NFL Roundtable 5/3 Post NFL Draft thoughts

Welcome to the Post-NFL Draft  Roundtable! If you have questions you would like answered, post them below or on out facebook page!

1. Who had the best draft?Browns

Jim: Based on pure talent, The Jaguars.  Ramsey and Jack will start immediately on defense, and the rest filled much needed holes.  Based on propelling someone into a real contender…Cincinnati.  They got solid value with every pick, and improved at every position they drafted.  Too bad they’re coached by Marvin.  Such a waste of great talent.

Joe: Ohio State?
I don’t really follow the draft deep enough to feel qualified enough to answer this question. Besides, without any really standout players at the money positions, I don’t think it’s possible to answer this question until about 2 to 3 years down the road.

Earl: The Cleveland Browns took a lot of players but they needed a lot of players. Drafting 14 players is huge but if at least 10 of them stick on the roster and about 7 or 8 of them contributes next season then it was all worth it.

Dan: The best draft goes to the Packers & it’s not because I’m a Packers’ fan. Okay, maybe a little but I truly believe they did the best job assessing their needs & taking advantage of what was out there that fit their scheme. They got Kenny Clark out of UCLA who will replace BJ Raji at NT perfectly. They picked up Lowry who is an ideal fit in their 3-4 defensive scheme at end. Trading up to get Spriggs out of Indiana was a fantastic move for the offensive line which they need depth & help at to protect Rodgers & give him more time to throw along with creating holes for Lacy & Starks. With the news of Clay Matthews moving back to OLB, they went ahead & got two ILB with Martinez/Fackrell combination which is great. They didn’t need a TE with the signing of Cook & Rodgers as back-up & they should’ve gone to get a DB for depth, but there really wasn’t any need & with the choices they got, they did a fantastic job.

2. Who had the worst draft?stl-rams-helmet

Jim: Because I love the Bucs, I won’t kill them too much for trading up to pick a kicker in the 2nd round. Every fantasy player knows kickers are still there in round 8.  Plus, they already had a world class kicker on the roster.  Just stupid.  So the title goes to the Philadelphia Eagles, who had simply traded away all their picks. When you only get two in the first 79 picks…and then not again til 164…you get what you get.  Wentz is the real deal.  But the rest are….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Joe: Laremy Tunsil?
See my answer for question #1. I think the same thing applies here, also.

Earl: I’m looking at the 49ers on this one. I don’t get trading back into the first round to take a guard that could have been available as late as round three. The Niners made a few picks like that and I think they threw away a good opportunity to improve the team.

Dan: The Los Angeles Rams. I feel like they paid too much of a price to go get Goff when they really didn’t give him the tools that he needs in the draft. They failed to get any O-Line help, they reached at their second pick in the draft with Higbee for TE when the better projected TE was picked two rounds later by them. They failed to get any secondary help. With only six picks & giving up so much for their quarterback they wanted, it’s going to be a rough year for LA in their new location.

3. Thoughts on the Tunsil tumble?Laremy Tunsil Smoking A Bong

Jim: Stupid stupid stupid…of the teams.  Just remember, Warren Sapp was supposed to be a #1.  He fell to Tampa at #12, because he smoked some pot.  He’s now in the Hall of Fame.  Tunsil will be too.  He’s just that good.

Joe: Although, I think somehow someone hacked his accounts to post the pictures of him that ultimately led to his tumble… the moral the story is: If you’re a really, really, really good player in college with aspirations of playing in the NFL and going as the highest possible draft choice to maximize your payoff then don’t do stupid stuff. Word is that his tumble cost him in the neighborhood of $10 mil.

Earl: I feel bad for the kid but he shouldn’t be recorded smoking weed through a bong and that text message chain looking for money was a bad look. Maybe this is his former stepfather’s revenge on him but I got to place blame on Laremy for even putting himself in the position to get exploited.

Dan: Nothing more than an unexpected draft twist. While the two issues popped up with a video of him smoking marijuana & some evidence of him stealing money from coaches at Ole Miss, it’s not really an issue & I feel as if there was a reason that writers & fans didn’t know about that teams apparently did. It wasn’t just overnight or the day of the draft that he fell. He was falling for a while. But I feel as if Miami got a great player while drafting him.

