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Welcome to another edition of NBA Roundtable. Wow! Injuries really took a toll on this years playoffs. Well the Clippers gave it their best shot without their two star players. This week we will discuss can Golden State survive without Stephen Curry, was Reggie Jackson Playing hero ball, and so much more on NBA Roundtable.

Here are the questions:

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is expected to miss at least two weeks of the playoffs with a knew injury. Can the Golden State Warriors make it through the second round without Curry?

Todd: yes, they can beat Portland. It might go a few more games if Curry does not come back during the series but they will win the series. Hopefully Curry will make it back for the Western Conference NBA Finals so we can see the Golden State Warriors vs the San Antonio Spurs. The game for the ages.

Steve: Yes, they will be able to get by Portland fairly easily I think even without Curry. If he is unable to make it back before the Spurs or Thunder, then the Golden State Warriors are in big big trouble. There is no way they can beat either of these two teams without him. I would give them a fighting chance to take it to 6 games, but that would be it. The Spurs especially are just too tough to face without the Warriors superstar. Klay Thompson has proven that he can carry this team against teams like the Rockets, and I think will prove it against the Blazers as well. So they advance to the Conference Finals without Curry. Beyond that…I don’t think so.

Dan: I think Golden State can cruise right through Portland. They might go an extra couple of games because Curry isn’t in the line-up but I don’t think Curry is as big of a piece as he is made out to be. Yes, he will be missed & I don’t think they can get past San Antonio or Oklahoma City without Curry, I don’t see him as being missed in this Portland series. I saw how Golden State shot the ball against Houston without Curry. I’m not concerned & neither should Golden State fans.

Chad: Yes, they can make it through playing against the Blazers w/o Steph the real challenge will come in the Conf. FInals


A lot of people are say that in Game 4 of the Cavalier-Pistons series in the final seconds Reggie Jackson was trying to play hero ball. Do you agree with these comments?

Todd: Yes, he was. There was like 7 seconds on the clock when Detroit got the ball back with no timeouts with his speed he had plent of time to get all the way to the basket to at least get a better shot. Instead he tries to draw a foul on a three point shot or make a miracle happen. The golden rule is you go for the ti at home and the win on the road. I mean that was an elimination game. What the heck was he thinking?

Steve: I’ll be honest here, I didnt see it. So I am not educated enough on the issue. But I will say this; Jackson, being a professional athlete probably thought he had to take matters into his own hands. His team was down 3 games to 0 and they were in desperation mode. I wouldnt think he was trying to play the hero, he was trying to win the game, and he put that pressure on his own shoulders to do it. He probably felt like someone had to step up, as the Pistons just played like “PISS” against the Cavs.

Dan: I agree to a certain extent. While Reggie Jackson was trying to play hero ball, I feel as if he was just trying to step up his game to try to win against Cleveland & get Detroit back into that series. He had to be the leader & the superstar of the team & that’s what he was trying to do. While I think he was trying to play hero ball, I really have no issue with it.

Chad: He may have tried to play hero ball but I’m sure in his mind it’s win Game 4 to get to game 5 and nothing else really matters I have no problem with how he played down the stretch.


Los Angeles Lakers have hired Luke Walton to be their next head coach. Is he the right man for the job?

Todd: No! The Lakers have tried this before and it didn’t work out very well for them. First of all Luke Walton does really not have any proven success. Sure he took the Golden State Warriors to a 39-4 start but I could have done that with all the talent they have. The Lakers never had any one else on their radar at all. Mitch Kupcheck and Jim Buss should be fired. This is ridiculous. The Lakers need a veteran head coach not some rookie.

