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Lets start off with a little bit of BAD NEWS.


I’ve got some bad news this week we lost a true pioneer in the business “Chyna,” Hopefully one day she will get her day in the HOF

Did you know?

Did you know that Hulk Hogan’s original theme in the WWE was “Eye of the Tiger”



Lets get to your questions.

Bradley kicks is off about scouting new talent.

How does the WWE recruit? Do they have scouts that go to Independent shows across the country and the world to recruit new talent?

performance center

Yes the WWE has talent agents that float around the country and do attend independent shows. However, the majority of the time, they will get a tip from another wrestler, or someone will send in footage of a certain wrestler to the WWE Headquarters and the can see what they have out there. Guys like Dean Malenko, Mike Rotunda, Ricky Steamboat, and William Regal, are all talent agents that constantly are searching for new talent. I think eventually you will see Daniel Bryan in this role as he was one of the guys that was discovered by a talent agent. The WWE does take notice of other federations like Ring of Honor, TNA, and even in Japan to try and lure top talent over to Stamford. It also can work the other way around also as guys like Alberto Del Rio competed in Ring of Honor for a short time after being let go by the WWE. The Hardy Boys, The Dudley Boys, have all competed in TNA after stints with the WWE. It is good to have an alternative, but the WWE is still where guys want to end up. The talent scouts are there to get in the ear of Vince.


Kirk from Topeka KS. chimes in this week about Chyna

With Chyna’s death a couple weeks ago, it led me to this question. I had heard that she was going to win the WWF Championship at one time. Any truth to this?


From all indications there was a time where Chyna was being considered to have a run for the WWE Championship. From what I have heard, and I cannot confirm this, Chyna was going to go into a program with Triple H, around the time where she was feuding with Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship back in 1999. Triple H had just won the WWE Championship for the first time, and basically turned his back on DX and Chyna, so as the story would go, Chyna would make it a point to make Triple H’s life a living hell after selling out to the Corporation. Chyna was going to defeat Triple H and actually win the WWE Championship, however the run would not have lasted that long as he would have won the championship back. Again from what I have heard, they went another direction because the powers that be wanted to put Triple H as over as they could, so losing the championship to Chyna may have cost him some credibility as champion, and it would have been hard to get Chyna over as the WWE Champion even if it was for a short time.

So looking back, what was the alternative. They give Chyna a run at the WWE Intercontinental Championship, and she holds it for a couple months before losing it to Chris Jericho, then winning it back, then they both hold it at the same time??? What the fuck? Okay, so what about Triple H and the World Championship? He goes on to lose the championship to a worthy competitor….yes Vince McMahon himself. This set up the angle where he and Stephanie joined forces to create the Authority gimmick of 1999 and led us into the new century as the Power couple. So they decided to scrap the idea of Chyna, a woman, defeating Triple H to save face, but have him lose the title to a 55 year old man who has only competed in a handful of matches. Smart guys….smart. However, the shit worked and he is who he is today. So that championship loss really meant nothing. I can only assume that if it were Chyna, it would not have derailed Triple H from where he has gone.


Eddie from Glen Falls NY goes retro on me

I am a long time wrestling fan, and never understood this. The King of the Ring tournament started I believe in 1985 and won by The Magnificent Murocco. If I am not mistaken the following year was won by Randy Savage. Then came Harley Race who was the first one to actually where a crown and robe. My question is this: Why didnt the other two wrestlers Murocco and Savage where a crown to the ring after winning the King of the Ring?


Well the short answer here is that they never really thought of it to be an actual “King” gimmick as far as royalty went. It was made to show who the King of the Ring as for who was the best wrestler during that said tournament. The King, Harley Race just embraced that gimmick and really went out of his way to proclaim himself the King of wrestling. See, the crown was never supposed to ever be defended, and Race himself only actually defended the crown once, against the Junkyard Dog at Wrestlemania III. When Race got injured, the crown was awarded to King Haku, and when Race returned to the ring, Race and Haku faced off for the crown at the Royal Rumble 1989, which was won by Haku, and he continued to defend the crown, and it was defended up to the point where Macho King Randy Savage lost the retirement match at Wrestlemania VII, and thus ending the “King” gimmick. Then they started the King of the Ring tournament on PPV, and Bret Hart won the first PPV event, and was the last one to actually defend the crown, when he lost to Jerry the King Lawler at Summerslam 93 via DQ, and Lawler was proclaimed the real King of wrestling. No other superstar defended the crown after winning the King of the Ring Tournament.

So I went on a rant on this, simply to answer your question is Murroco and Savage when they won the tournament, it was not set to be a “royal” gimmick. Only a tournament winner.


David wants to know about the title change that never was

A while back you had discussed something about Tatsumi Fujanami winning the championship from Ric Flair at a Japan supershow. Then I guess he was stripped of the title. So why did he win the title and then it not be recognized? I saw the match and there was some confusion in the end between two referees. Did the Japanese ref botch it?

flair and fuji

Essentially there was a little confusion in the match between the two referees. Fujinami threw Flair over the top rope after the referee Bill Alfonso was on the outside of the ring. In Japan, this is a legal move, but in WCW this was an automatic disqualification. The Japanese referee, while he saw the throw over the top did not call for the bell to disqualify Fujinami, Fujinami rolled up Flair and the Japanese ref counted three awarding the match AND the WCW championship to Tatsumi Fujinami. All is well in the world of Japan right? Nope…

After reviewing the match, the uppers in WCW reversed the decision and returned the championship back to Flair later that night because they acknowledged the throw over the top rope that would have caused the disqualification for Fujinami. While the rules were not understood by the Japanese officials, they allowed Fujinami to compete once again for the championship at the first ever SuperBrawl event, which again was won by Flair in a great classic match. This ironically would be Flair’s last championship defense after he was then stripped of the championship, and then he jumped ship to work for Vince McMahon.


and Larry gives me some research on former WWE Champions

RESEARCH TIME! How many foreign born WWF/WWE Champions have there been?


Good question, Larry, thank you. So when I first read this question I thought of a few off the top of my head. Chris Jericho from Canada? Nope…he was born in New York City. Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio? Natta.. Guerrero was born in Texas, while Rey was born in California. So I went to the research board and found all the names, some you may be surprised as there are more than I thought there were. Let’s start from the top.

Bruno Sammartino was born in Italy so he was the first foreign born WWE Champion

Ivan Koloff was born, not from Russia as we discussed, but from Montreal Canada

Pedro Morales was born in Puerto Rico

Stan Stasiak was born in Canada

So ironically there were four straight WWE Champions born outside of the United States

We continue…..

While it was never recognized Antonio Inoki won the title from Bob Backlund in 1979 but vacated it immediately thereafter. He was of course from Japan.

The Iron Sheik was born from Iran

Andre the Giant was born in France

Bret Hart was born in Calgary Alberta Canada

Then we have to wait all the way until Edge won the title in 2006 from John Cena, he was born in Toronto Canada.

So we went 9 years without a foreign born WWE Champion….racist bastards.

Sheamus was born in Ireland

Alberto Del Rio was born in Mexico

Now we will discuss the now retired WWE World Heavyweight Championship (the big gold belt)

Chris Benoit was from Canada

Edge again makes this list

The Great Khali is from India

Christian was born in Canada

And once again Alberto Del Rio from Mexico makes this list as well.


And that is the ball game folks. Check out next weeks episode where I’ll answer more of your questions. Have a great week.


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