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Well hello again, thanks for joining this group of illustrious wrestling “experts” This week we take a look at the upcoming special event Payback. Is it going to be worth the 9.99 that you pay for the Network? Also, Fastlane went down as the worst ever as far as gross sales go. Should the WWE eliminate these events? This and much more.

The Wrestling Roundtable and 7poundbag.com are saddened to hear about the death of Joanie Laurer, AKA Chyna, who passed away this passed week. Rest in Piece Chyna.


Power rankings

1.Roman Reigns- He is not a bad guy, he is not a good guy, he is THE GUY. But does THE GUY have what it takes to beat the Bullet Club?

2.AJ Styles- AJ has his buddies with him. Will he rely on them to capture championship gold?

3.Dean Ambrose- Big win for the lunatic on Raw, can he take out Y2J?

4.New Day- New Day continues to rock there way in the Power Rankings.

5.Chris Jericho- Jericho continues his winning ways with a win over Sami Zayn, Ambrose is on deck.


this week

1994- Ric Flair faces Ricky Steamboat for the last time on a Pay Per View as Flair defeated Steamboat at Spring Stampede.

1999- Ravishing Rick Rude passes away at the age of 40

2002- Hulk Hogan defeats Triple H to win his final WWE Championship.

2007- Santino Marella makes his WWE debut by winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship from Umaga.


Here are the questions this week.


Stone Cold Steve Austin mentioned on his podcast (not on the Network) That he can only get through 2 hours of Raw, and 3 is just too much. Do you agree, and should the WWE go back to 2 hours?

Steve: So I have two ways of thinking on this. Number 1, you move Raw back to 2 hours and make it wrestling, less talk more wrestling. Or keep Raw three hours, and eliminate four or five Pay Per Views. You have these special events on the Network every month, but no one is watching because you can see everything the next night on Raw. Somethings gotta give, there is just too much going on right now for people to keep interest.

Todd: Well my problem with 3 hour program is now more than ever they show more replays of what happened in the past. We already know what happened 2 or 3 weeks ago. We don’t need to see a replay of it. This tells me that they have trouble covering 3 hours of actual wrestling and maybe they need to go back to 2 hours. WWE wastes a lot of the 3 hours on nothing and that what frustrates me the most. It should be about Quality not Quantity.

Chad: Two hours is better because everything is streamlined there is less filler. Sometimes it feels like an hour of Raw is “Last time in the WWE universe” kind of thing brief synopsis then move along. A little less conversation and a lot more action.

Jim: Absolutely not.  They should simply eliminate all the BS garbage and focus on wrestling.  That would mean increasing the roster, but it appears.  Shane O’Mac is intent on doing this anyway.  The direction is positive these days when it comes to new talent, and that should be the focus.  Three hours is fine when I’m not listening to “The Authority” or Ric Flair or stupid talk shows.  As long as there is wrestling, I’m watching.

 Eric : Yes, I have been saying this for months. 3 hours of Raw is just becoming too much. You are just showing highlights of earlier in the show and having the same matches week after week. It’s just becoming the same thing every week. I think that Raw should go to two hours and Smackdown be just one hour. Yes that’s 2 less hours of wrestling every week, but that gives more time to focus on the current stories and make the product more can’t miss because there is less of it.


Fastlane in February drew less than 60,000 viewers across the globe, making it the least watched event in the history of the WWE. The previous low was ironically Fastlane in 2015. With the buyrates so low, should the WWE cut this event from the Network, and if so, what should replace it if anything?

Steve: See my suggestion above? The WWE not only needs to cut Fastlane, but in needs to cut events like Payback, or Backlash, or whatever clever name they have for events nowadays. There is just too much.

Todd: Well from the rumors after Royal Rumble WWE wanted to make Fastlane more than just a pay per view before Wrestlemania. Looks like that was a failure. They need to just cut Fastlane from the Network. They don’t need to replace it with anything because that would be stupid.

Chad: Don’t telegraph your Wrestlemania main event 4 months before the show there was a little intrigue but not really because of the storytelling. I would drop Fastlane and put a NXT show in there.

Jim: The should eliminate at least 4 of the pay per views.  One a month is simply too many.  You can’t keep building story lines with having to find a exciting headliner every few weeks.  You don’t capitalize on success by flooding the market with cheap rip offs.  You capitalize by focusing on the big ones.

Eric:  Yes, the whole idea for Fastlane was a complete waste. Hell, it sounds like Roadblock did better than Fastlane did. I think WWE should just get ride of Fastlane among other ppvs. I have been saying it for a while now, there is too many ppvs. WWE, needs to go down to 6 events per year. Also on the off months have a Saturday night Main Event instead. I think this gives WWE more time to build up their ppv events and make them more can’t miss events instead of having the same matches at every ppv event.


