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This week in the Roundtable… we got some discussion on the super slide… no, it’s not some new dance craze taking over the country… it’s just Yasiel Puig making the latest highlight reel of ESPN, et. al…

Te crew at Puig’s slide… but was it the slide or the recovery?

Also… What’s weighing Sandoval down?….  Is Reyes in trouble because of the Story in Colorado?

Plus, Basketball unis getting ads… Baseball next? And… What about them Twins and Braves?

1) A former personal trainer for Pablo Sandoval says the Boston Red Sox third baseman needs “a babysitter” to watch over him and keep him from overeating, a temptation for Sandoval that the trainer likened to alcoholism.red-soxbench-pablo-sandoval

The trainer told the Boston Herald that, “He needs to be smart enough to say there’s a problem. It’s like the alcoholic that won’t admit he’s an alcoholic: well, you can’t address that you’re an alcoholic if you don’t ever admit there’s a problem.”
Is Sandoval’s problem as simplistic… not that any obsessive behavior problem is simplistic… as addressing a possible compulsive eating problem or does his ability to not play up to the Red Sox’ expectations go beyond that?

Archie1-e1437441340278Archie: A problem is a problem is a problem. These guys get paid to be a “Professional”. IF they  can’t curb their bad habits enough to NOT interfere then they need to find another line of work OR be fined by those clubs that pay them the big bucks to be on the field. From illegal use of steroids to Josh Hamilton’s drug and alcohol problem to Panda’s Eating disorder, NONE of them are conducive to a balanced and well maintained body for playing professional sports.

Dan-3-e1444417855165Dan: I think it’s simply addressing his compulsive eating problem.

While eating a lot isn’t always good, it’s also about what you eat. While I haven’t heard too much information on the type of food or meals that Sandoval is eating, I can assume that they’re not always the healthiest. And, if, he’s overeating and continuing to stuff food in his mouth after being full, it’s going to be a problem. If, you eat food that is unhealthy, your overall body health with be unhealthy. If, you overeat continuously, your body is going to be sluggish which is going to effect your play day in and day out.Sandoval-511566116

Just fix his eating disorder problem & you should see considerable improvements in his play.

E_J_-12-e1437441468102Earl: I’m not sure. It might not be that simple, but if Sandoval needs someone to monitor him and get him into shape than that is what he needs. He’s playing a position in 3rd base where you do need some stamina, and some agility, and if his weight is preventing him from being out there than he needs to make the attempt to do something about it. It might be easier said than done, but in good faith the effort should be made.

meJoe: If, Sandoval does suffer from compulsive eating then it is true that he is afflicted with the same symptoms that the alcoholic suffers. All obsessive compulsive illness sufferers have the extra same problem… a compulsion to obsessively do something over and over that they have little to no control over and are unable to cease the activity without some outside assistance.

Having said that… as much as I have sympathy for a person with that type of illness, the bottom line is that they still need to perform their job responsibilities for which they are being paid and in Sandoval’s situation… paid very well. If, they can’t then they will suffer some sort of consequences.SandovalBelt040916

This not to say the Sox, as well as MLB, can’t do something to assist Sandoval IF he wants the help, BUT, if, he can’t perform his job (for whatever reason) then the Red Sox have a right, and a responsibility to the team, to take whatever action they deem necessary,  including but not limited to… cutting him (which ain’t gonna happen), disabling him (and in fact he is presently DLed with a shoulder injury) or bench him which they also did.)

MLBRT Steve small iconSteve: It really is a disease to have an eating disorder or problem. I think the Red Sox should jump on this quickly before it escalates and gets out of control. I don’t know if that is Sandoval’s problem or if he just is under performing. He does look very much out of shape right now, so, if, I was the Red Sox brass, I get him on a diet and exercise regime quickly.

2) On April 14th both the Minnesota Twins and the Atlanta Braves had 0-9 records… one writer for ESPN.com said the Twins were bad but still had a chance to salvage their season whereas the Braves were depressingly bad and their season may well be unsalvageable.

In your opinion is that a fair appraisal for both teams?

Archie1-e1437441340278Archie: No. I think both teams suck so bad that no recovery lies within either team’s dugout. Sure, it would be great for the Braves if Freeman was not hitting sub-.100. But would it be enough – NO. And, I absolutely hate the way John Hart uses the “rebuilding” voice as an excuse for the product they currently have on the field. The Braves are my team but they absolutely S.U.C.K.

