NFL Roundtable: NFL in Africa Edition

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable, this week, we talk NFL in Africa, Bradford punching a clock, when should we start seeing season previews and more!

1. How about Sam Bradford showing up for work Monday and “withdrawing” his trade request?Bradford

Earl: Sam had no choice. The Eagles had nowhere to trade him and even though there are a couple of teams that could have used him, there was no clear place for Sam Bradford to go. So, Sam had no choice but to swallow his pride, return to Philadelphia and go get the money that has already been paid to him. It’s not a bad thing either, he will likely start until Wentz is ready and then he can move on to his next team.

Jim: He’s a fool to demand a trade or sit out.  He’s paid WELL, and he’s not very good.  Take your check, ride the bench, and please be quiet Mr Bradford.

Joe: Like he had a real alternative? He was signed to a two year contract…. albeit a real dumb over priced contract, but, it is what the Eagles do.  The team goes out and drafts a QB. Did he really think he was the team’s long term choice?
The Eagles never were going to trade him until they thought their draftee was first team ready. So, if he is as good as he thinks he is, his only choice is to go into the preseason and play as hard and well as he can and then he will earn the starting job for this year, and, if, he keeps it up for the year after, too. And, who knows, if, the Eagles do really well and make it deep into the playoffs, he may even be their starting QB for much longer. Stuff sometimes happens when you produce tangible results

Dan: It’s what he should do. Him withdrawing his trade request is just to save face & make him not seem like a whiny baby who wants to be the sole starter with no competition. For him to do everything he did & cause a big fuss makes it evident, at least in my eyes, that he has no confidence in his ability & believes that he’ll be the back-up this season. He obviously, to me, believes that he won’t win the starting job & has no chance which is why he put in the trade request & demanded to be moved. For him showing up to work shows that his head finally got screwed on correctly & dug out from his rear.

Chad: How about that; what’s the big deal Bradford will get hurt like he does and Wentz will be starting anyway

2. Should the  NFL draft have a rotating home?NFL: 2014 NFL Draft

Earl: Selfishly I think the draft should return to New York, but if that is not an option, then it might as well keep hitting the road. Philadelphia would be fun because their fans are some crazy savages, and Los Angeles would be nice because of the weather. However, if I had my choice bring it back to the City. Host it at Radio City Music Hall or set up Jacob Javits Center up real nice and keep the draft where it belongs.

Jim: No.  New York is where it belongs.  Why move it around?  Why invite people?  It’s a draft.  Pick your player, move on.  We’re done.

Joe: Meh… the draft was never all that much to me so I really don’t care what city the draft is held in… but… being a NY kind of guy, I think it needs to always be in Manhattan.

Dan: Yes, it should. In my opinion, they should have it rotate between NFL cities but I do believe it should be able to repeat. Green Bay is fighting for a bid in 2018 currently & will need to open up a little more hotels to hold everybody but it does bring a lot of revenue to the city. I would love to see Green Bay get the draft & I think it would be fun to see the draft rotate every year.

Chad: Sure why not I think it could like the All-Star Game in other sports to give each city a chance to host.

3. Ziggy Ansah wants to play a game in Africa, can you see that happening?Ezekiel Ansah

Earl: Why not? The NFL wants to expand it’s global brand and I can see a game in South Africa as something that can be done. It will likely have to be done in the preseason, or staged in a way that both teams can have time off before their next game, but I think if done correctly the NFL can host a game in Africa.

Jim: How about Ziggy focus on playing better and stop worrying about where the games are played?  No, there should be no games played in Africa.  There should be no games played in Japan.  None in London.  None in Canada.  None in Mexico.  The games should be played in a stadium one of the two teams playing call their “home field”.  Period.

Joe: Since, the dude is from Ghana, it’s not shocking that he would have the thought of playing a game in Africa. Hell, they had the Rumble in the Jungle, so why not a football game on the Ghanaian plains?

Dan: I can see it happening but I’ll be an old man (I’m only 21-years-old currently). It won’t be any time soon & I don’t see it occurring any time soon. Right now they’re still working their way into Europe. They won’t move or focus on another continent, in my opinion, until Europe is locked down.

Chad: Eventually it will happen but with the problems in that country I don’t see it happening for a long time.

4. Peyton showed up in Miami to talk with Tannehill. DO you think Manning might be looking at coaching?

Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning

Earl: Absolutely not. I think Peyton will be like his father Archie. Someone that has no problem lending his assistance to whomever asks, but I don’t see him seeking a high profile thing like coaching or television. Peyton to me seems like he’ll just float in and out of public consciousness and enjoy the rest of his life.

Jim: Peyton Manning will be an announcer.  He will not be a coach.  How can he possibly teach other players how to be good during the regular season and suck in the post season?  Who wants those lessons?

Joe: Naw… maybe he might get into doing some advisory stuff but I don’t think coaching is really where he will go if he stays in football. He strikes me as being more of a front office person… like Elway wound up.

Dan: I think he will. He loves the game & I can’t see him just up and leaving the game like that without having a part in it on the field each week as a coach. He’ll get an opportunity not this season but next and rightfully so. As a member on the sideline in Denver last year when he wasn’t starting, he was constantly coaching Brock Osweiler. He’s always been known to be a teacher in practice. He’s going to switch to coaching. Might be as a quarterback’s coach, but I believe he’ll land a head coaching spot.

Chad: I think Peyton would be great at helping and teaching young players I think he should be a coach.

5, When should we start seeing Season Previews?NFL Preseason

Earl: Late-July. Just before the start of preseason. For me the NFL should go on a bit of hiatus after the draft. Why? Between May and the end of July you don’t really get a lot going on in the NFL calendar and you’re basically just rehashing things until training camp opens. I’m not a fan of the year round NFL calendar anyway. Sometimes you need to miss something to keep your enthusiasm for it strong.

Jim: How about July?  One NFC and One AFC division preview each week of July.

Joe: Maybe, the second game of the preseason, if I had my way.

Dan: In August during pre-season. Any time other is too early, but closer to the season the better.

Chad: Season previews should not even start until every team has reported to Training Camp so July-ish

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