Brain Droppings: Birthday #43

So I’m 43 today.

43 Birthdays.

Damn I hate getting old. Yeah Yeah I know, better than the alternative.
How do you know? I always wonder why religious people say that. I could see atheists saying that- they have nothing to look forward to after death, but Christians have a wonderful thing to look forward to, you know, if they do what they are supposed to that keeps them out of the warm place.

Take note kids, getting old sucks. My knees hurt, my back hurts, and my wrist kills me in the morning. Yay! 43.
I almost wonder if its worth it sometimes. I’m tired of the pain, the seemingly endless money problems, the job searching, the collapse of our social systems, the fact that music sucks more and more yearly.
It seems the more birthdays I get the more I think of how many more I want. There is an old thing about knowing the day you die, would you want to know or not? I don’t know if I would or not, but the older I get, I think I would. I wonder what I would do with the time. Eat more steak I guess.

panthersSo what am I waiting around for? Well, I would like to see my Panthers win the Super Bowl. Came damn close once, got the stuffings beat out of them another time. Wouldn’t mind seeing another Tarheel title or seven. Of course, If I wait for the Hornets to win the title, I’d outlive the sun. Of course I need to see who wins the Iron Throne.

Nah, It’s the kids. I got 5 of them, I’d like to see them at least get started in life, married with a kid or two. My mom had five kids, and got to hold a few grandkids. I’d like to think with all the shit she went through she died in a happier place.

So I guess I’ll try and stick around, I’ve been trying to eat better, drink less soda, even got vitamins for the wife and I. Kiddo #1 just got another job, she’s a good cook, Kiddo #2 promises to put me in a good home, Kiddo #3 is FINALLY someone who loves horror movies like his old man, Kiddo #4 and I finally got someone that loves Football and finally Kiddo #5 is just like her momma, a Daddy’s Girl- heaven help her.
So yeah, Happy Birthday to me. I’d like a happy return.

Or just a thick steak. (Still haven’t gotten one)

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