Payback is just two weeks away, and so far, to many fans, the card is the weakest card in recent memory. How can Payback become a success in your damn opinion? (see what I did right there Eric)

Steve: Simple, have AJ Styles win the WWE Championship. I don’t care how you do it, but have Styles walk out of Payback as the champion. People will go absolutely crazy and will definitely tune in for Raw the next night. Even better? Bring in Finn Balor and unite the bullet club on the main roster. Cost Reigns the championship and have AJ run with the Bullet club as your WWE champion. Plus it would be great if they gave every WWE Network subscriber a box of Booty O’s just for tuning in.

Todd: Not have so many pay per views in one year. WWE should go down to 6 pay per views a year. That is the problem with their pay per views. They try to cram too much too fast. If they had more time to plan they could produce a better product which would get the WWE Universe more intersted. Did WWE ever stop and think about why the NXT specials they put on before last years Summerslam and this past Wrestlemania Tore the house down, Its because you don’t see shows like that too often. They blew the main rosters out of the water. Payback is already a lost cause. Probably the last 6 or 7 months of pay per views have been horrible. Get with the Program WWE. Tell Vince McMahon to Stop being so greedy. Its quality not Quantity.

Chad: Proper wrestling storytelling does require time and development and with a show every month that is difficult especially trying to work in new talents and deal with injuries. I would say a BRand split to keep those rosters seperate  have 4 shared PPV (Rumble, Mania, Summerslam, and Survivor Series) Each Brand get 2-3 PPV a year solo and do some gimmick match specials (Extreme Rules, Money in the Bank, Hell in the Cell) along the lines of Roadblock

Jim: It can’t, in my damn opinion.  It’s another that people simply don’t care about.  Just eliminate it.  Again, there are too many PPVs and too many “main events”.  Less is usually more.

Eric: You gotta make something big happen at it. Like let me think AJ Styles is in the main event, what better time than have the debut of the bullet club as a group start to take over WWE. Something else, an event where it’s all about the actual wrestling once again. Not so much about the storylines but about actual wrestling. That is what we fans want to see. Third option, don’t make it a ppv but a Saturday night Main Event because as I stated before there is too many ppvs, and there needs to be less ppvs.

tag team

Are you happy with the Finals of the Tag Team Championship tournament being with two NXT teams?

Steve: Its a good change up, new blood getting some nice TV time. I like both these teams and would be excited to see what either could do. I don’t think you put a face team like Enzo and Cass against the New Day, so my money is the Vaudevillians to come out as the #1 contenders. I don’t see them winning the titles, but this is a good advertisement for talent on NXT to see what they can do in the spotlight.

Todd: I actually seen this coming. I am OK with it. You almost knew the Dudley’s were not going to win because they are there basically to put other teams over and the Uso’s were not going to win because you knew that Jey’s taped up shoulder was gonna come into play some how. This gives new tag teams a chance to shine.

Chad: I like it I think Enzo and Cass are great for WWE. I am little concerned about the Vaudevillian gimmick working would still love to see a way for Anderson and Gallows to get involved in the mix for the tag belts if WWE does go all in on the Bullet Club movement as teased on Raw

Jim: I’m happy with any Tag Team match that doesn’t include Booty O’s.  And I’ll be even happier if whoever wins…and  no, it doesn’t matter which, since both are truly shitty tag teams, beats Booty O’s.  Because my dog and a stray squirrel would be more exciting than New Day.

Eric:   Yes, this is the biggest match in these 4 men’s carrer to date. All 4 men will make their main roster debut together. Let’s give them a chance and see what they can. Worst case scenario they all 4 flop but best case scenario they steal the show and I think they will all 4 steal the show at WWE Payback.


It has been said in the past that there needs to be “Less talk, More Wrestling” This week on RAW there were two segments featuring “talk shows” with the Ambrose Asylum, and Miz TV. Should the WWE give the fans more wrestling? Or are you okay with these types of segments regularly?

Steve: I always have said less talk more wrestling, that seems to be a theme with this RT this week. I do find myself intrigued by some of the shows, but limit it to one a show, and it would be best to open the show with the segment and play off that to preview your main event.

Todd: I was fine with the Ambrose Asylum because it actually set something up that made sense, 2 matches for Payback and 2 matches for Raw. Miz T.V. on the other hand that match made no sense and was pointless. It’s ok to have these shows on Raw or Smackdown every once in a while but I don’t want to see them on a weekly basis.

Chad: If it’s an entertaining than Yes; Highlight Reel entertaining; Piper’s Pit entertaining; I’d even say the Cutting Edge was entertaining. You wanted to watch them. Ambrose= Entertaining segment that setup matches. Miz TV= A chance to stare at Maryse; idk?

Jim: There is a place for talk shows.  And that place is on the WWE Network.  They put it on RAW because all of the injuries and they have to fill space.  And again, that’s what’s wrong with a three hour show.  Fill it with wrestling, and I’ll watch all day.  Keep shoving all these talk shows down my throat, and I’ll stop watching all together.

Eric: One talk show segment per show is enough. Once you start to have more than one, that becomes too much talking and not enough Wrestling. Wrestling is what turn us all on to the product to begin with. Once their is more talking than wrestling, you mite as well not call it a Wrestling show but a talk show. I think there needs to be more wrestling during the show.


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