MMA Roundtable: Fight Night

Gotta love a fever, sorry people, but Roni and I are back with another Roundtable in time for Fight Night ~David

1. Is Jones/Cormier II a big enough matchup to headline UFC 200?Daniel Cormier

Roni: Yes, it is.
And while it might not have the popularity of Conor fighting, I do think it is a better suited fight for UFC200’s main event.

David: I’d actually rather have this main event. Conor vs Frankie would be better than both matchups, but I like what we have better than Conor / Diaz II. Conor would have swallowed up UFC 200, and Diaz would have hated all the press and stuff. He’s more accommodating than his brother, but he still would have hated it. Cormier isn’t stupid, he’s a company guy, and Jones is used to all the pressure. I don’t think the fight itself is any better, as Jones is going to do to Cormier what he did last time, if he’s back to what he was.

2.Overeem vs. Arlovski, who you got?MMA: UFC Fight Night 26-Browne vs Overeem

Roni: Overeem for sure. And while I like Arlovski more, his chin is just too suspect.
Stipe Miocic KO’d him. eck, a zombie Travis Browne almost put him away!
He might be the better boxer, but this new Overeem is IMO the best version of Alistair Overeem we have seen, and I do think an much version that can take the title.

David: Overeem is the better fighter, and there is no reason he should lost this fight, but Overeem will sometimes drop a fight he shouldn’t. Arlovski  has a punchers chance, and if he takes Overeem deep or hurts him early, he very well could break Overeem down. I’ll take Overeem, but I’d take Overeem over anyone but JDS or CAIN, the problem is, he just doesn’t beat all those he should.

3. Stefan Struve vs Antonio Silva who you got?Stefan Struve

Roni: While both guys have fallen from grace into very hard times, I hope for Stefan Struve to get this done. Mostly because I think he can still do very well in the UFC HW if he fought smarter.
I would LOVE for him to move to a camp like Greg Jackson so he changes the way he fights.

David: Big Foot. He’s stronger, bigger and fights smarter. I love Struve, but he doesn’t always fight smart. I blame his coaches and Struve himself.

4. Are you watching the Ultimate Fighter?The Ultimate Fighter 23

Roni: No. I gave it up when they stopped bringing good prospects and serious trainers. Now it is more about “beefs” and unknown fighters who are so outrageous in the house that they get contracts because of it.
The idea was to give the best guy (winner) a contract with the UFC. what we see is that even those who lost get one, provided they do some stupid juvenile prank on the show.

David: I am, but not covering it anymore. I simply just don’t care enough anymore. It’s a simple plot that has been run into the ground. Here is my family, this is my last chance, I’ll die before I quit, yada yada. It’s repetitive, but the coaches are trying to make us care. Can we get a heavyweight season?

5. Is it time to give up the Fedor to the UFC news for good?Fedor

Roni: Who knows?
I would LOVE for Fedor to remain retired. But if he wants to fight, for as long as he is fighting, I would maintain hope.

David: Fedor needs to go somewhere else. He’s the GOAT heavyweight, but throwing in the Monster of the Month club in the UFC isn’t what he should be doing at this age. Let Fedor fight Randy at BellatorAARP 100 and then sign with ONE or something in Asia to fight decent guys until he gets bored again.

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