always liked Tim. Something about him I guess.

Me? I respected his game but as a Los Angeles Lakers fan I kind of hated him. Those Lakers-Spurs games of the early to late 2000’s were must see television. The rivalry has faded in recent seasons, but if this season was the forty year old’s swan song then I’m glad I have better memories to remember him by than the whimper the Spurs went out with.

No one expected a team that won 67 games in the regular season to crash out of the playoffs before the Conference Finals but it happened. Maybe their age caught up to them, or I have to give credit to Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and a really good Steven Adams of the Thunder. Truth is I have to give credit to Oklahoma City. Despite some worrying play at times in the regular season, head coach Billy Donovan has his guys on a high and even though I expect the Golden State Warriors to return to the NBA Finals, there might be a real good chance that the Thunder spoils those plans.

SpursTrioHat tip the Thunder for making it. A moment of silence for the Spurs. Pour some liquor to the curb for Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. Time moves on and so do we but I feel we are only about to begin writing the requiem for the San Antonio Spurs. Adios.

As I peruse the internet, I see that Kylie Jenner has broken up with Tyga. That has nothing to do with anything. She’s cute. Nothing more I got to add to that, but at least she has left a talentless rapper. Smart move for her. Not sure what she or her family has done to receive the fame and attention that they do but for her to be dating a broke and talentless rapper is a bad look. Hopefully she chooses better next time.

I don’t have much for you this week. If I’m blogging about Kylie Jenner that should prove that I have nothing much for you. I’m done.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Peace for you as well, EJ.

    In addition to the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” (which makes a lot of sense to me as a single parent, there is another one which applies. It is the Chinese “It is always easy to raise the neighbor’s child.”

    And to me, it isn’t a question of being open or not. If you are comfortable with yourself, others will be comfortable with you whether you are e. g. (emotion gusher) or e. d. (an “English dessert” type who freezes emotions and hides them in her/his belly).

  2. I always read your stuff but very very seldom do I comment. I should do more of that. You are a good person EJ.

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