NFL Draft Diary Picks 11-20

Welcome to part 2, I hope you enjoyed part 1

Let’s get it started

tb-buccaneers-helmetVernon Hargreaves III CB | Florida | Junior

Dammit. I like Hargreaves a lot more than I did Apple.

9 career picks? And people gave Ramsey shit? He’s only 5’10, but could be a solid corner, at worst a very good number 2 guy. He’s got to learn to catch, though. I’d sit him behind Brett Grimes and have him learn. Let’s also keep in mind, he did play in the SEC, so he’s used to being tested- then again, he’s in the best QBed division in football, and the crappiest QB he will see is during practice- if nothing else because he’s new.

And we go BACK TO COMMERCIAL! We just came back from one! Holy sheepdip!

We get a recap of the Tunsil conversation. Keep in mind we have yet to see the picture. Ian is back to say it could be up to 5 years old, and Tunsil passed all his drug tests. We are back outside, so I guess someone figured out they already paid these guys.

No talk on the Saints at all here.

no-saints-helmetSheldon Rankins DT | Louisville | Senior

The Saints suck on defense. Bottom line. I don’t know if Rankins will play all three downs, but can push the pocket, and has quick feet. Rankins is more of a quick DT, more than a power guy, but I do think I’ll hate this guy during the season. Don’t tell the wife.


Holy sheepdip NFL network, it’s not like you lied to me and said you were commercial-free, or do you know this is the only time of the year anyone cares about this channel other than pre-season?

mia-dolphins-helmetLaremy Tunsil T | Mississippi | Junior

Our Sanchise-era nightmare is over. I hope Ricky Williams enjoyed the hit, cause it cost him, what? 30 Million? The Dolphins have to be happy, cause this is a steal. Rich Eisen says that the video does not look five years old- shots fired. Someone dropped a blackmail on Laremy, and someone called his bluff, and some A-Hole wasn’t bluffing. I am kind of stunned no one traded up to this spot or even the Saints spot to take this.

Deion has been woken up! Glad he’s here. Tunsil says he found out about it in the Green Room. Deion asks if it was his step-father. Damn, shots fired. Tunsil blames his twitter being hacked. That’s a crap excuse. Twitter didn’t put that mask on his face. Deion tries to give some words of encouragement. Tunsil wipes a tear.

Best Pass-Protector in the draft. Tannehill has to love that. His run block could use some work, but this is a top 5 guy.

Oakland RaidersKarl Joseph S | West Virginia | Senior

Top Safety in the draft, but a REACH. This dude is a hitter, and DJ might just buy this dude’s jersey for Christmas. He’s only 5’9, but DAMN can he close the distance and put a helmet on someone.

Had this been even 7 picks later, I’d love this pick, I have to think he might even be here 10 picks later at his height, but I’d rather reach for a guy that’s going to start day 1 than pick a guy projected here that won’t see the field his rookie year.

Browns on the clock! Will they trade down and try and get the entire 4th round?

We actually get some predictions this time! We care now! Paxton Lynch is mentioned, but so is taking a wideout.

cle-browns-helmetCorey Coleman WR | Baylor | Junior

20 TDs last year. Thats amazing. For all the yammering about size. Lets keep in mind that Coleman is the first WR taken, and he’s 5’10. Eisen breaks out the RGIII and the Baylor collection, but I think his timeline is off, considering RGIII was 2012 and Coleman is a Junior.

His route running is sloppy, but he’s a burner. Let him spend a year running go routes and post routes and just get open or pull the strong safety.

Panel says this has to be a tackle. I agree. Why they didn’t flip a 4th to the Saints for Tunsil, only Matt Stafford knows.

det-lions-helmetTaylor Decker T | Ohio State | Senior

I think he’s a right tackle more than left, but Riley Reiff has not exactly been Orlando Pace over there. I think Decker goes to the right, and they flip them next year if Reiff resigns.

The Big 1-whatever loves this kid as we go to commercial. When we come back we get some Ohio State rear-kissing. Of course, Urban Meyer is going to be with the Network for round two, so that’s expected.

The Panel is looking for Derrick Lee or Shaq Lawson. Gotta be front seven.

atl-falcons-authenticKeanu Neal S | Florida | Junior

Holy cripe! Did I miss something seeing Florida this year? Neal can hit, but he’s six foot even, but isn’t exactly a threat to have a pick-six on you.

As a Panther Fan, I could not be happier with this pick.

Colts have already picked, but we don’t care because Ian Rapoport has something to say about the third best QB in the draft. Neal didn’t even start 2 full years at Florida. I’m happy.

Panel is wanting a Center, Ryan Kelly is the unanimous selection for them to pick, but they claim another tackle is coming up that’s a second round talent.

ind-colts-authenticRyan Kelly C | Alabama | Senior

Easily the best center in the draft, 6’4 311 is pretty big for a center, but nameless guy makes him lose a hundred pounds in his breakdown.

Let’s keep in mind that he also played in the SEC, so he’s basically already got NFL experience.

Peyton had Jeff Saturday, now Andrew Luck has Ryan Kelly. Just a great pick.


The Panel is trying to pimp a QB> My least favorite part of the draft.

buf-bills-helmetShaq Lawson DE | Clemson | Junior

I think almost every Mock had Shaq going here. I hate this dude and I’m glad he went somewhere in the AFC. Rex Ryan is going to love this kid. Thank you Saints!

Now that Mario Williams is gone, Shaq is going to take his spot- and he’s a better fit. He’s 6’2 270 and strong. He’s not as fast as you’d think but everyone in the ACC knew where he was at all times, and he doesn’t miss a lot of tackles.

Going to the Jets now. Ryan Fitzpatrick said he’d rather not play football than take the offer the Jets gave, damn. That’s just sad. Trade him for Sam Bradford and send them to the CFL. The Panel just keep hammering Paxton Lynch. I’d go William Jackson.

Heck we even go outside to have Kurt Warner blow this Paxton Lynch for a bit. Damn, Jets pick already!

ny-jets-HelmetDarron Lee LB | Ohio State | Junior

Commish is still boo’ed

At least we are not in Radio City Music Hall anymore. Rich Eisen pimps Ohio State more, but still wants to talk more about Paxton Lynch.

Lee isn’t huge, but he can move, and while he’s not going to lay anyone out in the gap, he will wrap them up and take them to the ground. I do like the pick, don’t get me wrong. The NFL of today is a speed league and that is what Lee has. Let’s also keep in mind Lee is going to a team that will plug him in day one, let him make the mistakes but has defensive coaches that can teach.

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