NFL Draft Diary Picks 21-31

Last little bit here, but the way the NFL Network is going they may split screen the commercials with the picks, or have Roger Goodell come out looking like a Nascar driver.

Picks 1-10

Picks 11-20

We have a trade! The Texans jumped up, and nameless guy is saying its either a WR or a reach for a TE. Treadwell , Dotson or Fuller. Rich drops more Ohio State love. This cost the Texans a sixth for no reason.

htn-texans-authenticWill Fuller WR | Notre Dame | Junior

Uh, Jumped up a spot for this? Fuller is another burn guy who can’t run every route. He’s 6′ and 186 pounds. Got 14 TDs and of course, being Notre Dame, I love him. My issue with him is he does drop passes. I mean a LOT. If he dropped anymore he’d be forced to play for LSU. The fun thing is, once he catches it, he is not hard to bring down, but he is hard to catch.

More commercials. Stunner.

Oh and Rich has to talk more Ohio State. WE GET IT.

We are back outside. They are thinking DL from Alabama, doesn’t matter who.

wsh-redskins-helmetJosh Doctson WR | TCU | Senior

Good job by the Washington Racists! Pick up a sixth and get the better player! Nice Work!6’2 and has a good bit of size. He ran a 4.5 people. Washington is going to love him. I’m not exactly sure why he wasn’t the top WR taken to be honest.

More commercials.

The outside guys are thinking Treadwell or Myles Jack. Nameless guy is thinking his speed problems were due to a busted ankle a few years ago.

min-vikings-helmetLaquon Treadwell WR | Mississippi | Junior

Little slow, but a possession guy. Teddy Ballgame needs someone he can toss the ball to on a hot route and now he has one. Treadwell is also a 6’2 guy. He’s hard to knock off the line and again, playing against the SEC every week, he’s got some NFL experience.

Treadwell has his kid with him, and the Kid holds up the jersey. Hard not to like the kid for that, and I’m glad Goodell lets him do that.

Panel loves the guy, and Deion is back! The kid is 3 years old, and just says “Yeah” to every question Deion presents. Deion actually has some good points
The Pick is in, but we don’t care, we got commercials!

Cincinati BengalsWilliam Jackson III CB | Houston | Senior

Panel says the Wide Receivers are obliterated!

He’s 6’o and has speed to burn. I love Jackson, but he takes a lot of chances, but when you are playing for Houston, you can do that.

We have to kick over to the Steelers quickly.


The crowd erupts into boos as the Packers go on the clock. Gotta love that. Warner likes the Lynch pick, so his opinion hasn’t changed in a few picks. I have no idea what he is talking about with Lynch not being an everydown player. Unless the QB punts- can he be? Just an odd statement.

We get the Make-A-Wish kid. Funny how the crowd goes from booing to cheering. He gets to make the pick. Wouldn’t it be funny if he changed the pick?

den-broncos-HelmetPaxton Lynch QB | Memphis | Senior

What if the kid went, naw, fuck that guy, the Broncos select Myles Jury.

22-16 as a starter? Damn.

He’s never been in a huddle, never learned a five-step drop or a seven step drop. Oh thanks for telling us NOW. So he’s a Wildcat QB? Maybe the Broncos do want to sign Manzeil. He is 6’7 though. See you in 2018.

Lynch broke out in tears when he got told he was coming to Denver. Maybe Tunsil wanted to drop that far?

Ian is back to complain about the Myles Jack dropping down this far. I bet if the Pats had their pick they might take him. Nameless guy says Jack was the second best player in the draft.

Packers_HelmetKenny Clark NT | UCLA | Senior

Last NT pick was BJ Raji – a guy I still wished Carolina had gotten. BJ is gone, but Clark could be a solid player. He’s thick and hard-nosed. I don’t know if he can play on passing downs, but this will be the last time anyone is happy in Chicago for him.

We have a trade!

The Niners just popped back in, and of course, they think it’s for Connor Cook. Good lord, let it go.

sf-49ers-helmetJoshua Garnett G | Stanford | Senior

BIG STUPID REACH – Well someone had to do it.

On the big board of who’s left, Garnett wasn’t in the top 4o. David Shaw was his coach, so he has to pimp his player- but he even mentions he needs help with his pass protection. I’m still stunned they went this high up here to get this guy, but still.

He’s good and strong though, but again, he would be there in round 2. Niners gave up a 2,4 and 6 this year. Thats a bit much.

No Pats pick, duh

More views from the Cardinals war room.

Arizona CardinalsRobert Nkemdiche DT | Mississippi | Junior

DAMN. I wouldn’t have minded him in Carolina, who are ON THE CLOCK PEOPLE.

Nkemdiche needs some coaching, and to keep his nose clean- what is it with Mississippi players in this draft? I think he starts day 1, season 1 and doesn’t leave the field. He’s a great run-stopper, and has the feet to play on third down. Just a heckuva pick, and the Cardinals have to be happy the WR run earlier let him drop down here. The Niners will regret not taking him. Deion tells him to stick close to Patrick Peterson, he’s a good guy.

The Panthers are on the clock. There are no good receivers out there, and I’m not sure there are any defensive backs out there. Maybe Alexander? Of course, the Panthers stick to their board, and just don’t care who is of value. I’d like a trade down with a team who wants Connor, but oh well. Sadly Tunsil didn’t drop this far. Myles Jack would have been fun as well.

Carolina PanthersVernon Butler DT | Louisiana Tech | Senior

Not a need position, but that’s what the Panthers do. I’m a Tech Alum so I’m happy. Butler is 6’4 and HUGE. He’s going into a monster front seven, and he’s got speed and power. I do like how he’s got on a classic suit and close hair, just looks like he’s going into a job interview. At Tech he got doubled almost all the time, and he’s got to love coming to Carolina.

The Panel love him, even though they never mentioned him other than in passing.

Rich kills the night claiming the Browns traded back into the first, and Connor Cook’s name kills all conversation. Its a mistake as they are prepping for tomorrow night, but we go to commercial.

The Best Value pick? Paxton Lynch. Yup. The Best Value is a guy who will play as much as I will this year (unless something unexpected happens.)

sea-seahawks-helmetGermain Ifedi T | Texas A&M | Senior

Interesting pick, Ifedi isn’t a true tackle, but he’s a road grader. Like a lot of these guys he has to work on pass protection. I can see him playing guard and teaching him how to block, but the Seahawks reached for him, and could have went other places. Then again, with that extra 5th year, it might be better that they took him here so they can train him.


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