Game of Thrones Q&A 6.2 “Home”

Welcome to the Q&A of season six, episode Two “Home” of GAME of THRONES, I hope you enjoyed all the work we did getting you Primed and ready for Sunday Night.
As always Earl and David have not read the books, but David has seen all the Blu-Ray extras, and since we have out-paced most of the book storylines, we have added a third person to the roster, so please welcome Shauna to the Questionnaire! or should we call this our Game of Thrones Roundtable? Shauna has read the books, but promises to keep her fancy book-learnin to a minimum. Please join us Tuesdays after the show to get our thoughts on the show.

1. The title of this week’s episode is “Home”. What does this means in terms of this week’s events that have occurred?

Earl: I take home as meaning a return to something. In Theon it meant a return to being Theon. The Iron Islands, before he became a ward of the Stark’s, was probably the last time he felt like he truly knew himself. Although he was in good graces with the Stark boys, he was reminded over and over again that he was not a Stark. When the Ironborn attacked Winterfell, he wasn’t perceived to be one of them due to his time away, and then we saw how Ramsay physically and mentally broke him down to be Reek.
Castle Black isn’t Sansa’s home, but a potential reunion with Jon, could be the first step in reclaiming her home, and in Bran’s vision of his father, aunt, and uncle in their youth could be a step towards him reclaiming some idea of what was as well.

Shauna: I think everyone has a kind of homecoming this week:  Sansa is about to embark with Podrick and Brienne to Castle Black to a small part of her home, Jon. Theon is presumably doing the same and heading back to Pyke, and speaking of Pyke, we see the return of Balon’s younger brother Euron Greyjoy!
Tyrion in a way is finding his home, “his place” in Meereen as Arya is welcomed back into her home, the House of Black and White.
Bran returned to his ancestral home in a flashback to the original Stark children- Brandon, Lyanna, Ned and Benjen.
And finally the greatest homecoming of all….Jon Snow returns to the world of the living!

David: I never pay much attention to the titles of these episodes. I’d go with Bran warging back to Winterfell, and the beginning of the fall of his House. I do think that the scene was interesting with Pre-Hodor, but I think the book people got more out of it than us show only people. In all honesty, Our Story started with the Death of Jon Aryn, not Robert’s Rebellion. That the prequel for us.

2. Thoughts on Tyrion’s freeing of Viserion and Rhaegal? What do you think was the significance of the story he told?Tyrion and Dragon

Earl: Well despite not being a book reader, I am familiar with the fan theory that Tyrion may be half Targaryen. While I’m still unsure of whether that fan theory is true or not, the fact that Tyrion was able to get close to dragons, and even gain their trust and cooperation was huge. Tyrion’s story about wanting dragons as a gift, only endured him to them even more. Tyrion not only was unafraid of the dragons, he was also sympathetic to them. He was their friend.

Shauna: Well there is a long lingering theory that Tyrion is in fact the son of the Mad King Aerys and Joanna Lannister (I can expound on that if anyone is interested) so the fact that the dragons took to him so easily and without him having to address them in Valeryian could be an indication of his true heritage. The story he tells links him even more to the Targaryens and their relationship with dragons.

David: If Tyrion ends up being a half-Lannister, I’m going to be pissed, again, it’s crap to make the book people happy. But for us show people, let’s keep in mind that Joffery told the same story to Margarey, so it is common knowledge to those that know things, and we all know that Tyrion knows things.

3. How did you register Cersei’s reaction to Tommen’s visit?Cersei and Tommen

Earl: Cersei will always love her children, even when they disappoint her like Tommen did when he denied her access to the Sept. Tommen coming to her and explaining her fears and asking for her help was a good moment in the episode. Tommen is now her only child, and that child needs his mother. I’d imagine that Cersei will now snap out of the funk that she’s been in, and start making her presence felt.

Shauna: This can be seen as yet another person coming home. Part of Cersei’s struggle with her sons being in power is the fact that they have been taken out of her sphere of influence. Tommen, in particular, was first in the hands of her father and then of course wrapped up in Margaery’s….hands. Here Jaime has forced him to go see his mother and in her presence, begs for her forgiveness, confessing that he should’ve killed every last one in the Sept ( yes you should’ve, Joffrey would’ve done just that).  When he asks for her help in becoming stronger, she realizes that her child is finally back in her possession and at last, home.

