Game of Thrones: The Red Woman

Welcome to the Q&A of season six, episode one “The Red Woman” of GAME of THRONES, I hope you enjoyed all the work we did getting you Primed and ready for Sunday Night.
As always Earl and David have not read the books, but David has seen all the Blu-Ray extras, and since we have out-paced most of the book storylines, we have added a third person to the roster, so please welcome Shauna to the Questionnaire! or should we call this our Game of Thrones Roundtable? Shuana has read the books, but promises to keep her fancy book-learnin to a minimum. Please join us Tuesdays after the show to get our thoughts on the show.

1. Trystane wasn’t killed by Bronn or Jamie. Or at least kept captive. Myrcella is dead and they let him leave?Trystane Martell

Earl: That surprised me. I’m sure Jamie knows that Myrcella was poisoned. Yes, Ellaria poisoned her but she’s not on that boat. Not killing or at least imprisoning Trystane is a shock to me.

Shauna: I don’t think that Jaime really know how Myrcella died so he can’t blame Trystan. It would go against all of the character building thus far for him to make such a rash decision and kill the future head of Dorne. The entire scene on the boat was a bit odd; Trystan did not seem sad, having lost the love of his life, and having the task of painting the stone eyes for her corpse. This was an indication that he had been on the boat a while and was included in the preparation of Marcella’s funeral so no indication that Jaime even thought he had a part to play.

David: I think Jamie believed that Trystane loved his daughter, and I do as well, as he was painting the rocks that would go over her eyes. I also think that Jamie needed someone he could hold in King’s Landing, and find out who killed his daughter- wipe out their families- then put a prince back on the throne of Dorne. Jamie also knew, as Ellearia did, that Trystane is weak, and Jamie knew from his father that weak men with names need to stay protected in times of war.

2. What should Jamie’s plan be, and is he finally going to have a plan?Jamie Lannister

Earl: Jamie has no plan for Dorne and it doesn’t even matter now that the Sand Snakes carried out their coup. I’d assume that Jamie is free to tackle the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant now.

Shauna: I’ll tackle this question in two parts. First, I think it’s difficult to say what his plan will be. He’s out of the loop in terms of the world’s events; the last time he was out in the world, Stannis was still trying to claim the Iron Throne. I think he needs to venture out of King’s Landing to really see what is going in, and only then can he formulate a plan to fulfill his promise to “take everything and more” to Cersei.
As to the second part of this question, i don’t think that he is going to have a plan, he’s going to have Cersei’s plan. He’s going to be fully motivated by her desires and will have no say. Jaime has spent so much of his life under the thumb of his father, Tywin and following his grand plan that I think it’s too late in the game for him to really have the mind to form an independent plan divorced from the influence of his sister.

David: I think this season is the one that Jamie breaks out on his own. He’s going to let Cersei rule the capital, and do what she can to make Tommen happy, let Kevan handle the other affairs of State, and Jamie is going to be the hammer that both get to use. Jamie may never be the fighter he was, but he has been in the military his entire life. Cersei wants the faith militant erased, Jamie can do that, Kevan needs Winterfell retaken, Jamie can do that. Jamie has always been the big bad bully, and never could protect his family, and saw what a drunken dwarf could do.

3. Is Cersei finally going to break?Game of Thrones Shame Cersei

Earl: Cersei break? Oh hell no. Losing Myrcella hurts especially coming after her public humiliation but I think these things only strengthen her. She’s got some revenge to carry out and all that she has been through will fuel her.

Shauna: I think she might if Tommen ends up dead. She fears prophecy above all else and if she loses her last child, that might just break her, but not in a defeated way, I think she’ll break from all emotion and really unleash hell upon King’s Landing. Her children keep her relatively human, every devious and cruel deed can at least be tied to a genuine love of her children, and without them, she’s free to be devious and cruel with no tie to anything remotely emotional. As her father has always said, she’s not as smart as she thinks she is.

David: Oh Hell no. I think she was close, but Jamie gave her strength. Cersei is more than willing to make places drown in blood to get revenge. Cersei knows that she has one child left, and she will kill everyone she has to to make him happy. I think had Jamie not given her back her backbone, or Tommen been stronger on his own, Cersei very well might have gone back to the Rock and lived out her days. Now? Cersei is going out for blood and revenge, first for herself, then for Myrcella, then for Joffery.

4. Did you expect Tyrion and Varys to get attacked?Varys and Tyrion

Earl: No I did not expect Tyrion and Varys to be attacked. There are definitely some things in Meereen for them to be worried about but their story will develop slowly before all of their enemies reveal themselves. If I were them I’d be pretty worried about the religious fanaticism in Meereen. There’s a vacuum there and religion looks prime to fill it.

Shauna: No, I didn’t think that they would be attacked. The constant reference to the fact that they were dressed as commoners made it clear that they wouldn’t be.

David: Actually I was. Anyone giving away money in the streets has some cash on hand. I expected the Unsullied to show up and for Varys to say something to Tyrion about birds needing claws or something witty. I think the burning of the ships really didn’t mean much, since they are not going anywhere anytime soon. I do think this hurt the economy, and thats not exactly something Tyrion needs right now.

5. Thoughts on our new Khal?Khal Moro

Earl: I kind of like Khal Moro. He had a good bit of dialogue there. He looks like someone Daenerys can interact with before she ends up with all the former Khaleesi’s.

Shauna: It’s too soon for me to judge the new Khal. He’s not as handsome or as good a fighter as Khal Drogo (his hair was not as long). He seems to be, at first introduction, to be of a better temperament than Drogo.

David: Drogo was a badass, and a solid introduction to that world. Moro doesn’t come across as scary or even that impressive. I’d be worried for Jorah or Grey Worm taking on Drogo. Moro? I think Jorah can take him. I think we have gone from Genghis to Kublai Khan, might be better for Daenerys’ survivalbility chances, but that’s about it.

6. Overall thoughts on the Red Woman?Melisandre

Earl: It was a bit of a bore but it’s a foundation episode for what’s to come. I liked the coup in Dorne, and I liked the Jamie and Cersei scene but I could have done without the Jorah and Daario exchange, and the Waif and Arya scene. Those could have came in episode two in my opinion. I did like the Melisandre scene at the end though. The Red Woman is definitely not who she appears to be.

Shauna: Overall, the episode was a bit of a letdown. I expected some resolution to the “Great Matter” (points to anyone who gets this reference) of Jon Snow, but alas none was had. I was incredibly overjoyed to see Brienne coming to the rescue of Sansa and finally getting someone to pledge her services to. Mirror image of the scene where she pledges her service to Lady Catelyn in Season 2, which was a nice link between the Tully/Stark women. I’m also a bit tired of the “Where in  Westeros is Daenarys Targaryen?”. I hope this move away from where she needs to be (King’s Landing) brings with it a huge Dothraki horde to take back with her to Meereen.

David: I was a bit bored with the Red Woman. Seemed like we got 10 minutes or catching up on what’s happened so far. Then we get the Night’s Watching them stall. The only real excitement was the Cersei / Jamie and Sansa stuff. I did love seeing the Pod that walks on three legs get some killing done, apparently Brieene has put some work in with him waiting on the candle, and Theon got to go all stabby stabby. I’m hoping next episode we get a little more movement of the pieces.

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