Game of Thrones Pre-Season Six Q&A

Welcome to the first Q&A of season six of GAME of THRONES, I hope you enjoyed all the work we did getting you Primed and ready for Sunday Night.
As always Earl and David have not read the books, but David has seen all the Blu-Ray extras, and since we have out-paced most of the book storylines, we have added a third person to the roster, so please welcome Shauna to the Questionaire! or should we call this our Game of Thrones Roundtable? Shuana has read the books, but promises to keep her fancy book-learnin to a minimum. Please join us Tuesdays after the show to get our thoughts on the show.

Q: Episode 1, Scene 1, who do you WANT to see first.Jon Snow in Death

Earl: I would like to see Bran first. Although I’m not a fan of the Bran storyline, I would like to see Bran first because I’d imagine that this season can start with a flashback. Bran could have a vision of Jon Snow’s origin, and just as the vision is completed we flash to Jon lying cold in Castle Black. That would be an excellent start.

Shauna: I’d obviously want to see Jon Snow but if the theories are correct (as I sit here with fingers and toes crossed), he might be left to the final scenes of the first episode.
My second choice is actually to see Petyr Baelish in the snow covered forest of the North, as I suspect he might be and insight into what his next steps are. I had this strange thought of the very first scene from Season 1 with the Crows in the snow laden forest and how this show always points to bad things lurking in the forest and Baelish is most certainly a bad thing.

David: We have already seen the clip of what I want. Sansa and Theon on the run. Then we meet up with Brienne and the Pod that Walks on Three Legs. I can honestly wait until the end of the episode, or even episode 2 to find out about Jon Snow.

Q: If you could bring back one person from the dead from the first 5 seasons, who and why?Oberyn Martell

Earl: There is only one king in the North and his name is Stark! I’d bring back Robb Stark. Why? I liked his character. I wouldn’t pick him to win the Iron Throne or anything but in the North I felt he was a fair balance to everything going on in the South.

Shauna: Oberyn Martell would be resurrected from the dead if it were up to me. His electrifying charisma and way of saying exactly what was on his mind, and cutting through the political bullshit of Kings Landing, is greatly missed. I particularly loved the scenes with him and Tyrion and Lord Varys, banter that sticks with you long after his face vanished from our screens.

David: As much as I love Drogo, I’m going with Tywin. Flashback, another date with the Queen of Thorns, I don’t care. I love me some Tywin.

Q: What storyline would, if dropped, not hurt your feelings.Bran Stark

Earl: It has to be the Bran storyline. I get that his visions are important, and that he will have a role to play in the events to come, but I can’t help but be bored when I see him on the screen. Also, I think his storyline takes away valuable time from other parts of the show.

Shauna: I do not care for the Ironborn. They’re boring in the books and boring in the show. If I never saw Pyke again, I’d be happy.

David: Bran. I didn’t miss him last season, and I won’t be looking forward to him coming back. I’m just not overly impressed with it, and the only thing I care about that whole thing is the Warging (and I got that with Jon Snow hanging out with the Wildlings) and of course, HODOR.

Q: Dinner Companions, pick three. (and yes, we will check the wine to make sure it’s ok)Varys and Tyrion

Earl: I hate to be creepy but if anyone is going to be the lech of the group it’s going to be me. I am perfectly fine with what I am about to say. To make this happen I will need plenty of Dornish wine. So, without further ado allow me to present my dinner companions of Tyrene Sand, Melisandre, and Missandei. They’re all fine, two of them are freaks, and I’d imagine the wine would get Missandei in the right place to join in on the fun.

Shauna: Tyrion, Jon Snow and Arya. Two I’d have good conversation with and one I’d just like to look at.

David: To be honest. I’d take Dany, Tyrion and Varys. Yup, the trio from across the Narrow Sea. I’d love to add Littlefinger to the pile, but then I couldn’t trust anything in the room. Littlefinger might have one of those poisons that only take effect when you eat all 7 parts of it in one seating. Actually, since Earl has all the hotties in the after-dinner party at his place. Let me drop Dany and go with the Queen of Thorns.

Q: If they were going to make a Game of Thrones movie and go deeper about a plot thread/Person in one of the past 5 seasons, what would you like to see?House Targaryen

Earl: I wouldn’t mind a prequel of sorts that gets us up to the start of the Game of Thrones. I’d like to see more of House Targaryen and how their actions get us to Season One Episode One. We know the Targaryen’s went mad and had dragons, but exactly how did it all unravel. I wouldn’t mind seeing a story like that on the big screen.

Shauna: I’d love to see the world of Westeros before Robert’s Rebellion, the world of the Targaryens.

David: Well, I think we are going to get more of the Huns- er Dothrathki this season, so I want more of Varys. I want to know about the Wizard, what he did with the knowledge he gained, and the fate Varys had for him when he arrived in his crate.

Q: Predict a Major Character to die this season.Jamie Lannister

Earl: Jon Snow? Just kidding. We all know he’ll totally be back, right? Although I have not read the books, I am aware of the fact that the show’s material has advanced ahead of the books, so anything can happen this season. So, with that said I’m going to throw out a character that is technically still alive in the book world in Jamie Lannister.
Lannister’s are dropping like flies, and there is no way I can see this show ending with any other Lannister still alive but Tyrion. So with that said, Jamie has got to die and I’d imagine he bites the dust ahead of Cersei.

Shauna: I think Jorah might die this season, although I don’t want him to. His greyscale is rapidly taking over his body so it’s only a matter of time. Hopefully he finds Daenerys before he becomes a Stone Man.

David: With only 13 (WTF!) Episodes left after this season, it’s time to really thin the heard over the next 10. I’m looking for a massacre of minors, like Roose, Davos, Elliara Sand, Melisandre, a chunk of everyone. If I have to pick a major to go down, I’d go with Ramsey Snow.

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