Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark and Friends

Lets keep in mind that this is not a full breakdown of everything GOT, but more a primer of what has happened and what you need to know moving forward. (Example, the whole Drago storyline and Viserys? Not really needed since that’s a dead thread and everyone involved is dead.)
There are also a ton of minor players who will get their treatment.
Again, keep in mind, neither EJ or David have read the books, and don’t be that asshole that spoils the series for no reason but evil glee. What the hell is wrong with you? So if we miss something IN THE SHOW, by all means let us know.

Today we talk about Sansa Stark, her new buddy Theon Greyjoy aka Reek, and Brienne of Tarth and her sidekick Podrick Payne.

Sansa Stark

SansaShe was matched with Joffrey, to unite the Tully, Stark and Baretheon Clans- just like the Baratheons and Lannisters were united in Joffrey. All that went to hell when King Robert died and Ned Stark and Jon Arrys started asking questions. Joffrey really went Sith when he hadNed Stark killed in front of her, and as she was forced upon him, he loves torturing her. She had chance after chance to leave: Littlefinger, Hound, Shea have all been ready and willing to get her out of town, but she stays for some reason (duty?) She is married to Tyrion to give the crown a claim to Winterfell, but Tyrion won’t touch her until she wants him too, Tyrion and Tywin have both worked to protect her from the worst of Joffery, but when Joffery is killed, she finally leaves under Littlefinger’s care. Littlefinger takes her to the Eyrie , where her aunt lives and can protect her from Cersei. Lysa is jealous of Sansa and when Baelish kisses her, she goes Nuts and Littlefinger has to work to calm her down, but then decides she’s not worth the trouble and tosses her out the Moon Door. In the hearing to determine what happened, Sansa backs up Littlefingers story. Leaving Robin behind, Littlefinger and Sansa take off north, where Sansa is married to Ramsey Bolton, to solidify the Bolton claim on the North. Sansa has finally made it back to her childhood home of Winterfell. Also at Winterfell is Theon Greyjoy, now brainwashed into Reek. Sansa and Theon grew up together but as Theon has claimed to have killed Rickon and Bran Stark, Sansa hates him. When Theon admits that he actually didn’t kill the boys, Sansa begins to work to try and break Ramsey’s control over him. Complicating matters is Myranda, Ramsey’s lover who is threatened by Sansa’s presence and hates her, since Myranda was good enough for Ramsey back when he was Ramsey Snow, but gaining legitimacy has eliminated all hope for the future for Myranda. Sansa is unsuccessful in breaking Ramsey’s control, betraying her trust and being forced to watch as Ramsey rapes Sansa on her wedding night. When Stannis is having his final battle with the Bolton forces, Sansa decides that she has to leave now, but is stopped by Myranda, but Reek, finally back to Theon, kills her and Sansa and Theon jump into a snowbank and escape.

Earl: Sansa has been through a lot. A lot. She’s emerged stronger but she’s yet to really embrace her inner badass. After the outrage from the rape scene last season, I doubt the writers will leave her in a vulnerable state yet again. I would hope vulnerable Sansa is a thing of the past. No character seems more poised to play the Game as much as her. With a nod to Maester Aemon, maybe she had to kill the girl for the woman to be born. Anyway, I expect Sansa to take charge of her role in this Game this season, and it’s not a moment too soon.

David: Sansa has finally figured out that fairy tales don’t exist. She spent the early part of the show looking for pretty dresses and lots of dances and has been matched up with Joffery, the King, Loras the Knight of Flowers, Robin, Lord of the Eyrie all flawed in one way or the other but could keep her in pretty dresses and Lemon Cakes for the rest of her days. She has also been married to Tyrion, who actually cared for her and had a good heart, but she failed to take advantage of that, and lost that chance. Finally she was matched to Ramsey, who not only put her back in the furs she hated instead of silken dresses, is also a monster to boot. Now Sansa might be willing to be happy with her furs and frozen territories. The people of the North love to say “The North Remembers” and the North know the Starks have ruled them for a loooong time. I look to Sansa to rally those forces under her banner, and retake her home. There are three major problems she faces. 1) The Boltons were the second strongest house before Robb Stark destroyed their army (but not the Carstarks and might be some Tullys running around as well) 2) There can be no peace with either the Freys or Cersei. Period. Sansa will never sleep soundly with those two alive, and finally 3) What if she’s pregnant?

Theon Greyjoy (aka Reek)

Theon GreyjoyWhen they Greyjoy’s revolted against King Robert, he was taken into Winterfell and raised alongside the Starks own children. Theon became friends with Robb and Jon. Tyrion poisons his mind against the Starks, and is sent back to his father to try and gain him for the North. After making a pass at his SISTER (He didn’t know it was her) he is brought to his father, who rejects him as not a true son of the Ironborn. His father gives him a chance to regain his respect and he is sent to raid the shoreline of the North. Theon decides he wants the whole thing and conquers Winterfell. He quickly is in over his head, and is forced to kill Ser Cassel when he helps the two youngest Stark boys escape- witch turns him into a laughingstock. He fakes their deaths, but that only buys him a little time. When the counterattack comes, his men are offered clemency, and they turn Theon in. Ramsey Snow still flays the men alive, but this does give him the Bolton name. Theon was held prison by Ramsey Snow. Snow enjoyed torturing Theon, and has cut off his manhood, sending it to his father to get him to leave the North completely. Theon has been named Reek in a Kunte Kinte moment by Snow. This brainwashing is so complete that Reek rejects his sister when she comes to rescue him, and betrays Sansa when she comes to him for help, and Ramsey forces Reek to watch as he rapes Sansa on her wedding night. Reek finally breaks when Ramsey’s lover threatens Sansa after telling Sansa that Ramsey is going to kill her as soon as she has his baby. Reek kills Myranda, and the pair jump from the wall of Winterfell and escape.

