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Happy Friday everyone. Well Payback is behind us and we have a lot to discuss. There is a new era in the WWE, and its run by the McMahon siblings. Is this a good idea? Also, was Payback better than expected? We discuss the Enzo Amore injury and much more as the Roundtable panelists will Agree to Disagree this week.

Let’s start off with the Power Rankings

Power rankings

1.Roman Reigns- The WWE Champion was victorious in a fantastic match at Payback against AJ Styles, can he keep up the momentum in his rematch.

2.AJ Styles- Came ever so close to capturing the WWE title last Sunday, can he realize his dream at Extreme Rules?

3.Dean Ambrose- The lunatic defeated Jericho at Payback, but the feud is far from over.

4.New Day- Still the tag team champions, but there are a lot of teams gunning for them.

5.Rusev- The new number one contender for the US Title. Could Rusev’s career be back on track?


this week

1981 – Harley Race defeats Tommy Rich for the NWA World Heavyweight Title in Gainesville, Georgia.  This ended Rich’s reign after four days, and began Harley’s sixth NWA title run.

1987 – Curt Hennig defeats Nick Bockwinkel for the AWA World Heavyweight Title in San Francisco, California after Larry Zbyszko handed him a roll of quarters to knock him out with.   It would go on to be the only World title win of Hennig’s career.

1989- Ric Flair defeating Ricky Steamboat in one of the best matches in the history of wrestling to capture his 6th world championship.


Here are the topics of discussion, remember these are all Agree or Disagree based on the panelist’s opinion.


Agree or Disagree: Based on last weeks bold predictions, Payback was better than anticipated?

Steve: Agree. Actually I was pleasantly surprised on how well Payback was put on. The Main Event was really good despite not having any major events take place like a heel turn, or a Styles victory. The Intercontinental title picture looks promising as Owens and Zayn put on a hell of a match. The only hiccup of the night was the womens match, as it was a great match until the end, but I will touch more on that later on in his forum. I was impressed with the show as a whole, as I thought after the opening match issue with Enzo Amore, things may have gone south. They recovered nicely, and had a good follow match with Owens and Zayn. I give the night a 7 out of 10 overall.

Todd: I was disappointed actually. Probably not a surprise to anyone because I have been complaining about every pay per view for the last year or so. It started off in the kickoff show. How are we suppose to take Baron Corbin seriously if Dolph Ziggler beats him with a schoolboy pin. Really? WWE builds up to be a monster but he loses a match by a cheap pin. Makes sense! The Zayn-Owens Match stole the show. Best Match of the night and it wasn’t even close. The McMahon drama could have been done on Raw. There was no need for it on Payback, that was just a waste of time. The end of the womens title match was ridiculous. Is Charlotte ever gonna win on her own? She is starting to fall in the same category as Seth Rollins. The IC title match was good all the way up to Owens and Zayn getting on the apron and distracted everyone. The main event was garbage cause there was too much interference.

Josh: It was boring….SERIOUSLY, NOTHING CHANGED!!!  Same US champ, except now, after RAW, he will be feuding with Russian Ryback.  Same IC champ, and the same IC rivalry…didn’t we see a RAW match for the #1 contendorship between Owens and Cesaro last month?  Same Women’s Champ, same rivalry.  Same WWE champ, SAME FRICKING RIVALRY!  In fact, the match at Extreme Rules will be an Extreme Rules match, which is exactly the same as a NO DQ match, which is what their match at Payback ended up being.  Oh, and Ambrose and Jericho are still feuding.  Are the writers in creative so far out of ideas that they can’t change anything, at all?  Give us a swerve, something….

Jim: Somewhat agree.  There were a few highlights that surprised me.  There were also some disappointments.  But overall it was better than I expected.

Chad: Disagree, I didn’t really see anything out of left field except for the Screwjob finish which was just stupid it just an episode of Raw and not a good start to the new era.

Eric: Agree, I went into the show with low expectations and was kinda impressed with it. I really enjoyed the main event. Although I wanted to see Finn Balor debut on the main roster I still thought it was definitely the match of the night. Also that was scary what happened to Enzo, I saw that and all I could think of was when Rey Mysterio killed that guy. I’m glad he’s ok. All of the other matches were good also. I give it a 7.5 out of 10. Not a perfect event but definitely not Fastlane.


steph and shane

Agree or Disagree: The new era of the WWE being run by both Stephanie and Shane McMahon is what is “best for business”?

Steve: Agree. I think it could be if it is booked the right way. I like that you have two power authority figures that have a different aspect of how the show is going to go, so that could make for some entertaining moments.

Todd: Does it really matter? How much control do they really have? Are they just Vince’s puppets?

Josh: Meh…this is just setting up for a match at SummerSlam or Survivor Series for control of the company….Not like we have seen that before…. (Nexus, the invasion, Flair vs. McMahon, Teddy Long vs. Laurenitis, etc)  Another example of lazy, uninspired writing.

Jim: It provides someone to play opposite to Stephanie, so in that regard it is a good thing.  I’m just over her shrill Hillary Clinton voice.  I need some Shane O’Mac to balance it out.  Plus, he can actually get involved.  All she can do is slap people, which is so played out.  Seeing her speared by Reigns was one of the highlights of the past year.

Chad: Going back to the first question is it really a new era if the same things are happening and the same people are at the top. It’s like getting a GI Joe with a different gun it sounds good but then you realize its the same guy with a different piece of plastic.