David: I enjoyed the whole thing with Jamie and Tommen more than I did the Tommen and Cersei. I’m glad to see Tommen take Jamie’s advice and man up, for once. I think Cersei had a hard time looking Tommen in the face in her shame, and might have been been pissed about missing the funeral of Mycella as well. I think we might get more Cersei now, and that’s always good for me, if not for the Seven Kingdoms.

4. Ed managed to rally the Wildlings to aid him at Castle Black. How do you think the rest of the Crows will view them now?Eddison Tollett

Earl: In that moment I think we saw some Crows have a sense of shock when Wun Wun led the Wildlings through the door, and that shock only grew when he slammed the archer who hit him in the neck to his death. If the Wildlings wanted to attack and kill the Night’s Watch they could have in that moment. They didn’t though. We might have an uneasy truce going forward, but I think the remaining Nights Watch members know that they need the Wildlings in the fight to come.

Shauna: I think it’s important to note that the Wildlings could’ve killed every Crow in the courtyard, but didn’t. The Crows that gave up their weapons were obvious scared of them; I’d be too if I saw that they were in possession of a giant, but I think that it will pass, especially when Jon is revealed to be alive.

David: Castle Black is going to be interesting. Westeros has not exactly been sending the best and the brightest the last few generations, and it’s not the noble thing it once was. I almost think the Wildlings might take it over as a forward post against the White Walkers. Ed might be the bridge between the peoples.

5. Bran’s flashback of the Stark children. What do you make of that? Any comparisons to the present day Stark children?Young Stark

Earl: I loved the flashback to young Ned, Benjen, and Lyanna Stark. It reminded me of the first episode of the first season when we saw Robb and Jon observe Bran’s training, and when Arya hit the bulls eye when Bran was struggling. Clearly Lyanna is a mixture of Sansa and Arya. She has Arya’s tomboy nature, but she has Sansa’s beauty. Young Benjen in that scene came off as young Bran, while Ned reminded me more of young Jon.

Shauna: Loved seeing the Stark children, especially the dynamic Lyanna! Oh, Arya is very much cut from the same cloth.

David: Again, it’s a thing to make the book people happy. How frikken old is Hodor? Is that why he only says Hodor? He’s got the Westeroi equivalent of Alzheimers?

6. Going off of David’s question last week, seeing Jaime’s confrontation with the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant, do you think he has a plan in place?High Sparrow

Earl: I do not think Jamie has a clear plan but I do know that he is aware of the problems the Faith Militant poses. He knows they have to go away, and he may plan to get rid of the Faith with force considering he did think about drawing his blade on the High Sparrow. He thought twice about that, though. Force might not be the best way to deal with religious zealots, but it’s something we will need to keep an eye on in the episodes to come.

Shauna: From the note that was sent to Doran, right before his demise, it is clear that Jaime does have some sort of plan, but I think it mainly includes shielding the world from Cersei’s wrath in whatever way he can.

David: Jamie is about to become Ser NotGiveADamn. Cersei is not exactly going to be slitting throats, but between GiantZombie busting skulls in the alley and Jamie ready to go, the Faith Militant might be in trouble.

If I could, let me make a point here. Is this the first time we have seen sin from the High Sparrow? Seems like we got a little Hubris here, didn’t we? I mean we got a taste with the Queen of Thorns and the High Sparrow talking- but that was more about the poor not caring about the 1% when starvation is on the line. This time we got a little. I’ve got the power now to touch even your sister, and you can’t do thing one about it.

7. How you think Jon came back to life?jon snow alive

Earl: TV magic? Seriously, I have no clue how cleaning up some dried blood, cutting some hair, and praying in Valyrian brings a man back to life. Jon’s resurrection is something that comes down to faith. Despite his issues with Melisandre, Davos had faith in her bringing him back. Everyone in that room had faith, even if Melisandre didn’t necessarily have that faith in herself. The most faithful in the room? Ghost. He didn’t leave Jon even when everyone else walked out. He opened his eyes just before Jon sat up and gasped. I’m just happy Jon Snow is alive.

Shauna: All the wishes of heartbroken women everywhere! No, just kidding! Was good to see Melisandre’s magic actually work in the clutch but of course she doesn’t know that… Yet.

David: It wasn’t the same as when the Brotherhood without Banner brought back Ser Flamesword. I was a little surprised. I don’t know why they had to do the reveal at the end of the episode. Melisandre has a bit of problem with her faith, and just because Ser Davos talks to her, she now has the faith to bring back Julius Ceaser? I would think think if she can do it so easily, she’d being back Stannis. They really do need to shit 6 more hours of show, and we could have picked up another 20 minutes of Will He or Wont he here.

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