Earl: I felt bad for Reek. I hope Theon emerges this season, but it will likely be a story of Theon struggling to be Theon again. He’ll still have the trauma of Reek, and he’ll also have the guilt for what he did in the Ironborn sacking Winterfell. He’s going to go in a dark place because there is nowhere else for him to go mentally. With that said, I think he’ll stay as close to Sansa as he can this season.

David: Next to Jamie, Theon might have been the most hated dude in Westeros to get punished. Both had important parts cut off to start the redemption arc. I think I’d rather go through Jamie’s personally. I do think that Reek has a lot to redeem, and Sansa is going to be the only way he can achieve peace. I still think Jon Snow might kill him, and who knows what his sister Yara might do to him, but he has a chance. He’s so well acted though, I think there is a solid chance that Reek makes it to the end with Sansa, and gains revenge on the Boltons in a jump in the room holding a barrel of Wildfire kind of way.

Brienne of Tarth

BrienneBrienne was a member of Renly’s Kingsguard, winning a spot by beating Loras. She tends to put people off being huge, strong and able to whup most men. She is the only one in the tent when Renly is killed by Melisandre’s magic smoke baby. She is blamed for Renly’s death and escapes with Catelyn Stark. She is later charged by her to deliver Jamie Lannister home, and bring back Sansa and Arya. The pair are captured, grow a bit close, she fights a bear, then finishes the job. Jamie later sends her to go find Sansa and keep her safe, and she also gains Podrick as a sidekick. Jamie also gives her his sword, that she names Oathkeeper. The duo come across Hot Pie, show tells them that Arya is alive and escaped King’s Landing. The pair are able to find Arya, coming back from the Eyrie with the Hound. Even though Brienne tells her that she is there to protect her, Arya rejects her as she is wearing Lannister Armor and has a Lannister Sword. The Hound and Brienne fight, and Arya takes this chance to escape. While looking for Arya, they come across Sansa, and Brienne offers Sansa her protection, Sansa rejects her protection to stay with Littlefinger, who points out all the failings of Brienne’s protection. Brienne and Podrick follow Sansa to Winterfell, as Brienne doesn’t trust Littlefinger, and gets word to Sansa that she is there for her. Brienne is able to find Stannis after the final battle with Ramsey’s forces, and kills him in revenge for Renly.

Earl: The likelihood is she has executed Stannis, but where does Brienne go from here? If Sansa escaped Winterfell, it would be cool if she links up with Brienne and Podrick, but if not does Brienne return to Kings Landing? She seemingly has failed to keep her oath to Catelyn Stark and to Jamie, but she still has a role to play. She’s done a fair bit of promoting for Season Six so I’d count on a good role for Brienne, even if I have no clue what it will be.

David: I cannot understand how people think Stannis isn’t dead. Why on earth would Brienne wound of just scare him? She cared for Renly, and he was her first failure as Guardsmen. She lets him live and she’s an utter failure, plus from a story standpoint, what does Stannis do? He’s not going to join the Night’s Watch or rebuild his family, they are all dead and the Lord of Light has abandoned him. Anyway, back to the lady here. Can’t we all just be happy if she meets up with Sansa, goes all badass on everyone, ends up with Jamie at the Rock and make little Samurai soldiers until the end of time?

Podrick Payne

PodrickTyrion’s former squire. Tyrion changes how he feels about Podrick fairly quickly, and likes the young man- even though Bronn seems to not care as much at the beginning. During the battle of Blackwater, when Tyrion is betrayed, Podrick is the guy that saved him. Tyrion took him to Littlefingers brothel and paid for a FOURSOME (down EJ) to say thank you (or kill him to keep him quiet, one or the other) he uh, performed so well, they TIPPED HIM. That not only had Tyrions head buzzing about his new friend- but also gaining Bronn’s respect as well. When Tyrion goes to trial for killing Joffery, Cersei offers him a knighthood in exchange for testifying against Tyrion, Podrick refuses. Tyrion makes him leave King’s Landing for his own safety, and Jamie pairs him with Brienne of Tarth to the dismay of both of them. Podrick does what he’s told, and Brienne starts to like him, but is upset about how little he knows outside of the capital, such as how to start a proper fire. The pair does form a friendship, and Brienne starts to train him in swordplay.

Earl: Pod got a gift. Fighting and squiring ain’t it but he can satisfy the ladies. Maybe Brienne should inquire about his gift. That would be a change in the story line. I like hapless Pod so I figure he and Brienne’s tour through Westeros will continue on this season.

David: Gotta love Pod. Can we get a buddy cop movie with Pod and Gendry? Or at least a double date with Samwell and Gilly? I love me some Pod. Maybe he’ll be the one to kill Ramsey and take Sansa back home and make it all better. I don’t see much for Podrick going forward, but lets be honest, guys with this strong a character, you can’t help but pull for.

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