Eric: Agree, I think seeing these 2 together will do some wonderful things for the business. Both of these 2 will push to make this business succeed for the next generation of fans to make sure they enjoy the product. I can’t wait to see what the future holds with having Shane and Steph in charge of the WWE.




Agree or Disagree: Stopping the match after the Enzo Amore injury was the right call?

Steve: Agree: I think it was absolutely the right call. From all accounts, the end result did not change, so it appears as if they did not lose anything as far as what they were going through with the story line. This was the same type of injury that ended the life of a Mexican superstar when he hit his head on the ropes, and was about to be the recipient of the 619 by Rey Mysterio. You had to stop the match in this incident. Yeah they made the right call.

Todd: Yes it was the right call. I mean they could have continued it with just Big Cass but it didn’t look like he was in any shape to finish the match.

Josh: Yep…

Jim: Of course it was the right thing.  It’s a show.  It’s not real.  Then this happens and shows everyone…IT IS REAL.  It’s just scripted.  And when real injuries occur, you stop the show and take care of the injured.  It’s easy for Cena to fight through a broken nose. Stupid…but that’s the easy part.  Dealing with a serious head injury means to come out of character and take care of the injured.

Chad: Absolutely Agree, Enzo did not look OK and the match needed to be stopped right then and there.

Eric: Agree, the man was legitimately hurt and they had no other choice but to stop the match. I think if they would have continued the match he could have gotten hurt even worse possibly death. That was the right call by the WWE. You can always have another match sometime, but that could have been the last match for Enzo.



Agree or Disagree: After the “Chicago Screwjob” at Payback, the Women’s division took a major step back?

Steve: Agree 100% Complete and utter BS if you ask me. You had a fantastic womens match between Charlotte and Nattie, and then they open up old wounds from 1997, while Bret Hart himself is standing at ringside. Now I am all but certain that this ending was not anything like Montreal, and I am sure that both Bret and Nattie knew what was going to happen. I think that it is a slap in the face to a true legend in Bret Hart, and it was absolute disrespect to the Hitman. Then they go out and have a great womens match on Raw between Becky Lynch and Emma, but all I could think was what a shame this was from Sunday night. Yes, the womens division took a step back after Payback, but not because of the competitors, but the writing.

Todd: agree 100%. That was the dumbest thing I ever saw. You can’t recreate something, it just is not the same. WWE dropped the ball on this one.

Josh: Are you telling me that WWE recycled an old storyline because they can’t come up with something new and original??!!???!!??  GASP!!!?!??!!??!  SEE MY SHOCK!!!???!??

Jim: I’m over and done with the women’s division.  They made the fight for the title, which could have been the headline match…about Ric and Bret.  So I’m just over it.  The damn WWE simply refuses to believe that the women can stand on their own.  They need men in their corner.  They need the men to fight.  They need the men to cheat for them to win.  I’m just over with the whole damn thing.  The WWE is wrong about this, and they are losing viewers because of this. We want real women wrestling.  Period.  We don’t need a champion for coming up on nine months that can’t wrestle.  A champion that need her daddy to cheat every damn time every damn week.  I don’t know if I’m saying this clearly enough, but the WWE says they read this every week.  Read this:  STOP CHEATING THE FANS WITH THIS SO CALLED CHAMPION.  We’re done with putting up with it.  Let the women fight.

Chad: Yes we went from showcasing great wrestling talent to re-hashing moments from 19 years ago brutal decision.

Eric: Agree, that was a total let down. I was hoping for another great wrestling match for the women like we saw at Wrestlemania but we got a screw job. Just when the women’s division starts to get good, this happens. It was a piss poor ending to a match. Let’s just hope that the rematch at Extreme Rules will end better than the match at Payback did.



Agree or Disagree: Rusev will win the United States championship and rejuvenate his career in the WWE?

Steve: Agree: Rusev’s career was rejuvenated after Lana came back into his corner, then it took another step back when he was with the League of Nations, my opinion? A complete waste of time for this faction, never the less, I am on the fence with predicting that Rusev will once again win the championship. So far, Kalisto is doing a great job as the champion, and is bringing some excitement to the championship with some great matches. Putting the strap on Rusev may do more harm than good, but I think he is talented enough of a competitor, that he deserves to be a champion in the WWE, if booked correctly.

Todd: yes, I think it is time for Kalisto to drop the title. Now that Rusev is not with the League of Dummies any more and has Lana by his side again, I think he will rejuvenate his career.

Josh: He shouldn’t win, but probably will.  Kalisto really hasn’t done anything with it, but then again, he hasn’t had a chance to as they won’t let him break away from the Lucha Dragons.

Jim: God I hope not.  He’s such a one trick pony.  But hey, as long as he beats Kalisto, and we don’t have to suspend all sense of reality to believe a dwarf can beat a 300 pound giant, I’ll be ok if Rusev wins this one time.

Chad: Disagree, I think Kalisto is the choice and Rusev is being as a replacement for Ryback

Eric: Agree and Disagree. I think he will win the US title, however he will be a transitional champion. That’s right, John Cena will be back soon and will regain the US title and we will once again have the John Cena US open challenge. That’s a pretty bold prediction but that is what I see happen. Rusev will win the belt but it won’t do anything for his career because he’ll be just a transitional champion to help build John Cena back up.

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