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Welcome to another episode of the Wrestling Roundtable, where wrestling experts from all over the United States get together to give their take on certain topics relating to the world of wrestling. This week we discuss the passing of Chyna and what does that mean for a Hall of Fame induction, plus Womens Tag Team Wrestling? Is that in the cards for the WWE down the road? This and much more!!

Power rankings

1.Roman Reigns- Can Reigns overcome AJ Styles and the Bullet Club this Sunday?

2.AJ Styles- The Phenominal One continues his winning ways, can he come out with the WWE title this Sunday?

3.Sami Zayn- Zayn is on fire and ready to face off against his old nemesis in Kevin Owens.

4.New Day- The tag team champions await their fate. Who will be the new #1 contenders?

5.The Miz- The Intercontinental Champion has his hands full against Cesaro this Sunday.


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And here we go!


With the recent passing of Joanie Laurer, aka, Chyna. Will she now be inducted into next years Hall of Fame after keeping her out due to her “personal choices”? 

Steve: I can’t imagine that they would not induct her next year. However, I have to say this. If they do, the WWE are hypocrites. They have gone on record in the past by saying that the reason they would not induct Chyna is because of her adult film career, and if a child were to Google her name, they would be in for a nice little surprise. So what now? Do they induct her? It will be the same thing, a child can Google her name and see what she has done in the past. If it isnt going to be a problem next year, it shouldnt have been a problem the past several years.

Todd: I think she will be but I also think it will be fucked up if WWE inducts he just because of her death. It took her to die to get the call. Really? What she does in her personal life is her business. This is just my opinion, if she does get the call next year and everyone will know they only reason will be because of her death this year, if I were her family I would tell WWE where they could stick their Hall of Fame ring. She was a pioneer in the womens industry. The only woman to hold the IC title. The first woman to enter the Royal Rumble. If WWE can induct Jaquelin they can definitely should have inducted Chyna by now.

Josh: Yep, she gets in.  There is no way that she couldn’t.  Her life choices are now a thing of the past, and she will forever be remembered as the woman who was more manly than Jeff Jarrett.

Jim:  I certainly hope so.  No woman belongs in the Hall of Fame if Chyna isn’t in there.  Such a terrible loss of an incredible woman.  Hopefully Vince does what’s right and honor’s her.  Meaning, of course, they won’t.  Since the WWE rarely does what’s right.  But maybe, just maybe, this time they’ll get it right.

Chad: I cant imagine not happening eventually People never would have though wondered if Bruno, Warrior, Bret, or Savage would get in and they all got in so Chyna to me definitely has to get in eventually.

Eric: Yes, it is very unfortunate that Chyna has passed away and my condolences go out to her family during this time of tragedy. I think the WWE will let bygones be bygones and she will be inducted in to the hall of fame sometime in the next couple of years. Did Chyna have some different career choices after WWE? Absolutely, however she is gone now and she was a tremendous athlete during her time in WWE. She was a pioneer for women and showed the world a woman can d great in this sport just like a man can. She may not be a headliner, but she will be inducted in the next couple of years.


With Payback this Sunday, what are your bold predictions for the show?

Steve: Im not going to sit here and make any predictions for Payback as far as the matches go. I will say this. I predict that the WWE will have yet another wasted opportunity. I think that they have a great opportunity to turn Roman Reigns heel, that won’t happen. They have an opportunity to have AJ Styles win the WWE Championship with the help of the Bullet Club, where the fans would go absolutely ape shit. That won’t happen either. I think Payback is going to be a sub par event, and will disappoint. I can only hope I am wrong, but I will error on the side of caution and pull a Frosh….I wont be.