Steve: It is the right man for the job and gives Walton a “Golden” opportunity if I can use that term. However, it is the wrong move for Walton. The Lakers are in such disarray right now, and being that this will be Walton’s “first” actual head coaching job, not taking into count the 42 games he coached the Warriors this year. He could be set up to fail in Los Angeles, as I don’t see the Lakers doing much of anything over the next couple year. Now, if they give Walton a fair shake, and let him try to turn it around, and not can him after a year of a 20 win season, then it is the right move for both. Great opportunity for Luke Walton, but I just feel the Lakers is the wrong fit for him, because they are not patient enough to stick with him if times continue to be tough.

Dan: I think they could’ve gone with a different option had they gotten rid of Byron Scott earlier but under the circumstances & who was available when they made their moves, I feel like he was a good fit. He is a little overrated due to the success that Golden State had under his leadership but the team didn’t play so well by themselves, the coach does help. I think he’ll be fine in the development of the young players in Los Angeles & will help get the Lakers back on track where they should be.

Chad: Luke Walton agreed to coach the LA Lakers so from the Lakers perspective of course he is the right man for the job the team will still be rebuilding and attempting to get better in the West.

Mark Cuban

Owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban Stated that Russell Westbrook was not a superstar. What are your thoughts on his comments?

Todd: I hate Mark Cuban. He is a jackass. I am not too fond of Russell Westbrook either but him not being a superstar. Are you kidding me? Westbrook had 18 triple doubles this year, which is the most since Magic Johnson back in 1982. he was 2.5 rebounds away from averaging a triple double for the year. That is just a ridiculous statement.

Steve: I love Mark Cuban, but he is just looking to make headlines and keep the Mavericks, and himself in the spotlight. Russell Westbrook is a true superstar in the NBA, there is no doubt about it. You don’t get that many triple doubles in a career for most players as Westbrook had this season alone. He can lead the Thunder along side Durant to big things, and already has a Finals appearance under his belt. If this team stays together, the Thunder will win a championship very soon.

Dan: Mark Cuban is wrong. Point blank period he’s wrong. Westbrook & Durant said it correctly: He’s an idiot. Any stat sheet will tell you different. Watching him play will tell you different. He just was mad at what Westbrook did to his players & how he treated the Mavericks in the series. Also was mad they lost. Needs to not say stupid things while being mad, they come back to make you look stupid.

Chad: I disagree with Cuban. Westbrook is a top 10 player and a triple-double threat every night that to me makes you a superstar.


With Watching the series between Golden State and Houston especially game 5, would you say that James Harden was a actually a bigger problem than Dwight Howard?

Todd: I don’t know. I see the whole team as a problem during this series. Like in game 3 when James Harden hit the game winning shot, the only person that got excited about it was Clint Capella. You see other teams during the game cheering each other on when their teammates do something good. You didn’t see that with the Houston Rockets. James Harden did score 18 of the 20 points of the game, the problem is Golden State had 35 points by then. He wouldn’t pass the ball and most importantly he doesn’t play defense very well. My 14 year old nephew could probably take him to the hole. I don’t think Harden has the passion to play the game.  

Steve: No one, and I mean NO ONE is a bigger problem than Dwight Howard, James Harden simply did what he had to do to try to get his team to a Game 6. With the Rockets backs against the wall, in Golden State. Harden said give me the ball and I will do everything in my power to win this game. While it didnt work. I didnt see Dwight Howard trying to step up and take the ball. Howard will likely be out of Houston next year, and I will predict it here, the Rockets will be back to what they were last year, and be competitive again.

Dan: I don’t think so. I think his non-defense playing self was an issue but not his offense. Both players are issues. They’re selfish & just don’t click together as a team. James Harden needs to correct some issues this off-season (something I don’t think he’ll do- just like playing defense, something he won’t do) & Dwight Howard is likely picking a new home this off-season. So we’ll see how each player does next season with regards to their play & see if it was just them not being able to play together or if it’s each other’s individual problems.

Chad: We’ve all known that Harden is a liability and in an important playoff game last year he had something like 11 TO. From my point of view at least with Howard you know what you are getting but with Harden’s aggressiveness you never know.

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