MMA Roundtable: Post UFC 197 Edition!

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable! This week Roni and David take a look at UFC on FOX and what happens next, UFC 197 and what outlet should the first MSG show be broadcast on? If you want in on future roundtables, or have a question, please post it below before next Tuesday!

1.Cheal Sonnen said that Jon Jones’ performance was garbage compared to his standards, Rashad Evans said it was a good performance. What side do you come down on?sonnen vs jones

Roni: I agree with Chael.
IMO Rashad is still reeling off Jon’s words of support after his loss.
Mighty Mouse did to Cejudo what most people thought JJ would do to OSP. And let is not forget OSP broke his hand in the earlier rounds.
DC said it best. This was the fight to beat Jon. And he blew his chance.

David: Rashad is crazy. I know they have kind of patched things up, but Rashad was just being nice. Crackhead Bones kills OSP. I honestly think that Jones knew OSP had nothing for him, and wanted to use him as a higher level of a sparring partner, and this was a top 10 guy! Of course, this isn’t your older brothers Top 10 Light-heavyweights. I bet Rashad wishes he had fought this Jon Jones.

2. Could Daniel Cormier have beaten Jon Jones at UFC 197?Jon Jones vs DC

Roni: I believe so, if the same Jon that showed up for OSP would show against DC. But then again, if this was DC, this fight would look totaly different. DC would probably bring the best Jon possible.

David: It would be closer, but I’m not sure Cormier could point-fight Jones enough to win, and I don’t think his werestling is better. Thats the problem for DC, he can’t fight him on the feet, and his MMA wresting isn’t as good as his NCAA wrestling. DC gets Jones down, he can’t keep him there. I think the wrestling goes away long after the sharpness of the punches go away. I don’t think DC beats Jones, but I think it’s closer. Now Guffy or Rumble? Now we have a loss.

3. What should the UFC do with Mighty Mouse now?Mighty Mouse

Roni: What CAN they do?
Their best bet would be to push him to move up, or (at least) try his luck at DC’s belt (That actually would be a great fight IMO).

David: I think the UFC blew the best chance they had, they should have gone Henry vs Mighty Mouse on the Ultimate Fighter. You had two young talented undefeated at the weight-class fighters and could have done some serious press on there. Not to mention UFC 2 is on X-Box right? Guess who has been on Mighty Mouse for years? Now Mighty Mouse is still an option for TUF, but who do you pair him with? Uncle Creepy would have been fun, but not now. You take Mighty Mouse out of the cage for a little bit, and let the division get some new blood.

4. Anthony Pettis has lost 3 fights now. What should he do now?Anthony Pettis

Roni: Rebuild. His game is flashy, but has too many holes in it IMO.
Move down to 145 would also be an option.

David: I disagree. I think he needs to go up in weight. He’s not as fast as he once was, and needs to gain some power. Let Pettis put on 15 pounds on his shoulders and  chest, and see what happens.

5. Andrey Koreshkov def. Benson Henderson- Do you think that says that Benson needs to go back to 155 or Koreshkov is better than we think?

Roni: Most fighters outside the UFC don’t get the respect they should just because they are outside the UFC. Koreshkov is legit. IMHO Bendo should move down. His home is 155.

David: I bet the UFC is glad they let him go. So many people have hated on what Dana and the UFC have done to this sport, but let me state again, no one has ever paid everyone six figures a fight and stayed in business. Coker says Koreshkov is a top 3 guy. I can’t imagine Dana saying his champ is third in anything. That tells me how much faith Coker has in Koreshkov and all I need to know.

6. Ok, have to ask. What are your thoughts on the Conor situation?Conor McGregor getting smoked...

Roni: My personal thoughts is that Conor is wrong here, even though I understand his point.
But think about what would Conor say if it was his opponent doing that! He would ahve a field day with him.
What I do think happened, is that COnor tried to get paid to promote. And Zuffa said no.
So he refused doing it, and Zuffa took him off the card.
He gambled. He lost.
The excuse of training is a poor excuse. Zuffa reportedly offered a gym exactly like the one he is training right now, so he would not miss much.
Every other fighter flew in. From all over the world. Why would him be special?
He is the most paid fighter exactly because if his promotion. If he stops it, then his value shouldgo down as well.
He just signed up a new contract with Zuffa (post ALdo Fight).
He also signed the fight contract against Diaz… a fight which was HIS request.

He can’t simply change it at will.
Zuffa would NEVER allow it, because then every fighter would be able to breach their contracts using the fact Conor did it and Zuffa allowed.

But at the end of the day, even though he is wrong, it does show how fighters oo need an union to represent them. There’s a reason why NBA, NFL, etc has it. And their salaries show why it is needed.

David: I can see where Conor is coming from, but it’s a grave he himself dug. He needs to look no further than his opponent for what happens no matter how exciting a fighter is, can make a fraction of what he could if he wasn’t being a whiny ass. The problem is, no fighter is bigger than the UFC. Frank Shamrock is the only guy who has ever been bigger than the UFC, and what happened when he left the UFC? Exactly.

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