4. Do you think the Jets are cutting ties with Ryan Fitzpatrick?Jets2013

Jim: You don’t pick Hackenberg, a big talented quarterback, at #2…because you love your current QB. So yes…they’ve given up on Fitz.  Somebody will love getting him though.

Joe: Nope. Do I think it’s possible they do that eventually? Yep. However, right now, they still feel they need him so they can develop/locate a franchise type QB for the long term. But, if he keeps holding out for what he considers top money for his abilities then he does have another think coming. The Jets will go elsewhere or play the cards they got.
Geno prays for that every night before he goes to sleep at night. It’s his only chance to stick with the Jets.
And, as a side note… I have big questions regarding their choice that they made with their second pick. They liked Hackenberg over Cook? Like I said in my 1st answer… it takes time before we see if a draft is good or bad. But, still… maybe the Jets should just pass when it come to picking QBs in the draft. Their history regarding those picks really, really sucks.

Earl: No. Not at all. The Jets are playing hardball with a player who is over rating himself after one good season. Fitzpatrick isnt worth more than the $7 million or so that’s being offered to him.
As far as Hackenberg goes, I like the pick. He wasn’t drafted to be the week one starter but if he can push the other QBs on the roster then the pick is worth it.

Dan: Yes, I feel as if they are. Fitzpatrick said he would rather retire than take the offer the Jets are making. The Jets don’t want to go up. The Broncos, who were desperate for a quarterback didn’t even want to give him what the Jets were offering. He’s either going to go down & take what the Jets are trying to give him or he’s going to retire. The Jets drafted a quarterback in the second round, they’re not going to sit & play games with Fitzpatrick. They need a quarterback now so they’re going to take advantage of their draftee.

5. Over/Under 1250 yards for Elliot?Dallas Cowboys

Jim: Under.  Way under.  Welcome to the NFL rookie.  Under 1000.

Joe: Considering that if a runner averages just 78.2 yards he will surpass that 1,250 mark… I take the over. With some deep trepidation… it is the Cowboys after all.

Earl: Under but not because he isn’t good enough to get that many yards. The Cowboys have a great offensive line but they also have a ton of running backs. For that reason alone I don’t think Elliott gets to 1,250 but he’ll have a good season.

Dan: I have the over. I feel as if the Cowboys are really set on this guy & he’s expected to be a fantastic player. I’m going over 1250 yards & I feel as if he’ll come close to the 1500 mark in his first season.

6. Is Paxton Lynch a day 1 starter?Denver Broncos

Jim: HAHAHAHAHA, give me a break.  He’s not a YEAR 1 starter.

Joe: No, he needs some time to adapt his skills to the pro game.

Earl: No. The Broncos would be better served going with Sanchez and asking him to manage a game. For all the crap Sanchez gets, from me in particular, he’s not a bad QB. If the Broncos can get the run game going and play great defense, Sanchez can get them back to the playoffs at least.

Dan: Yes, Paxton Lynch is a day one starter especially in Denver. They don’t have anyone else at the quarterback position so I’m kind of confused as to who else could start in place of Paxton Lynch so I have to give him the nod as Day One starter in Denver.

7. Were you surprised that Myles Jack fell so far?jax-jaguars-Helmet

Jim: You tell people the day before the draft that you need microfracture surgery SOON, and you then expect to be #1?  Sorry, but no, I wasn’t surprised.  He slit his own financial throat.  He’s still a beast though…and Jacksonville got a steal.

Joe: Not shocked… I think some teams had questions about his knee and shied away from picking him.
Having said that… I think he is a potential steal for the Jags if that knee stays together and he plays up to his skills.

Earl: Yes but he has injury concerns. Great pick and value in the 2nd round for the Jaguars.

Dan: No, I’m not surprised. He did have the injury concern pop up & he fell. Teams shy away from injury concerns majorly, especially when it’s a draftee player with their stock completely unknown ultimately. One player I was extremely surprised to see him fall was Connor Cook, the quarterback out of Michigan State. And one other: Andrew Billings. Wasn’t expecting him to last to the Packers & wanted him for the Packers if he had lasted. Well, he went way late in the draft. He’ll be a great draftee this season.

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