Movie Review: The Station Agent

I’ve never heard of this movie, but it has Tyrion Lannister and Gyp Rosetti in it, how could I not throw it on on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Peter Dinklage just looks YOUNG here, but anyway, he works in a model train store, and seems to be content in life, he works in the backroom, and an elderly black gentleman runs everything out front. During one day, he hears a noise out front, and discovers his friend dead in the store, skip a little bit to that guy from Spin City telling him that the store and all the inventory are going to be liquidated but he was left a half-acre in Jersey with a train depot on it.

So Dinklage moves into the Depot, and right outside is a mobile hot dog stand manned by Gyp Rosetti himself, Bobby Cannavale, also looking thin in this older movie. He’s taken over the stand from his father, who isn’t doing well. Dinklage just wants to be left alone, but Cannavale is almost pushy in trying to gain his friendship.

Station agent castDinklege finally opens up a tiny bit and Cannavale jumps in with both feet. Soon enough a woman shows up, almost running our hero over with her clumsiness not once but twice. She comes back with a bottle of bourbon to apologize and ends up staying the night, nothing happens but this makes Dinkledge even more of a hero to Cannavale when he sees the young lady coming out of the Depot the next morning. Soon Patricia Clarkson joins our duo, and a lot of work gets done trying to pull Dinklege out of his shell and slowly but surely they are able to do so, just in time for Patricia Clarkson to start to sink, and Dinklage has to try and reach her.

So how is The Station Agent?

Excellent. My only issue is the ending it kind of abrupt. But what a ride to get there. Dinklage is an awesome actor, and he draws in your attention every second he’s on the screen, and this movie is no different. Patricia Clarkson is solid in her limited role, and even though Cannavale is written to be a little overbearing and needy, he pulls it off so well. You actually care about each of these three people, and even though the fact that Dinklage is a dwarf is a driving force of the plot, it’s not a monster force of the movie. Also if you like trains, you will love this movie.

I’m giving this movie a 8. I don’t see the rewatchability on this one, but this is a perfect movie just to throw in and enjoy when you are not in the mood for something explosive or deep thinking. It’s just a solid popcorn movie. I do hate the ending, I would have liked more of a definitive ending, but I suppose that we can’t really end something like this without damaging the friendship the movie worked so hard to build. I really do think after a long week of work, you need to throw this movie on and enjoy life for ninety minutes.

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