Movie Review: The Fear Chamber

The Fear Chamber

We start off the Fear Chamber with a woman strapped to a table, opened only where her breasts are hanging out. Movie, you have my attention. A man comes in and starts to slice her up. A cop shows up, and pulls down her gag just long enough to tell her she’s safe, but doesn’t untie her or regag her so she SHUTS UP. She might as well be yelling WHOOP WHOOP for the killer. The Cop goes looking for the man, but is caught on the roof and the Cop is stabbed. Dumbass. The one time one of them isn’t screaming for backup, no wait, that’s every movie. Sorry dead cop.

No wait! He’s not dead, but his heart did fail, but being a cop, he got a new Heart quickly, but now is enroute to killing his liver by drinking as much as possible. The cop catches up with the bad guy again, but a Mexican Standoff allows him to get away again. Now the Cops Boss is upset, and pulls him off the case, thinking that a drunk cop never does good work in the movies. A woman shows up and wants to help him, and tells the cop she is a psychic.

Fear Chamber Clown
No Explanation Given.

So, uh yeah. That starts the Fear Chamber. We get an incompetent cop, his goofy sidekick forensic pathologist, and the HOT CHICK psychic trying to catch the guy with pop-up appearances with every angry desk sergeant in movie history. Speaking of every movie cliche’ lets talk about the cop. Burnt out? Check, Drinks? Check. Dead wife? Check, No kids around? Check. Only one that can do anything? Check.

The problem I have with The Fear Chamber are plenty, there are nuggets of goodness here, all kneecapped. The killer has promise, and a good story, that we don’t know about until the end and don’t care about by the time we get there. The movie worries too much about the cop’s backstory and his problems- like we are setting up a TV series and not a movie, and it REALLY kills the flow and any energy we have going. Everyone else is wasted and we have seen it all before. I have no idea why we get the Joker makeup from the killer at the end either- there is no explanation there. Finally the twist with the psychic is tacked on and useless by that point as well.

I cannot recommend the Fear Chamber by any means, there is something there, again, but the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. I’ll give it a 2. By the way, there is no Fear Chamber. At all.

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