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Hello again NBA fans! Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. It is official Stephen Curry becomes the first unanimous MVP winner in NBA history. This week we will discuss weather or not the Cavaliers can win a Championship by shooting the three ball, what are your thoughts about the NBA calling out the officials, and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Here are the questions:

Cleveland Cavaliers

Can the Cleveland Cavaliers win a championship by shooting the three ball like they did in game 2 of the Hawks game?

Todd: No! For the simple reason they have the worst defensive team left in the playoffs and everyone knows offense wins games but defense wins championships. The two best defensive teams are sitting in the Western Conference and are on a collision course. The Cavaliers are playing good but they have not played an elite team yet. They won’t get tested until the NBA Finals.

Steve: I will say this. The Cleveland Cavaliers are playing out of this world basketball right now, and if they can keep up this pace, they should be considered to be the favorites to win the NBA Championship. Yes, over Golden State. Yes, over San Antonio. The trio of James, Love, and Irving are playing extremely well, but you cannot overlook one J.R. Smith, once he starts hitting threes, you can say game over for the opposition. With that being said, the competition in the East is no match for what is out West, and it will likely be a different story come June, but they are playing the best out of all the playoff teams, and should have an easy ride to the Finals.

Dan: I think that they can but they’re going to have to get extremely lucky with their opponent as well as being consistent with shooting. They need to not only shoot the 3 like that, but also shoot inside the arc very well too. Against the Spurs or Warriors, I believe their whole game needs to be on point but they do fare a much better chance this season with Love, Irving & LeBron instead of just LeBron.

Chad: If they shoot like that then yes they will the NBA championship will they continue to shoot like that I doubt but LEbron, Kyrie, K-Love, and JR Smith I would not want to try to outshoot that if I’m ANY team left.

The NBA has been very outspoken about how the officials have missed crucial call in the last few seconds of games this post season. Do you agree with them calling out the officials like this?

Todd: Well, to me it doesn’t make much sense. After they broke down all the missed calls in the last 13.5 seconds of the Spurs-Thunder game I was ok with it.  The only thing we saw on T.V. was the obvious elbow by Waiters but there were 4 other calls that could have been called that were not, that could have changed the outcome of the game. I don’t see the point in calling out the officials because it don’t change nothing.

Steve: Let’s be real here, these officials are officiating like they just came from a girls high school basketball game in Dover Delaware. Okay, that was mean to all the good people of Dover, so let’s go a step further, my seven year olds pee wee league. These guys absolutely suck, and they should be called out and embarrassed for what kind of game they are calling. I mean just an example; the no call at the end of Game 2 Thunder vs Spurs? Seriously? I am not a Spurs fan, and I liked the outcome, but come on, that was the most ridiculous no call I have ever seen in my years of watching the NBA. So yes, they should be criticized and never be allowed to referee another playoff game. They should all be fired and sent down to pee wee leagues, and they can hire some good referees.

Dan: Yes, I think the NBA needs to do that. There have been a lot of horrible calls in years’ past & the NBA has had enough. They also have to face a lot of turmoil over fans & non-fans continuously calling the NBA rigged & set-up. The NBA is trying to show the world that their games are not rigged by calling out extremely poor officiating. I don’t think it’s working for a lot of people, but it’s something they needed to do.

Chad: Absolutley they should be criticized for their performance. It shows that the NBA is trying to rig anything as they have been accused of doing in the past. The officiating is terrible and the league has every right to call out the officials on their terrible performance.

NBA Finals

What we have seen through the playoffs so far, which teams would you pick to go to the NBA Finals?

Todd: I am going to pick the Miami Heat because I refuse to pick any team with LeBron James. In the West I am gonna pick the San Antonio Spurs regardless if Steph Curry comes back or not. I just think they are the better team.

Steve: I have already said that I think Cleveland is going to role right into the Finals. I wouldnt be surprised if they lost more than 1 or 2 games in route to the Eastern Conference championship. That being said, the West is a little more tricky. As of right now, I am going with the San Antonio Spurs. I am going to change this pick if Stephen Curry comes back for this potential series. So my pick is San Antonio in 6 without Curry, Golden State in 7 with Curry. Then whoever wins that series wins the NBA Championship over the Cavaliers in 5 games.