"Wait 'til next year", already for Braves?
“Wait ’til next year,” already for Braves?

The Twins have both pitching and hitting bright spots that may end up lighting the rest of the team up enough to make a run, however, I can’t remember any team ever starting 0-9 that went on to make the playoffs.

Dan-3-e1444417855165Dan: I think it’s a fair assessment for both teams. Atlanta was projected to be one of the worst teams in baseball this season, their team doesn’t look very impressive overall and now they’re showing how they can’t get a W.

The Twins, however, were projected, by some, to win the AL Central and to compete for a playoff spot by most. They have a solid team and should recover. When you look at the season overall, in my opinion, it’s one of the best times to be cold (other time is around the All-Star break). The Twins now just won 2 straight & should recover their season.

E_J_-12-e1437441468102Earl: The Braves were expected to be bad. Their whole plan was to have a team on the upswing by the time they get to their new park in 2017. So, Atlanta’s struggles to me were something I saw coming.

The Twins? I didn’t expect much for them either, but, 0-9 is a bit surprising. They could turn it around since they do have some players of note and they are a young team. They might just be slow starters. Who knows?

meJoe: I think for the Braves it is….Twins

But, I thought that the Twins would be somewhat better than they have shown. Maybe not playoff bound but at least competitive. I think they can recover, to a point, to be a competitive team but… the playoffs?… uh uh.

MLBRT Steve small iconSteve: I don’t think either team is going to do much of anything. I suppose because it is early you can make a case that any season can be turned around. Look at the Braves, they just came off of a three game road sweep of the Marlins. The Twins have been winning as well.

So, I wouldn’t count either team out, but, from the looks of it and based on my pre-season picks, I have the Twins in last, and the Braves in fourth just ahead of Philadelphia. If I could go back in time, I may put the Braves behind the Phillies. And, I am a Braves fan, so that depresses me.

3) In the fifth inning of Tuesday’s game against the Diamondbacks, Yasiel Puig hit a drive into left field and rounded first base on a dead sprint. Arizona left fielder Yasmany Tomas threw the ball back into second, Puig overslid second base as he tried to wrap around the bag. He wound up about a foot away from his target, on the third base side of the bag. Puig then reached out with his right hand, then drew that hand back and used his left as he evaded the tag of Diamondbacks second baseman Jean Segura and was called safe, which was challenged but upheld on replay.
Didn’t see the replay on your local sports news or MLB channel, etc…? Here it is… 


In your opinion, how amazing is this slide?

Archie1-e1437441340278Archie: Seen it before. Puig has always been aggressive on the bases; sometimes it cost him and the team sometimes he gets lucky.

This time he was lucky as much as good. It was a great reaction play.

Dan-3-e1444417855165Dan: The slide was absolutely spectacular to avoid the tag, but, the hand play at the end to confirm him being safe was magnificent. This what makes them major league players, by little stuff like this.

Fantastic slide.

E_J_-12-e1437441468102Earl: Great slide. Heads up play.

Great job from Puig.


meJoe: The day Puig made that play I was able to catch it on MLB as it was their featured game that afternoon. Since, it started on the West Coast as an afternoon game I was able to see much of the game after I got home from work (East Coast) and that play was one of the plays I caught.

To actually see it as it happened… I gotta say I was astounded he was able to have that much awareness of what was going on and then the composure and ability to react the way he did. It was a good reaction play by a young player with great instincts and the great reflexes.

MLBRT Steve small iconSteve: Let’s be real here, he got lucky. It was a horrible slide, as he completely missed the timing of the slide. He had to bounce back and make a magical move in order to not be tagged out.

Bad slide, but he made up for it,  I think the rebound was better.

4) The NBA has recently announced that in the 2017-18 season they will allow ads to appear on player’s uniforms.
Do you think the day will come when MLB will follow suit?

Archie1-e1437441340278Archie: IMO I am surprised that it has not already happened. When it comes to big money, advertisers will use whatever media outlet available to get their message out there. We are not far away from seeing all kinds of “patches” saying Nike, Wilson, etc. I am just curious as to where the upper echelon of MLB will cut it off? I mean, will we see a patch on some player’s ass pad that reads, “I can’t play for shit because I was up all night… Buy Viagra.