Todd: I don’t even know what WWE knows what they are doing with Payback. They have the main event so messed up with getting Anderson and Gallows in the mix and now the Usos are in the mix. Its set up to be ridiculous. OH WAIT! That is what WWE been doing for the last year. This main event is set up to be match of the year if it stays one on one with a clean win but that won’t happen. Vince is suppose to make his decision on who runs raw at Payback, based on what? Why is Shane even running Raw? He lost to the Undertaker! This storyline makes no sense. I have another problem, why for the second pay per view in a row are the tag team titles not being defended? When is the last time The New Day defended the titles? what happened to the 30 day rule? Doesn’t that exist any more? I know its been at least 3 months since they have defended the titles. I could keep the titles that long too if I only defended them once a year too. They are the most ridiculous tag team in the WWE.

Josh: It will be SUPER predictable.  AJ styles will lose, because the WWE hates to give the fans anything close to something that resembles what they want.  Charlotte will win because she isn’t facing Sasha Banks.  The Vaudevillains will win (probably due to interference from the Dudleys) because the New Day needs a heel team to take the job and the Ascension is injured…I think….or maybe they are hiding where JTG used to hide for all those years….

Jim: Honestly, my bold prediction for Payback is that I will watch it.  That’s really out there on the possibility list.  Such a terrible lineup.  Why is Payback still on the schedule?  Greed?  That’s the only reason I can think of. As for the matches…no titles will change hands, Ric Flair will cheat to help his daughter keep a title she doesn’t deserve, New Day will annoy the hell out of me….in other words, typical day in WWE.

Chad: My bold prediction is that WWE will not be bold and do something the people want and have AJ win the world title with the help of the Bullet Club so Roman gets to keep the belt which will get him booed out of the building. They’ll probably have the Bullet Club jump AJ for some reason. The whole Vince decision thing with Shane to me they took a spot (Shane’s missed Elbow) and tried to work a story around it and it doesn’t work

Eric: Bold predictions for Payback? Well let’s see: Roman defeats AJ, I’ll speak more on AJ later. Ambrose over Jericho. Vadevillians over Enzo and Cass. Cesaro over Miz. Now, my boldest prediction: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will steal the show! These 2 have been best friends for 12 years and can also tell a great story together. I can’t wait to see this match. I think Owens will win this match, but mark my words, this will be the match of the night. The rest of the card is like meh, it’s nothing that special. I’ll still watch the event.



Recently, Former WWE Superstar Jesse “The Body” Ventura stated that “If (Bernie) Sanders does not get the nomintion, I will run for President.” With Ventura being a former Governor of Minnesota, he is not afraid to throw his name in the political ring. Do you buy Ventura’s talk on actually running for President?

Steve: Why the hell not? I mean it isnt going to happen. Ventura has been out of the political scene for far too long to make any serious run for the nations top office. But hell, I’d buy a ticket to a Donald Trump vs Jesse Ventura dog fight. I sell the idea of it happening, but considering all the remaining candidates are jokes, Ventura may be a breath of fresh air.

Todd: Why not? That be pretty cool.

Josh: He can run all he wants.  He won’t win.

Jim: Of course I buy it.  Ventura will absolutely run for President.  He won’t win.  But he’ll certainly be entertaining.  He’s 64, which will make him on of the youngest candidates.  He actually has experience as a governor (and he was successful), so why not?

Chad: A Donal Trump/Jesse Ventura would probably be better than Roman Reigns as champion.

Eric:  Yes and No. Yes in the fact that he would try to run for president and no in the fact he wouldn’t get nominated by any party. It was cool he is a former governor but I don’t think he would actually make it in a presidential run but who knows maybe Trevor from ask Trevor would support him. I hear he is out there and kinda crazy.


Bret Hart is slated to be in Natalya’s corner for her Womens Championship match against Charlotte at Payback. This rekindles the Hart vs Flair rivalry from the past. Are you okay with this? Or is it taking away from the Womens division?

Steve: It really is taking away from the womens division. Having guys like Flair and Hart in the corners is not doing anything for the girls who are doing their best to make a name for themselves. Let them wrestle, and keep the old guys in the back for moral support.