Dan: The Cavs have the East locked up. I can’t see another team beating them out & I don’t think the Raptors having enough in them to beat out Cleveland, especially with how they’ve been playing in round 1 & 2. In the West, I like the Spurs. I said this at the beginning of the season & I’ll say it again: The Spurs will win the NBA Championship. They have a great line-up, they’re feeding the ball down low & getting great inside play. They’re shooting well & they’re hot in the post-season plus an EXTREMELY large poor of playoff-experienced players including the coach. I think they’re better than the Warriors, despite what records show. I believe Curry is going to have problems this post-season & try to rush back too soon & be stuck for the Western Conference Finals with missing a couple of games. While I can’t use injury to predict, I don’t think the Warriors, WITH Curry, are beating out the Spurs. San Antonio got this.

Chad: I’m sticking with my preseason picks of Golden State and Cleveland these two I believe will be the class of their leagues and have a finals rematch with a fully healthy Cleveland would make a great 7 game series


Would a sixth title cement the legacy of the Duncan-Popovich era?

Todd: If Duncan were to retire after this season, this would be considered the greatest run by a coach/player in NBA history. I mean 19 years of 50 plus wins and making the playoffs every year with 5 NBA Championships. They don’t need a sixth title to cement their legacy, it would just add to it.

Steve: You mean it has not already been cemented? This is the best run of any NBA team in consecutive years that I have ever seen. It started in 1998 when I think the Spurs won like 58 games, this was the year they won only 26 games and got the top pick in the draft and selected Tim Duncan. Ever since then, the Spurs have been on a terror in the NBA, making the playoffs year after year, and many times making it to the Western Conference Finals or better. They have five rings already, a sixth title will not cement their legacy, as I think it is already etched in stone of what they have accomplished. A sixth title will just put that illustrious stamp on the run and legacy of the San Antonio Spurs.

Dan: I think their legacy has already been cemented but a sixth title will definitely enforce the cement & maybe add a firmer stand to that legacy. They’ve been a fantastic duo & I believe it continues. It’ll be a sad day to see Duncan retire. It’ll be weird not seeing him, Parker, Ginobli all with the Spurs. When all three retire, it’ll be a weird team. When Popovic leaves, it’ll be a crazy day in San Antonio along with the rest of the NBA. Their legacy is absolutely incredible & what they’ve been able to do in the regular season with their streak of 50-win seasons & the playoffs, just unheard of. They’re a TRUE once-in-a-lifetime duo.

Chad: How is not cemented? 5 rings; the streak of 50+ win seasons; Popovich the best coach in the league right now. A 6th title just adds to what is a dominating run in the history of Sports. I think of the Braves of the 90’s as the closest run with all of their division titles as being as dominating the Spurs have been.

How long before the Pacers hit the lotto?

Did Larry Bird make the right call in letting Frank Vogel walk?

Todd: First off they made a terrible decision by not renewing his contract. I mean the Indiana Pacers made the playoffs 5 out of the last 6 seasons. Larry Bird is dead wrong about a coach should only be with a team 3 years. Look at Popovich, he has been with the Spurs for 20 years and they have made the Playoffs 19 of them with 5 NBA titles.  Not to mention the way he notified Vogel, by phone. Are you kidding me? Why not just sent him an email or text message? What he didn’t have the balls to tell him in person.

Steve: The way this question is worded makes me feel like Frank Vogal left the team. Come on now, he was fired. Bird came out and told the world that he was not firing Vogal, he was just not renewing his contract. That means the man was fired, and he was not going to bring him back. Bird also said that as far as he is concerned, the life span of a head coach in the NBA is three years, before the team starts to stop listening and paying attention to the coach. I strongly disagree with Bird, as you have guys like Phil Jackson, Greg Popavich, and Pat Riley, just to name a few head coaches that have long spans with the same teams. So correcting this question, should Bird have renewed Vogal’s contract? Yes! The Pacers were a much improved team this year, and while they only got the 7th seed in the East, they took a heavily favored Toronto team to 7 games, and if this core of players stays together next year, the Pacers will be one of the top teams in the East. If they build around Paul George, this team can win a lot of games.

Dan: I don’t think so, but I do think that they can make it work. There is still the Grizzlies’ coach out on the market, they can snag a fantastic coach from a team that made a mistake in getting rid of him. But I don’t think it was the best move because most of the top coaches were off the market when they made the move. They made the playoffs & had a good series vs the number two seed in Toronto. If they snag Joerger then it’s the right call. If they don’t, they made a mistake. That’s just my opinion. They were too late to enter the coaching carousel. With Joerger most likely heading to Sacramento, it’s looking like the wrong call for Indiana. We’ll see what happens, though.

Chad: I think the question can only be answered when the Pacers and then you ask is this coach better than what we had. I don’t who would be available right now this is going to be a marked difference from Frank Vogel  not quite sure what Larry was thinking on that one.

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