The Blog About Nothing 4/29 Edition: Laremy Tunsil

Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. We have come to the end of April, and for me that means the NFL Draft is on this weekend. I’ve been a draftnik since my teenage years so I’m super pumped for it. So while I sit here in the crib and listening to Drake’s new offering, Views let me put something together for you.

Starting with the aforementioned NFL Draft, I would like to have a word for Laremy Tunsil. I would like to ask him what in the hell is wrong with you? He had some domestic issues his last year with the University of Mississippi where he got into a domestic issue with his stepfather and now allegedly his stepfather may behind his recent hacking of his social media accounts. Just before the draft, a video was released of young Laremy taking a hit from a bong while wearing a gas mask, and on his Instagram there was an exchange where he was texting an official at Ole Miss asking for money to pay his rent and his Mom’s bills.

Laremy Tunsil Smoking A BongI’m not a naïve guy. People smoke weed, and there are likely some athletes in college who are receiving illegal benefits. However, you don’t videotape yourself smoking weed and you shouldn’t be texting anyone asking for dough. Has the young man ever heard of the cloud? What is it with the youth and their naivety towards social media? How clueless can this young man be?

After falling the 13th pick of the draft to the Miami Dolphins, the young man who could have gone #1 before the Los Angeles Rams traded up for a quarterback lost millions of dollars this week. Millions! At his post draft press conference, Laremy admitted to the bong incident and taking the money. However, he stated that the bong incident is years old and according to records he never failed a drug test at Ole Miss.

By the way speaking of Ole Miss this whole thing looks horrible. In what should have been a great night for head coach Hugh Freeze who saw Tunsil, Laquon Treadwell, and Robert Nkemdiche selected in the first round, will now have some questions over it. People now have to question Hugh’s program over what happened with Laremy, and you now have to inquire if there was institutional control and any issues for other players. Laremy might be off to the NFL and he’s off with one dark cloud under him, but now Ole Miss has to deal with the fallout. It might get real ugly in Oxford, Mississippi over the next few months.

StaycationContinuing with the NFL Draft I have one procedural issue: could it be shorter? I’m on a staycation taking care of my Mom this week, but if I had to work this morning, I’m not sure I could stay up till midnight and watch the Draft knowing I have to be up at 5 am the next morning. I love sports, but I love my sleep even more. I don’t know why there couldn’t be 5 or 6 minutes between picks. For the most part these front offices already know who they want to select, or they have trades lined up well before they are on the clock. If that is the case, couldn’t they shorten the process to make it more TV friendly, especially for us east coast folks? I think it’s more than possible but I’m not the one running the NFL, am I?

I’m done. As I said, I got some time off and I just been taking care of my responsibilities and doing my best to stay off the grid.

Thanks for reading.


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