Good Morning Wrestling fans, and welcome to #ask7pound. I am your host once again Steve Hall and I am here to answer your questions relating to the world of wrestling. So what are the Uso’s talking about when they call people “Us” I have the answer. We get political again as Trevor gives his take on which wrestler he would like to see as Donald Trump’s Vice President? This and much more.

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Let’s start off with a little bit of Bad News.


I have some bad news…First I understand we are only about a week into the new era but if it is the same people on top and the same matches from before the changing of eras. Then it is not a new era it is an illusion made to make you think you will see something different but I am not holding my breath

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Who would Trevor choose as Donald Trump’s VP?


Here are the questions.

Jacob from Normal IL kicks us off with a question about the Usos

Every week while watching WWE, I hear the Usos refer to each other, and to Roman Reigns as US, or OOS, I don’t know how to spell it. What does “US” mean?


It is actually quite simple. The word “Uso” means brother or sister in the Samoan language. You often hear Jimmy and Jey refer to each other as US. You also hear them refer to Roman Reigns with the same term. So that is really all I can elaborate on this question, so this is a short answer, but there you go.


Marcus take us back to 1988 and Wrestlemania IV

I was reflecting back and watching the Battle Royal at Wrestlemania IV. Bad News Brown double crossed Bret Hart. Then Bret destroyed the trophy, and it seemed like we were going to have a Bad News Brown vs Bret Hart feud. However, I can’t remember them ever facing off. What happened with the feud?

bad news brown

While they never had a match on a Pay Per View, they did have several matches at house shows shortly after this occured. The WWE never really played much into it, as Hart was still a member of the Hart Foundation, and would still go on to Summerslam to face Demolition for the tag team championships that year. Keep in mind that back in 1988, the WWE only put on four pay per view events a year. Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, and Survivor Series. So this feud was not really shown world wide. They did have a few matches that were highlighted on Prime Time Wrestling, Superstars, and Wrestling Challenge which aired over weekends. They did not have Raw or Smackdown back then. If this had happened in the late 90’s, then you would have seen this match probably more that you would have liked. So yeah, they didnt really play off of the double cross on TV very much, but they did have several matches with each other after Wrestlemania IV.


Nathan wants to know about Drew McIntyre.

When Drew McIntyre entered the WWE. He seemed to be the next big star. What happened? He won the IC title, but then was regulated to the mid-card, and then embarrassed with 3MB. Why did he fail in the WWE? And now it appears that TNA is pushing him like he should be.


Yes, Drew McIntyre was dubbed the Chosen One when he debuted in the WWE, as he was hand picked by Vince McMahon as the next top star. He had the look, and the skill to be just that. He quickly became the Intercontinental Champion in his first year as a WWE Superstar, he had the makings to be a future world champion as Vince had predicted, and I think that was the original plan when he came in. So I did a little research because that is whave I love to do. So McIntyre never got into any trouble, he never got busted using drugs or any performance enhancers. The only thing that happened was back in 2012, during his run, he was given notification that his work Visa had expired and essentially he was being deported back to England. They played this off in a story line as well as Teddy Long, who McIntyre was feuding with over Long’s tenure as the General Manager. He told McIntyre that his work Visa expired and he had to leave the WWE. Since this really happened, Drew McIntyre was in fact deported back to England. He got his work visa renewed, and he returned two weeks later. After that, his run was pretty much derailed as he was regulated to the mid to lower card, then the ultimate insult came as he became a member of 3MB. He was ultimately released from his contract in 2014, then signed with TNA, where now he is one of their top stars…not that that really means much. Drew McIntyre could have been a huge star for the WWE, but when you have something that derails you, like an injury or a passport issue, even if it was just two weeks off, you can be pushed aside, and that is exactly what happened to Drew McIntyre.


Todd wants to know about Womens Tag Team titles.

With the evolution of the Womens division, and more and more female wrestlers coming up like Bayley, and Asuka. Do you think the WWE will ever bring in a Womens Tag Team Championship?

womens tag team

I don’t see this ever happening. The WWE had the Womens tag team championship before back in the late 80’s which basically were two teams, The Jumping Bomb Angels out of Japan, and the Glamour Girls. I don’t recall any other team that really challenged for the titles. So they discontinued the title only after a couple of years. A Womens Tag Team title would not go over well, as while you have some great women wrestlers, the brand is built around one championship. The women wrestlers simply dont have the staying power, and in order for a tag team division to work, they would almost have to deplete the NXT womens roster and bring them to the main roster. That won’t happen, as the women are much more successful in NXT. So that brings me to this. Why not test it out in NXT, you can definitely bring up more women wrestlers, and have a tag team division. If it works out in NXT, then I would see no problem with them bringing it up to the WWE main roster. I have been a strong proponent to a brand split, but not the traditional way. Have NXT basically be Smackdown, so it can give these young kids a chance on TV, instead of just the Network.


Frank wants to know about the Great Khali

We all know that the Great Khali is the greatest world champion of all time, but where has he been lately?

Khali  <———— This guy is the greatest champ of all time?

Khali actually opened his own wrestling organization called Continental Wrestling Entertainment. This started in February of 2015 in India. They held their first event on December 12th 2015.

Khali essentially left the WWE on good terms after wrestling his last match against Rusev in November of 2014. It is possible that he had the idea for his own organization as he started it just a couple months later. I would not rule out a return for the Punjabi Playboy. While he is old, he was still a draw and a site to see, even though his wrestling skills were horrible. People got behind Khali and were entertained by him. So I could see Vince bringing him back for a short contract in the near future.





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