Dan-3-e1444417855165Dan: I honestly think every league will eventually switch to featuring advertisements on the jerseys.

Basketball uniform ads...
Basketball uniform ads…

I will say, though, that before the NFL or MLB or NHL ever think about making the switch, they’ll look to the NBA to see the results. Fan feedback, revenue made, etc. If, there’s enough revenue made and fans don’t have complaints so major that they significantly effect sales, MLB will follow suit as will NFL and NHL. It’s all based on how the NBA does, but, no league will pass on more revenue from sponsorships.

E_J_-12-e1437441468102Earl: If, the NBA’s model is successful and MLB sees a reason to jump in, then why not?

As a fan of soccer, I really don’t get what the big deal is about ads on player’s uniforms. I’m a fan of Manchester United and for decades now they have had ads on their jerseys and it hasn’t fazed me or the fan base one bit. Instead of getting caught up in the ads, I think fans need to care more about their team and support the players on it. Who cares about who’s ads are on a jersey? Big freaking deal.

... baseball uniforms next?
… baseball uniforms next?

meJoe: Eventually, MLB will be just like NASCAR and some other sports with logos and advertising all over the place including the uniforms.

Gotta pump them bucks out somehow. Right?

MLBRT Steve small iconSteve: No, and the reason it won’t is because the MLB owners will not sell out. There are too many baseball traditionalists that will never allow this to happen. You already have your stadiums named after large corporations.

I don’t like that the NBA is doing it, and I don’t like the idea of MLB ever doing it.

5) If Jose Reyes was not suspended to start the season, Trevor Story would probably have been in Triple-A. Instead, he started the season with the Rockies and broke MLB records in his 6 games in the Majors. If, Story continues to rewrite the record book… or… more realistically… play a steady shortstop and provide some timely hitting with a touch of power, is Reyes in danger of losing the Rockies’ everyday shortstop job?

Archie1-e1437441340278Archie: Let’s see, Jose Reyes makes $22,000,000.00 and Story is making the MLB minimum. Uh, no. Even IF the Rockies decide they have found their future SS, they will be forced to let Reyes play to protect their investment. What team would they be able to trade Reyes to IF they themselves treat him as “used and broken goods”.

Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes

Dan-3-e1444417855165Dan: I think he took over Jose Reyes’ job at shortstop for right now, especially with Reyes’ off-the-field issues and Story going on an absolute tear to start off the season.

A realistic option, that I see, when Jose Reyes gets back from his suspension is a platoon. But, if, Reyes starts out slow and Story continues hitting the ball, it’s Story’s job.

Overall, it’s Story’s job now. Reyes will platoon with him, but Reyes won’t get the full-time starting job back unless Story collapses and Reyes starts out hitting left and right.

E_J_-12-e1437441468102Earl: Yeah, I would say he is.

Unless Story cools off dramatically by the time Reyes is eligible to return, you can’t bench Trevor or take him out of the lineup. As long as Story is slugging the ball, then Jose is on the outside looking in. Hell, even when Reyes comes back and Story has cooled off the Rockies should stick with him. Reyes better start packing his bags.

meJoe: If this was a different era I would say, yeah, Reyes could be in trouble… but it ain’t. It’s now.

What am I referring? Back on June 2, 1925 the Yankee manager started Lou Gehrig in place of regular first baseman Wally Pipp. Fourteen years later, Gehrig had played 2,130 consecutive games.

Trevor Story
Trevor Story

Today? With the salary that Reyes is making he would have to come back and royally stink up the place… on a level that was beyond imaginable… before he was permanently replaced by Story regardless of how good Story was going.

I will say this though… if, Story is still going great guns the Rockies will figure out a way to get his bat into the lineup.

MLBRT Steve small iconSteve: Absolutely, if it wasn’t already a known fact. Reyes is going to be on the trade block and I would be surprised if he still is with the Rockies this summer.

Story is the “story “ of baseball right now and making headlines with his 8 HR entering Tuesday. He is a great young hitter and can also add defense to his resume. While, I think Reyes is a better fielder, Story can hold his own.

Mark my words, Reyes is done in Colorado.

Extra Innings…


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