Todd: I have said it before. its taking away from the women’s division. Having Ric Flair on the outside is bad enough, now you add Bret Hart. Why instead add Bret Hart, you take away Ric Flair. That would make a lot more since. Oh yeah I forgot, Charlote can’t win without her daddy’s help.

Josh: It is irrelevant.  Nattie won’t win.  Sasha will be the one to take the title off of Lady Flair.

Jim:  If it’s not obvious at this point that I AM NOT OK WITH THIS, then nobody has read anything I’ve written in the last few months.  Two women needing an old man in their corner helping her does NOTHING to promote the Women’s Championship.  It proves what everyone already knows about the WWE.  Vince and family are sexist a##holes.  If you want Bret vs Ric (the battle of people who forgot the last letter in their names), then let’s have Bret vs Ric.  But god damn it WWE, stop promoting the idea that a woman needs a man in her corner to be successful.  Remember this:  CHYNA WON THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP BY HERSELF.  She didn’t need her daddy pulling the opponent out of the ring. She didn’t need a man to interfere.  She beat a man.  Until the WWE gets over this pitiful sexist attitude, the Women’s Championship will never mean a thing.

Chad: Wasn’t this scheduled at a NXT at some point to me I really don’t care because they won’t put the belt on Nattie she could every Hart ringside and it wouldn’t matter.

Eric: Takes away from women’s match plain and simple. Flair has done his share to help his daughter career, now it’s time for him to step away and let Charlotte shine. The women proved to me at Wrestlemania they can have great matches, now it’s time for the men to stay out of the women’s division and let them go on their own and do they thing. I’m annixous and expect great things from the women’s division in the next several months.

samoa joe

Last week, Samoa Joe defeated Finn Balor to become the New NXT Champion. Have we seen the last of Finn Balor in NXT, and will he make an appearance with the Bullet Club at Payback?

Steve: I was shocked when I heard that Joe won the title, but I don’t think we will see Balor appear at Payback, again it will be yet another wasted opportunity by the WWE to really put this event on the map, and make it great. I dont think we have seen the last of Finn Balor in NXT, but I see him coming to the main roster very soon. From all indications, it is not yet known that the finish between Joe and Balor was not the original plan as Balor appeared to have injured his ankle, and a minute later he loses the championship. I would love to see Finn Balor in the WWE as I think he could be a big star.

Todd: It was suprising that the NXt title changed hands at a house show. Very rarely any title changes hands at any house show. That tells me that Finn Balor will be making his main roster debut soon. I believe he will reunite with the bullet Club at Payback but Im not sure we have seen the last of him on NXT though. He does get a rematch for the NXT title. Remember Kevin Owens wrestled on both shows for a little while.

Josh: I don’t think he needs the Bullet Club.  He should debut by himself, as like a special mystery opponent for, oh, i don’t know….Ryback or something.  Have like an open challenge. Then all of a sudden we get the Finn Balor entrance.  Good stuff.  Debuting him with the Bullet Club will only hold him back.

Jim: I hope they’re not pulling Finn up to WWE just yet.  There have been so man new faces, which is fantastic.  But there is such a thing as too much.  I think they crossed the line with the Vaudvillians.  What a terrible concept.  Let’s let the new guys settle in before bringing Finn on the stage.  He might make an appearance, but NXT still needs some talent on their roster, so hopefully he stays there for at least the rest of this year.

Chad: I would hope they would do something at Payback with the Bullet Club. I’m sure he will get a rematch with Joe at the next big NXT Takeover Special so you have to let that playout  but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him up before too long

Eric: I hope so, I’m so excited at the the thought of the bullet club making their WWE debut. The ruled professional wrestling over in Japan and now they are here to take over WWE. I think it’s only a matter of time before it happens. I’m so excited for this, this will be so awesome. Please, let this happen this Sunday. If so, I think it 2 I’ll help Payback become a great event.

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