The Blog About Nothing 4/22 Edition: Prince

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. With those words from the immortal Prince, allow me to welcome you to The Blog About Nothing. The passing of Prince Rogers Nelson has hit me hard. Hard. It sucks that most people really don’t get their flowers when they are alive to smell them. As much a legend Prince was, it’s in death that the tributes, the accolades will truly pour in.

Prince LifeThe Minnesota man, lived to the relatively young age of 57 but in these 57 years on Planet Earth he left behind a treasure trove of music and culture that will be hard to surpass. He left on an iconic legacy that many will strive to fill, and only few will be able to do so. He left behind an image that will stick with many, and it should for a very long time.

As a product of the 1980s, I can’t lie: I loved Prince. In my earlier days I was not able to fully grasp the naughty aspects of Prince’s music, but since the word spread on Thursday afternoon that he was gone, and the radios and televisions were filled with his music, I noticed just how many lyrics I still remembered, and just how many songs I was able to sing along to. The DJ’s that spun his records on the radio made my car, and many cars that I observed Thursday night feel like a party. The video channels (and I say that reluctantly since MTV and VH1 barely airs videos these days) were showing his music and movies and it felt like a resurgence.

I liked many Prince songs, but 1999 was my favorite. The song, released in 1982, was supposed to be some apocalyptic ballad, but 1999 was also the year I turned 18 years old and graduated from high school. I remember that song played so many times that year, especially in the hype that was Y2K. Some folks really thought when that ball dropped on the year 2000, we wouldn’t be here no more so that song was an anthem! It was such an anthem that I think I lost count on how many times the DJ spun that record on my prom night.

That early June night in a ballroom in Brooklyn, it felt like that song was everywhere! 1999 was boomin! Prince was boomin! In my rented tux, in my patent leather shoes that were oh so shiny, I felt like the man when 1999 dropped. Prince’s music had a way of doing that to you I guess. It made you come alive. It made you want to be free, and damn if it didn’t make you want to dance.

Rest in Peace Prince. At this time, we are unsure of what brought his life to an end, but what he left behind will live forever. That’s an absolute guarantee. His party on Earth might be over, and oops it’s out of time, but tonight and forever we are going to party like its 1999.

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